Real Name Satana Hellstrom
Portrayed by Christina Hendricks
Gender Female
Place of Birth Fire Lake, USA
Date of Birth
Age 21
Aliases None
Origin Demonic bloodline
Current Location
Occupation Sorceress
Team None
Alignment Neutral
Known Relatives Daimon Hellstrom (brother)
Significant Other None
Known Abilities Half-Succubus Sorceress

Character Details

- Satana was born to the archdemon Marduk Kurios (under the guise of Mr. Hellstrom) and the human woman Victoria Wingate. She was 3 years younger than her brother Daimon. The family lives in a mansion on Fire Lake where the children are home schooled.

- Victoria walks in on 6 year old Satana performing a ritual for her father involving a cat, a knife, and a lot of blood. Dad (who likes to call himself Satan) reveals his true nature to mom, and the whole thing ends badly. Mom gets committed to an asylum.

- Daimon and Satana get separated and sent to foster homes. Satana never arrives, and is taken to her father's realm of Hell instead. She is schooled in demonic powers there, and Kurios bonds a powerful demon named Basilisk to her soul.

- Satana is presented with a demonic familiar named Exiter and a demonic companion/slave named Zannarth. She studies under Dansker, an ancient demon. After Satana's 'graduation', she and Zannarth are both banished from Hell. Zannarth is banished to a netherworld, while Satana is banished to Earth.

- In Manhattan, Satana discovers how to drain the soul energy from men and feed on it. Following her instincts, she moves to Los Angeles and becomes involved in the Church of the Dark Father.

- Satana spends time in pursuit of a group of demons known as The Four, after discovering they were responsible for her banishment to Earth. The pursuit leads to the Netherworld, where she coerces Zannarth to aid her. They kill three and Zannarth perishes as well, but Miles Gomey the leader escapes.

- Satana returns to Earth seeking information and perhaps vengeance. She is ambushed by a group of former soldiers led by Monsignor Jimmy Cruz, who beat her and leave her for dead.

- Exiter brings help (Michael Heron, a former priest). The demon also kills and consumes a soldier who comes back to ensure that Satana is dead. Heron resists her call when she tries to feed from him. Locating Cruz, Satana loses Exiter to the N'Garai, who were summoned by Cruz. Ambushing Cruz, Satana dodges his shots and eats his soul.

- Still in pursuit of Miles Gomey, Satana learns from the demon Agathon that Gomey has kidnapped Heron. She kills Agathon and eventually confronts Gomey, who she learns is really her father. Satan admits that the whole elaborate setup was just a test to prove her power and loyalty to him. Satana turns her back on her father, allowing Heron to die without feeding on his soul. Satan banishes her to Earth until she dies.

- Gloria Hefford, who Satana met at the Church of the Dark Father, summons the demon-mother Kthara, gets in over her head, and ends up possessed. She tries to turn Daimon and Satana against each other.

- Daimon and Satana battle, he nearly kills her (but she is protected and restored by Basilisk), Kthara then captures Daimon. She summons Basilisk again, who kills Kthara and leaves Satana drained. Brother and sister part on bad terms.

- Satana returns to California, drawn by power use there to Dansker, while he is possessing another mortal. Satana defeats Dansker in this less powerful form, and summons Basilisk to destroy him.

- Satana is turned mortal for a brief time by Camarilla of the N'Garai, given the false memories of Judith Camber, complete home and family. Basilisk rebelled within an hour and slew Judith's family. Satana eventually returned to her true form and memory after she and Basilisk destroyed Camarilla.

- Satana offers to help Dr. Strange, who is possessed by a wolf demon thanks to Basilisk. She transports the possessed Strange, along with herself and Spiderman to the astral plane. They defeat the demons who were about to consume Strange's trapped soul, leaving Satana very weak. Strange's soul is freed, Basilisk breaks free and turns on Satana. He kills her with his sword, thus killing himself as well because he is bound to her.

- Satana returns to Hell. Time passes, and she is once more sent to Earth. This time she doesn't know who sent or summoned her.


Name Relationship Notes
Daimon Brother They have good days and bad days.

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Date Title Characters Summary
01/28/2013 Bad Juju Hellstorm, Brother Voodoo, Satana and Topaz The foursome try to figure out what the Vial then got from the Liln contains
03/19/13 19:00 Pact with the Devil Black Crow and Satana Black Crow seeks out the Hellstroms as allies for the war against the gods.
11/14/12 13:13 Rise of the Midnight Sons - Part 3 Satana, Hellstorm, Brother Voodoo, Topaz, Rintrah, Bad Timing The group meets up, Rintrah fills everyone in, there's an attack
11/15/12 22:45 Research Hellstorm & Satana Satana and Daimon discuss research and her welcome home.
11/26/12 Job Interview Satana, Topaz Satana asks Topaz about a legit job
12/04/2012 Audition Break Satana and Topaz Satana and Topaz converse while taking a break from listening to bands
12/05/2012 A Joke Waiting To Happen Elsa Bloodstone, Satana and Topaz Elsa meets Satana and Topaz


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