Spider-Woman I
Real Name Jessica Drew
Portrayed by Alexandra Daddario
Gender Female
Place of Birth Mt. Wundagore, Transia
Date of Birth 3-13-1985
Age 28
Origin Laser infused with spider DNA hitting her mother's womb.
Current Location Loft in NYC
Occupation P.I. - SHIELD/SWORD Agent
Team Avengers
Alignment Hero
Known Relatives
Significant Other
Known Abilities Superhuman physique with Zap and Flight

Character Details

* Jessica was born on Wundagore Mountain in the European country of Transia to Jonathan and Miriam Drew. While pregnant, Miriam's womb was struck by a laser containing the DNA makeup of many different species of spiders.

* Jess was raised by her nanny Bova (who was not a cowlady) and her mother. Her father was generally busy with his research, which was funded by HYDRA.

* When Jessica's parents mysteriously disappeared, she was recruited into HYDRA, where she was brainwashes and then trained by the Taskmaster personally, teaching her many different martial disciplines. She used her membership in the criminal group to try to seduce Otto Vermis and get information regarding her missing parents.

* Using the name Spider-Woman, Jess was ordered to kidnap Alicia Masters and wound up in a fight with her boyfriend, The Thing. During the fight, she recovered briefly from the brainwashing.

* Moving to London, Jess had a hard time leading a 'normal' life due to her lack of background and the difficulties in personal interactions spawned by her pheromones.

* Magnus approached her and Jess soon found herself helping him in struggle with Morgan Le Fay who wanted the Darkhold. She travelled to Los Angeles with the sorcerer, where he tried to help her adjust to normal society and told her that her father had been killed.

* Her search for information regarding the murder put her in conflict with the Brothers Grimm. She found her father's killer, but the man died.

* Over the next months, Jess would accept an offer to move to San Francisco with her best friend Lindsay McCabe. During this time, she began helping law enforcement, continued to work with Magnus, and met a multitude of other Supers, ranging from Spider-Man to the X-Men.

* The struggles with Morgan Le Fey came to a head when Jess and Magnus traveled in astral form to 6th century England to fight the witch. Jess managed to win, but her physical body died, or so they thought. Tigra, the Shroud, the Avengers, and Doctor Strange managed to put Jess' spirit back in her body, sacrificing Magnus' life and Jess' powers in the process.

* Struggling to adjust to normal life, Jess continued her life as PI with Lindsay.

* Eventually the pair relocated to Madripoor after business there, and Jess worked with Patch (who she knew was Wolverine) rather often. While there, Jess' powers began returning, and they moved back to San Fran.

* Shortly after returning, Jess' powers were stolen by Charlotte Witter, leading to her returning to being a normal PI. Again.

* And then while working with Mattie Franklin, her powers began to return. Again. Though they were unstable this time and highly prone to failing her.

* After this, Jess was offered a deal by HYDRA to return her powers to full, which she accepted, joining SHIELD as a double agent. When Fury found out, he worked to use her, filtering information through her, making her a double-double-agent as she worked to keep both groups happy.

* During this time, Jess was replaced by the Skrull Queen Veranke, who took her place for at least a year, preparing things for the Secret Invasion. And even joined the Avengers.

* Jess was a Skrull during the whole House of M ordeal and the real Jess doesn't remember anything about the events, as she wasn't even there.

* During the Civil War, Skrull Jess is arrested by SHIELD and interrogated by Maria Hill and Iron Man, but the helicarrier was attacked by HYDRA who managed to whisk Veranke away despite Iron Man's presence, thanks to an EMP weapon.

* Offered a position in HYDRA again, Skrull Jess managed to escape and join the Secret Avengers, blowing up the HYDRA base in the process.

* Skrull Jess worked to undermine what she could, striving to weaken relationships and sow dissent amongst Earth's heroes so the invasion would be simpler, which coupled with the simple fact that Jess was the -face- of an entire invasion of their world..It's not been kind to her already fractured psyche or her relationship and trust level with other superheroes.

* After the Secret Invasion, Jess was found alive on the Skrull ship in orbit with many of the other replaced heroes. Her reception upon returning was less than warm, aside from the sole exception of Carol Danvers, Ms. Marvel.

* Furious and trying to get out of her funk after returning to Earth, Jessica was offered and accepted a position with SWORD under Abigail Brand, hunting Skrull around the planet. The only upside is that her powers are back, and better than ever.


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