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Richard Fisk grew up in rich splendor, living a happy, carefree life, being quite proud of his family and successful father. While at school in Switzerland, Richard became despondent when his father was outed as the Kingpin of Crime. All his life was a lie and his anger overshadowed his embarrassment, as he learned about what his father did. He plotted to beat his father at his own game, organized crime. But after a confrontation, his father showed his true emotions and fell into sad, disillusionment, not wanting to see his son in that way.

Richard used contacts with HYDRA to help his father, but the organization turned against him when the Red Skull returned to plot insane Nazism once again. After that embarrassment, Richard knew he was never going to gain his father's approval, even as a member of his own criminal organization. Unable to succeed as Richard Fisk, he developed a new persona, and became The Rose. He gained employment under the Kingpin using this new guise and mastered a number of illegitimate crimes in New York. Developing his own reputation, The Rose first became notorious in the New York underworld when he began blackmailing football players and laundering money. The Rose's operation attracted the attention of Spider-Man and he tried to off the super-hero by hiring a super-villain assassin. After the villain failed to assassinate Spider-Man, The Kingpin became offended that someone under his employee would order an assassination without his consent.

After a meeting with the Kingpin himself, the Rose found it necessary to strike a deal with the evil Hobgoblin, who he had a great distaste for. Together, they planned to take down the Kingpin's organization from the inside and began operating on their own. After being unable to control the Hobgoblin, the Rose setup a convenient confrontation between the Kingpin's enforcer, Jack O'Lantern, and Hobgoblin, hoping one or the other would kill each other. Unfortunately, both survived.

When The Kingpin left for Europe for a short time, the leadership of The Rose was truly tested, and he gained first hand knowledge of the nasty things criminals do. A gang war and ensuing violence was so great that The Rose had to shoot a police officer dead in order to escape arrest. He became sad and depressed with the murder and made few moves when the Kingpin lost control of the criminal world. The Rose had always separated himself from crime. His agent was caught. His men killed. Not him. But now he was no better than his evil, despicable father. He was determined to be a better criminal, better than his father and turned up the stakes, forcing men to fear the return of The Rose.


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