Real Name Lonnie Thompson Lincoln
Portrayed by
Gender Male
Place of Birth New York
Date of Birth
Origin Altered Human
Current Location New York
Occupation Professional Criminal
Alignment Villain
Known Relatives
Significant Other
Known Abilities Superhuman Strength and Durability

Character Details

As an albino in a public school in Harlem, Lonnie Lincoln didn't have an especially pleasant childhood. He was frequently bullied, but by the time he was in highschool he had grown abnormally large, and was the one doing the bullying.

His only friend in school was Joe Robertson. Lonnie's idea of 'friendship' involved bullying Joe.

Lonnie never finished highschool. Instead he got more seriously involved in crime. He started doing petty robberies and getting into street fights. In order to make himself scarier, he filed his teeth to points and began calling himself Tombstone. Eventually he had established enough of a reputation that he was hired as muscle by a prominent gang member in Philadelphia. It was during this time that he killed a local mob boss. Joe Robertson, now a reporter, received a call from an informant about the killing and came to Philadelphia hoping to break the story. However, when he arrived, he found the informant dead. Robertson was so scared by this incident, that he didn't tell anyone about Tombstone's activities for years.

Tombstone got arrested multiple times, but never for anything too serious. Anytime he was brought in on serious charges the witnesses would always disappear or change their stories. He moved back to New York, and started working as a hitman/goon for the Kingpin.

Robertson began working at the Daily Bugle as an assistant editor. He watched from afar as Tombstone continued to get away with murder. After years of sitting on evidence, his conscience got the best of him and he created a disc that contained all of his knowledge and evidence about Tombstone's criminal activities. However, he didn't turn it in to anyone.

Robertson confronted Tombstone. Tombstone broke Robertson's back.
Unfortunately, the recording ended up with Peter Parker, the Amazing Spider-Man. Tombstone attempted to force Parker to give him the disc, and even went so far as to beat up Spider-Man's wife Mary Jane. This didn't work out too well for Tombstone, as Spider-Man just beat him up and turned him over to the authorities.

Robertson recovered just in time for Tombstone's trial. During his trial, Tombstone testified against Robertson, and Robertson was convicted of being an accessory to murder. They were sent to the same prison.

The prison thing didn't stick for very long. Tombstone broke out, and took his BFF Robertson with him. Robertson was able to stay out of prison by getting a good lawyer. Tombstone went back to working for the Kingpin.

While trying to keep his head down, Tombstone decided to kill Joe Robertson. He chose the Osborn Chemical Plant as the location, and planted some information so that Robertson would investigate the trap. As luck would have it, Spider-Man intervened again, along with the Molten Man and the Harry Osborn version of the Green Goblin. In the ensuing scuffle Robertson shot Tombstone. With nowhere else to hide, Tombstone took refuge in a room full of one of Norman Osborn's experimental chemicals, Diox-3. The exposure changed Tombstone's physiology, making him extremely durable and strong.

Tombstone's next move was to take over Hammerhead's criminal enterprises. After beating up on Hammerhead, he called up Robertson and arranged a meeting at Hammerhead's mansion. Robertson of course informed Spider-Man. However, Tombstone had no interest in harming his old pal. Instead, he thanked Robertson for shooting him, as this had made him much more powerful. As far as Tombstone was concerned, the two were 'even'. Even so, Spider-Man showed up and he and Tombstone fought again. This time, the outcome was very different, as Tombstone seemed to be invulnerable. With a little help from Hammerhead, there was a massive explosion which destroyed the mansion, and seemed to have killed Tombstone.
Of course, Tombstone survived. He immediately started doing supervillainy things again, and started clashing with the new superhero Darkhawk. Tombstone wanted Darkhawk's amulet in order to become even more powerful. He suceeded in taking the amulet from Darkhawk, but was ultimately defeated with the help of some of Darkhawk's buddies.

Tombstone is still at large, and with the disappearance of the Kingpin, he's decided to seize the opportunity to expand his criminal interests.


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09/25/12 23:14 Of Vampires and Dragons Night Thrasher, Black Panther, Bushmaster II, Eel, Unicorn, Tombstone, Jang Su, Feng Hung, Lilith, Dragon Tong Agents Night Thrasher and Black Panther are on hand to try and stop a conflict between the Dragon Tong and The Maggia


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