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Born to rich man Wendell Rand and his wife Heather Duncan Rand, Danny had the normal silver spoon in his mouth.

Father spent more time bringing up his fininancial empire than he did with his own son, however that was changed when he decided to bring the family on a trip to China?

Trip wasn't really to China though, it was to Tibet, to find the fabeled city of K'un Lun, Wendell studied there before and left, he decided to come back.

Wendell's business partner, Harold Meachum was with the Rand's for the trip, betrayed Wendell and killed him while Danny and Heather watched.

Danny and Heather managed to get away from Harold who then went back home, while Danny and Heather were chased by wolves. Heather sacrificed herself to save her son, who was then brought to K'un Lun.

At K'un Lun he was trained in the Martial Arts, but because of his outworlder status, he had only two friends, Miranda and Conal.
Trained more in Martial Arts, earned the right to challenge for the role of Iron Fist. Shortly before that learned that Miranda learned Martial Arts from Conal which was forbidden, so watched as only two friends left K'un Lun and were never seen again. (PS Miranda was his sister, Danny just didn't know it until the day she left.)

Danny won the right to challenge Shou-Lao the Undying, and after defeating him and getting the dragon shaped burn in his chest, he plunged both hands into the dragon's molten heart and became Iron Fist!

Around a year after that at the age of 19, Danny won the right to either become an Immortal of K'un Lun or to leave and return to Earth, he chose to go to Earth once more for his revenge on Harold Meachum.

He came, beat all the traps that Harold set up for him, and approached Harold in his office. Found out he could not kill the man, however someone else chose to and Danny was blamed.

On the run he first met Colleen Wing and her grandfather, they helped to hide him for a bit, and he eventually cleared his name, proving it was the evil being known as The Ninja who killed Harold Meachum.

Danny had some more adventures as Iron Fist, saving Colleen after she was kidnapped by Master Khan, and The Ninja. That was when he first met Misty Knight as well.

Shortly after that he helped Misty who had someone named Bushman after her, that was his first time working with Luke Cage. Together they were able to beat Bushman who is thought to be dead.

Luke and Danny worked together for a while after that, forming Heroes for Hire, no job too big, no price too big or small.


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11/27/12 What if... 2 Mirage, Havok, Uatu (the Watcher) Cable, Sabretooth, Maverick, Arachne, Wildchild, Mr Fantastic, H.E.R.B.I.E., Invisible Woman, The Thing, Iron Fist, Power Man, Mysti Knight, Wonder Man, Domino, Colossus, Cyclops, Beast, Thor, Tigra, Firebird, Daredevil, Spider-Man, What if? Ultron, and his Heavy Metal Horde, had defeated the heroes and won the war?


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