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Eugene Thompson didn't have an especially happy childhood. He was the son of a police officer who was also a violent drunk. His father's bullying approach to parenting affected Eugene deeply, and he began using those same behaviors at school.

Despite being a terrible bully, Eugene was able to get away with it because of his prowess on the football team. He was the star runningback for Midtown High School, which made him one of the most popular kids at school. Because of how fast he was, he was called Flash by virtually everyone. Even the teachers.

Flash picked on anyone who was weaker than him, but his favorite target was Puny Peter Parker. Bullying Peter was a part of his daily routine.

Peter Parker got bitten by a spider and developed superpowers. However, he had to keep it a secret, so Flash was able to pick on him the remainder of their high school years. The two clashed most frequently over the affections of Liz Allan. Flash was especially brutal to Peter any time he felt that Liz might be favoring Puny Parker.

While still in high school, Flash became a huge fan of the web-slinging superhero Spider-Man. This was strange, considering how unpopular the hero was at the time. It was also ironic, because Spider-Man was none other than Peter Parker.

Eventually high school ended, and Flash received an athletic scholarship to Empire State University. His bullying subsided a bit in college, but he was still a popular, and conceited, star athlete.
Flash became friendly with Gwen Stacy and Harry Osborn, and through them became part of Peter Parker's social circle once again. Flash remained antagonistic towards Peter, especially when he thought Peter was acting snobbish, but the two were on relatively friendly terms.

With only a year of college remaining, Flash decided to enlist in the Army. He was stationed in New York, so he occasionally ran into Peter and his friends.

Flash was sent overseas for a while, and saw action in combat. When he returned, he was much more mature, but had also developed a bit of a drinking problem. He went back to college, and started playing football again.

When Flash was caught on camera calling the Hobgoblin a coward, Roderick Kingsley framed Flash as the real Hobgoblin. He was eventually proven innocent, but the Hobgoblin injured Flash's arm in a fight. This destroyed Flash's hopes of reviving his football career. He dropped out of school, and became a hardcore drunk.

Eventually, Flash began to come out of his downward spiral. He returned to school, and became an assistant coach for his old high school football team.


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