Real Name Edward Brock
Portrayed by
Gender Male
Place of Birth New York City
Date of Birth
Aliases Venom, Dark Spider-Man
Origin Alien Symboite
Current Location New York City
Occupation Criminal
Alignment Villain
Known Relatives Janine Brock, mother (deceased); Carl Brock, father; Mary Brock, sister
Significant Other
Known Abilities Web Slinging, Wall Crawling, Super Strength, Camouflage, Spider-Sense, Venomous Fangs, Accelerated Healing

Character Details


Born in New York City, New York. Raised in San Francisco, California.

Mother died due to complications of Eddie's birth. Father went into a depression and became cold and detached to his son, even as his son strived to attain his approval.

Excelled in school, especially in sports. This led him to initially major in athletics in college, but he eventually changed his major to journalism.

After graduation, moved back to New York City and found employment at the Daily Globe.

Married Anne Weying, a successful lawyer.

Wrote a series of articles about the Sin-Eater serial killer after allegedly interviewing the killer himself.

Pressure from the police led him to publically reveal the identity of the alleged killer.
Shortly after the revelation, Spider-Man revealed the real killer to be Detective Stan Carter and exposed Brock's source as a compulsive confessor.

Brock's successful career was suddenly in ruins, and he was fired from the Daily Globe. He was forced into writing for cheap tabloids.

Anne left him shortly after he was publically disgraced. His father also disowned him.

Brock blamed all of his problems on Spider-Man and began to develop an irrational hatred for the webslinger.

Began an intense training regimen to relieve stress and take his mind off his misfortunes.

AS he reached physical perfection, Brock's mind slowly became ravaged by his hatred for Spider-Man.


Part of an alien race who have no emotions of their own.

These symbiotes feed off the emotions of other creatures and force them to do amazing things in order to leech their adrenaline.

Their victims would eventually be used up and left for dead.

The Venom symbiote was shunned by his race for wanting to bond and communicate with his victims rather than dominate them.

He was placed in a prison cell, awaiting his sentence of death by disintegration.

Spider-Man unintentionally released the symbiote when his classic red-and-blue costume was torn to pieces. He grabbed the little black ball, which immediately slithered over his entire body.

The symbiote took the form of the costume worn by Julia Carpenter as Spider-Woman, which Spider-Man had been admiring.
Spider-Man thought he had stumbled on some weird alien clothing generator and kept the suit.

He soon found that the suit had its own powers.

These powers included an ability to mimic any clothing imaginable, an unlimited supply of its own webbing and a built-in web shooter, and a sort of dimensional pocket for storing items such as his camera and wallet without adding to the costume's shape and size.

Despite being amazed by the suit's capabilities, Spider-Man never seemed to question them at first.

After returning to Earth, the symbiote started becoming more attached to Spider-Man. While he slept, it would creep onto his body and send him on web-slinging adventures.

Spider-Man eventually began to worry about the nature of his new suit and agreed to let Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four study it.
After putting the suit through a series of tests, Reeds suspicions were confirmed: the suit was actually a living symbiotic creature. He advised Spider-Man to take it off immediately.

The symbiote refused to remove itself from Spider-Man and began to crush his body. Richards used sonic waves to force the creature to relinquish its hold before trapping it in a containment unit.

Spider-Man vowed to never wear the alien costume again and left it in the care of Richards.

The symbiote soon found a way to escape by mentally commandeering Hobgoblin's glider to smash into the containment unit.

Desperate to reconnect with Spider-Man, it snuck into his closet and disguised itself as one of his classic red-and-blue costumes. Once he put it on, it once again tried to bond with him permanently and refused to come off.

Following an erratic battle across the city as Spider-Man struggled to get to the Baxter Building and the symbiote struggled to keep him away, he managed to make it to the top of a bell tower. The loud vibrations of the bells forced the symbiote to once again abandon Spider-Man and slink away, but not before inexplicably saving Spider-Man.


