Green Goblin I
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A billionaire scientist with very few morals, Norman Osborn cobbled together a formula to make a person… better. The formula exploded in his face, and ramped up all of his physical and mental attributes. Unfortunately, it also ramped up his mental instability. He began suffering from nervous breakdowns and bouts of amnesia, during which he became another person entirely: the Green Goblin he had nightmares about as a child.

The Green Goblin frequently clashed with Spider-Man for several years, gradually developing from a from a wacky bank robber to something much more lethal. After causing the death of Spider-Man's girlfriend, the Green Goblin was impaled on his own glider.

Norman woke up in a morgue, and found himself dressed in tattered Green Goblin attire with a gaping wound in his chest. He has since managed to partially reconcile his two personalities. For a time he allowed his enemies to believe that he was dead, while he watched and plotted from the shadows. Now, Norman is back in the public eye. He has retaken the corporation that he built and is working actively to acquire more power, and kill his long time nemesis Spider-Man.


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