Typhoid Mary
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The early childhood of Typhoid Mary is not well documented.
After suffering years of child abuse, and developing a fractured psyche, the government took Mary away from her parents when she was a small girl. She hardly remembers either of them.
It is known that she spent most of her life in one institution after another as doctors attempted to diagnose or cure her dual personality complex.
Mary received a perhaps below par education, while institutionalized. About the level of someone who dropped out in tenth grade, perhaps.
While Mary was meek and sickly, she did whatever was asked of her, Typhoid was uncontrollable, unapproachable, and seemed to share none of Mary's ailments, aside from a permanent fever.
The doctors finally managed to get a small handle on Typhoid when they tested her for mental powers and she seemed to excel with telekinesis and hypnosis, Mary showed no ability with either. They would bait her with lessons for good behavior.
After several years, Typhoid escaped her institution, killing one man with her telekinesis and putting a few others to sleep to do so.
She disappeared for a significant time during which at first she lived on the steets using her hypnosis to keep herself fed. After a few weeks, Mary was attacked by a pair of men, and failed to ward them off with her powers.
Filled with rage, Typhoid sought out someone who could teach her to defend herself physically and asking around for a few days, eventually found her way to a small dojo, and using her story, augmented by hypnosis, she convinced the master to take her in and teach her. During this time, Typhoid did her best to seem normal, often letting Mary come to the surface, just so she wouldn't get herself into trouble. Typhoid Mary proved to be almost a prodigy, quickly becoming skilled in unarmed, and armed combat. Typhoid developed a love for bladed weapons. She left after a few years, simply disappearing one night, her Typhoid persona growing bored, and wanting to put her new skills to use.
She turned up later as Mary Walker, an extremely successful actress. After a short but highly acclaimed career, boosted perhaps by Typhoid's ability to control people's minds, she fell out of sight again.
Some time later, she appeared in Chicago as Typhoid, operating as a thief and blackmailer. She soon turned to New York City, Hell's Kitchen in particular, to prey on criminals. Her change might be explained by Mary's buried influence on the Typhoid personna.
Here she came to the attention of the Kingpin. Quickly establishing herself as one of his favorite pawns. Typhoid has made a name for herself among NYC's underworld.
Being a mutant, Typhoid had reason to worry when the MRA was put in place. She enlisted the aid of the Kingpin in helping her go to ground. Still surfacing from time to time to do a job for him. Typhoid has never even seen a sentinel in person.
The Kingpin soon hired her to bring down Daredevil, and she developed a brief, love-hate relationship with him. Dating him as Mary and fighting him as Typhoid.
Having failed in this job, Typhoid Mary has temporarily fallen off the grid, again. Her whereabouts are unknown.


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