Real Name Bennet du Paris
Portrayed by
Gender Male
Place of Birth
Date of Birth 12th Century
Age ~900 years
Aliases Exodus
Origin Altered Mutant
Current Location Genosha, Snow Valley
Occupation Terrorist
Team Acolytes, Hellions
Alignment Villain
Known Relatives None
Significant Other None
Known Abilities Mental Abilities

Character Details

Born in the 12th century, Bennet du Paris had always felt different, as if he had a deep hidden power. As an adult he was a crusader and became best friends with Eobar Garrington, the Black Knight of that era. The two had set out on a quest to find the Tower of Power, the domain of the mythic "Eternal Pharaoh" in Akkaba when Dane Whitman (the 20th century Black Knight) and Sersi had been transported back to the 12th century, Whitman transported into Eobar's body. Eobar retained control, but felt something was wrong. When he came into contact with Sersi he abandoned the quest, angering Paris. Paris left to find the tower alone. Traveling for hours through violent sandstorms, when he finally collapsed a voice spoke to him, asking him if he was willing to risk everything to become one of the strong.
Paris was then tested, and his mutant powers manifested for the first time. Proving himself strong, he disappeared from the spot. Meanwhile Sersi had awakened Dane's mind and he now had control of his body as Eobar passed on. While searching for Paris, the two were captured by Apocalypse. When they awoke they found Bennet du Paris had been transformed into Exodus, recognizing him as the same Exodus from the 20th century. Apocalypse commanded Exodus to destroy the Black Knight. When Dane refused to kill Exodus Sersi intervened, though her attack proved useless. Apocalypse again commanded Exodus to kill Sersi and Dane, though this time Exodus refused. He turned on Apocalypse calling him a "false god". However, Exodus was no match for him. Apocalypse stripped Exodus of his power and sealed him away in a crypt in the Swiss Alps. Six months later Dane found the crypt in which Exodus was trapped in a coma like state. He found there was a curse preventing Exodus from leaving, yet others were allowed to come and go as they pleased. Dane left guards who had sworn to look after the crypt for generations to come, and he and Sersi returned to their time.
Sometime later, in the 20th century, Magneto found and freed Exodus, taking him back to Avalon. Exodus became Magneto's right hand man, replacing Fabian Cortez who had betrayed Magneto. Exodus appeared before the government sanctioned team X-Factor. It seemed as though Exodus wanted to tell them something, but he refrained and left. Exodus then appeared before the mutant team X-Force to retrieve Cannonball and Sunspot and take them back to Avalon. They weren't going to come quietly, but the team proved no match for Exodus. Exodus was followed back, and X-Force invaded Avalon to rescue their teammates. X-Force fled the station, but not before Cable was mortally wounded by Magneto. When Charles Xavier wiped Magneto's mind clean in an attack by the X-Men on Avalon, Exodus assumed leadership of the Acolytes. Exodus would converse with the mindless Magneto, believing he could hear Magneto's voice.


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Date Title Characters Summary
05/15/12 Once, Twice A Charm Exodus Nightcrawler Exodus welcomes Nightcrawler to the Massachusetts Academy
09/28/12 08:00 Loss and Gain Emma Frost & Exodus Exodus seeks direction after the loss of Magneto
09/28/12 10:00 Random Act of Violence Exodus & The Vision Exodus threatens innocents.
09/28/12 17:32 The Inverse of Short Krista & Exodus Exodus assist Krista with her powers and wardrobe modification/malfunction.
09/29/12 10:54 Wayward Spiral and Exodus Exodus and Sprial discuss their lives.
10/08/12 13:42 He would do anything for the princess Scarlet Witch and Exodus Exodus learns that Magneto is alive through a conversation with Wanda
10/10/12 15:27 Tall is what you think Exodus and Krista Exodus helps Krista re-establish her height.


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