Real Name En Sabah Nur
Portrayed by
Gender Male
Place of Birth Egypt
Date of Birth 3000BC
Age 5000+ Years
Aliases The First One, High Lord, Set, Sarau, Kali-ma, Huitzilopochtli, Eternal One
Origin Mutant
Current Location Unknown
Occupation Would be World Conqueror
Team Horsemen
Alignment Villain
Known Relatives
Significant Other
Known Abilities Immortality, Molecular Rearrangement, Energy Projection

Character Details

Apocalypse was born thousands of years ago in ancient Egypt, his birth name was En-Sabah Nur Nur was born a slave under the reign of Ozymandias, a man who fancied himself a king but would soon realize he knew nothing of true power. Nur lived on his own wits for a time out in the savage land that was Egypt. He eventually found his way into the fold of a terrorist band of bandits who sought to over throw Ozymandias. They inducted him into their band and taught him a lesson he would remember for the rest of his existence, only the strong survive. He barely survived their initiation, which involved brutal tests of strength Once in, however, he fell right into their routine of ransacking Ozymandias' caravans and trade groups. He had a great debt to pay Ozy, the great King still had his family in slavery and had ordered Nur beaten several times when the youth was caught stealing food to survive. He had no love lost for the King and would have liked nothing better then to see him fall.

Nur participated in many raids against the great Ozymandias, each one successful. Nur was in what he considered then the pinnacle of his life. He was happy, free, and being a major thorn in the side of one well hated King. This, however, was to change drastically on one fateful day when he made an amazing discovery. He was on his way back to his bands campsite when he discovered something a recent sandstorm had uncovered. An alien space craft. He of course didn't know what it was and was riddled with curiosity. Curiosity won out over common sense and he entered the strange structure. He was amazed and intrigued by what he discovered inside. Nur began investigating, which involved flipping switches. One of these switches activated a beam that targeting Nur, forever changing him. It activated genes that lay long dormant in the human being, genes that now activated made En-Sabah Nur quite possibly the worlds first mutant. The power of the genetic fury ripping through his body by his newly awakened genes ravaged and deformed him, changing him physically and mentally. Nur has no idea how long he lay in the vessel, changing, mutating, evolving.

Once he was finished changing, he emerged more powerful then anyone on the planet could have hoped to comprehend. He also now knew his goal in life, to see to that human evolution was seen through by an iron hand. He now knew that only the strong could survive and he would bring this about by putting the world through a test of fire. He instinctively knew how to use his new found powers, along with all the technology found in the space craft as well oddly enough, and was more then happy to put them to use.

Ozymandius got an unpleasant visit that night.Nur granted him what every great King truly desired, immortality. He easily abducted the sleeping king and brought him to his new home, the alien vessel. He subjected Ozymandias to the vessels birthing tubes. Ozymandias went in a mortal King he emerged and immortal slave to the man who would be forever known as Apocalypse. Apocalypse and Ozy spent centuries in the vessel, studying and researching the gene that had been activated in both of them.

Eventually Apocalypse grew restless and sought to see the world. He set out on a journey, using his powers to mask his true identity, around the globe. He was surprised to see how many meta-humans existed now(not nearly as much as today, but more then in Nur's time). He soon discovered that he was in a place called London sometime in what was referred to as the 1800's. He was just about to leave London for new parts when someone caught his eye. A man called Nathaniel Essex. Essex was a brilliant man and impressed Nur with his knowledge in the field of human evolution. He observed Essex for sometime, watching his life spiral down into the abyss. Essex was all but lost to mankind, and to Nur for that matter, when Nur decided to intervene. He approached Essex and offered him immortality. He explained to the then mortal Essex that he was the future of human evolution and offered him the same. Essex readily accepted and Apocalypse brought him to where he was staying and immersed him into the birthing tube, and Mr. Sinister was born.%r%tNur allowed Sinister to go on his own to study as he saw fit, but Apocalypse infomed him that a day would come when he would call on Essex, and Essex must answer. Then Nur continued exploring the world, taking his time absorbing all he saw. Learning all he could about human nature, physiology, and genetics.

Now, Apocalypse has come again, deciding now is the time. Sitting far above creation in his artificial Heaven he has decided that the time is now, the day is good, and soon the Age of Apocalypse shall come.


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