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ORIGIN: Tom Revelin was born to an American father, Thomas and Australian mother, Valerie Revelin in Sydney, Australia. His father was a police-officer, while his mother worked as a professional singer and playwright. They were a modestly successful family. Tom's mutant heritage was apparent from his birth - he was born with slightly pointed ears, thick woolly hair on his legs, and hoofs for feet.

Tom's parents did their best to hide their son's mutant features and also moved house to a new neighbourhood. Shoes to conceal his hoofs were made, and he was forced to wear long pants everywhere, but nothing could conceal the odd shape of his legs or his peculiar gait. Tom grew to resent his family.

Tom's ability to teleport manifested itself at puberty - he accidentally opened a portal underneath himself while fleeing some bullies at school, and found himself back home. When it dawned on him what he could do - the notion of hiding who he was became abhorrent to him. He set out to make the most of it, which included using his abilities to play pranks on those who had teased him.

GROWING UP: Tom and his family moved a great deal. His father left the police force and turned to working as a private investigator - mostly chasing down cheating spouses and the like. He found a use for Tom's teleportation and was more accepting of his son's ability, if not his appearance, than Valerie. Tom's parents eventually split - partially due to the stress of a mutant son, and partially due to Tom's father's being caught cheating, himself. Valerie left, and so father and son remained together. Tom himself proved a talented singer, and a naturally agile and athletic young man, and auditioned for roles in plays and musicals that would allow him to be himself, while ironically pretending to be another. But the stress of being a mutant in a world of prejudice wore on him. He turned to the usual vices for a while - dope, cigarettes, alcohol - but only stuck with alcohol. He learned to resent commitment and so only sought short-term relationships, if any.

Revelin developed other psychological issues as a result of dealing with his mutation and the stress of bullying. After being locked in a school-locker for most of a day (before his teleportation powers emerged), he became intensely claustrophobic. He is also afraid of flying - like his mother. He developed into a skilled liar, a flaw only his father seemed to be able to see through. When once again the heat grew too much, father and son moved to the United States. Revelin was 16.

GOING SOLO: Tom lived with his father in New Jersey for a few years, and finished his schooling there. He found a girlfriend, lost a girlfriend - he did that a few times - but never anything serious. His naturally charismatic personality won over some of the students who had been wary of him at first, but he never developed any close friends. He has difficulty trusting people now, especially non-mutants.

After a while, Tom and his father moved to New York, to seek more employment opportunities for Thomas Snr. Revelin himself finished school with good grades, and began to look for a career in journalism as well as opportunities to perform. Thomas Snr ended up injured by a disgruntled husband who caught him with his wife and was forced to retire back to New Jersey with an injured spine - leaving young Tom in New York on his own.

Tom is now alone, working as a courier while doing the occasional performance when he can. He writes his own blog online, which is showing some promise. He travels as much as he can - avoiding flying wherever possible - and tries to have as much fun with his life as he can manage.


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