Eddie Brock, at the end of his wits, decided the only way out of his misery was suicide. Having been raised a devout Catholic, he made his way from church to church, praying for forgiveness.

One of these churches was the location of the belltower where Spider-Man had fought the alien, and there it remained in the shadows. It had learned to feel from spending so much time with Spider-Man, and it sensed the intense hatred for the Web Slinger that Brock possessed.

The suit engulfed Brock, and Venom was born.

Brock's extreme loathing for Spider-Man only strengthened the creature and made it easier to bond with him. The two, now one, immediately made it their sole mission to find and kill Spider-Man.

The suit continued to mimic Spider-Man's powers, but they were made even more formidable by Brock's enhanced strength and athleticism.

It also became apparent that Spider-Man's spider-sense was useless in detecting the symbiote, and Brock now that the two were joined.
The symbiote, knowing Spider-Man's secret identity as Peter Parker, shared this information with Brock, making it easier for Venom to terrorize the web-swinging hero.

Venom first terrorized Spider-Man's girlfriend, Mary Jane Watson, by showing up at her apartment and scaring her, posing as Spider-Man himself.

In their first battle, Spider-Man attempted to use Reed Richards' sonic blaster to separate Brock from the alien, but their bond was too strong. Venom then attempted to kill Spider-Man using the very bells that were last used to drive away the creature. Spidey managed to escape and knock Venom from the tower, where he was stunned long enough to be captured and imprisoned in The Vault.

Venom would soon escape by posing as a guard. He traveled back to New York and made another attempt on Spider-Man's life, fighting him at a meat packing facility.

Venom began showing signs that he was not completely evil, only obsessed with killing Spider-Man. He prevented a truck stop from being robbed and later saved the life of a baby. He had a confrontation with the Black Cat, but he did not fight her.
Venom next confronted Spider-Man at May Parker's house, and the two once again battled. Spidey managed to defeat Venom this time by verbally tempting the symbiote to come back to him. Venom was sent back to The Vault.

Attempted to lead a prison break, killing a Warden in the process — his first murder. The escape failed.

Eventually did escape by feigning suicide, the symbiote acting as a synthetic skin and masking his vital signs. Once transported to the morgue, Venom found his way to the exit.

Found himself on the wrong end of fellow Spider-Man foe Styx, who managed to infect the symbiote which then slid off of Brock, unconscious. Brock was sent back to jail.

Events Post-616MU Universe Split

While incarcerated, the symbiote found Brock once again and helped him escape once more. He soon turned his rage back towards Spider-Man and led Spidey on a chase across the country, ending with a huge fight in the Caribbean in which Venom thought he killed the Web Slinger.
After Spider-Man's presumed death, Venom experienced some remorse, thinking of all the lives he had saved over the years. He took it upon himself to return to New York City and become the new Spider-Man, his black-and-white suit already familiar as Spider-Man's backup costume.

He did his best to become NYC's new arachnid-based masked vigilante, and most civilians were buying the ruse. Other supers, however, began to notice his larger physique and darker personality.

After helping Ms. Marvel and Dagger defuse a hostage situation, Venom was confronted by Marvel, who knew he was not the real Spider-Man. Venom confessed only to being a new guy who took up the mantle because the city needed a hero with Spider-Man dead. An incredulous Marvel informed Venom that the real Spidey was indeed alive, and the two femme fatales began to deduce his true identity. Venom managed a quick retreat before coming to blows.

Following this revelation, Venom went into seclusion, shocked, confused, and furious that Spider-Man was somehow still alive. Shock quickly turned to anger, however, as now Spider-Man had stolen not one but two lives from him: his former life as a successful, married journalist, as well as his new life as New York City's newest and greatest superhero.

Venom has now returned to the Big Apple with a vengeance and a renewed resolve to finish what he started in the Caribbean and kill the Spider, once and for all… New York City be damned!


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