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Never revealing his real name, the man simply known as "Hammerhead" began life as one of two children to a Russian family. Choosing to leave for undisclosed reason, Hammerhead's family soon immigrated to Toirrano, Italy.

Hammerhead's father opened and ran his own garage, where he insisted his children only speak in Russian. Hammerhead refused, receiving numerous severe beatings with a mallet for not cooperating. It was this time that Hammerhead began escaping into the fantasy of becoming a wheeling, dealing gangster.

In his teens, Hammerhead was spotted by a Maggia member brutally murdering a childhood bully and his girlfriend in a movie theater showing "The Godfather." This moment solidified Hammerhead's recruitment as a goomba to the Maggia of Italy.

Quickly rising through the ranks due to his enthusiasm and loyalty, Hammerhead hid his true Russian heritage in order to earn the opportunity to become a "made man." Having passed every test but one, his final task involved going into his father's garage, and murdering him. Surprisingly, the Maggia did not know of Hammerhead's relationship to this old, Russian man.

Starting off as an enforcer for one of the smaller families, Hammerhead was soon involved in a botched job that left him beaten, disfigured, and delirious in a New York alleyway. Found and rescued by disgraced surgeon, Jonas Harrow, Hammerhead had parts of his skull replaced with a near-unbreakable, steel alloy over the course of three days. Much of his memory had been lost during this process, with a movie poster of "The Al Capone Mob" being one of the only memories he retained.

Upon awakening, Hammerhead set forth to create his own gang under the banner of the Maggia, utilizing the imagery of 1920's-style mobsters in an homage to the criminal legends. With this gang, Hammerhead took the city by storm, dealing primarily in bank robberies, smuggling, and property destruction.

Rising in power amongst the various crime lords in the city, Hammerhead and his rather distinct-looking gang would soon match wits and bullets with the likes of Spider-Man, Daredevil, and various other "street-level" superheroes. It is here, also, that Hammerhead would begin to wage war on other gangs in an attempt to expand his criminal empire over the city.

One of Hammerhead's most famous gang wars was with Doctor Octopus' criminal organization, leading to a heated rivalry which eventually ended in an atomic explosion on a remote Canadian island. While the blast didn't kill him, it effectively "phased" Hammerhead out of this plane of existence, turning him into an incorporeal, ghost-like figure to haunt Doctor Octopus in the years to come. After a short period, a thoroughly maddened Doc Ock found a way to phase Hammerhead back into his physical form.

Upon coming back to the physical realm, an even more amibitious Hammerhead set out to unite all of the Maggia families under one banner — namely, his.

Successful for a while, this controversial move attracted the attention of both vigilantes and criminals alike, particularly the Kingpin, who would eventually succeed (by way of an assassination attempt) in driving the now-powerful Hammerhead out of New York, albeit temporarily.

Now back in New York City after a short hiatus, Hammerhead has been spending his time planning and reconnecting with old partners and contacts to reclaim the power he once had. With nearly all of his resources intact, and a vastly loyal army of Maggia men chomping at the bit for their opportunity to be "made," a smarter, stronger, and much more ruthless Hammerhead has finally returned to take control of the city he feels he never should have lost.


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