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- Otto Gunther Octavius is born in Schenectady, NY to Torbert and Mary Octavius. He is bullied in school and by his father at home and coddled by his mother. He graduates from high school with top marks and goes to college on a full scholarship. His father dies during Otto's freshman year, killed in a construction accident. Otto considers this to be no great loss.

- Otto earns a PhD, goes on to excel in the field of nuclear research and robotics, but due to personality conflicts does not stay at any one facility for long. He finally takes a position at the US Atomic Research Center. And goes through half a dozen lab assistants a year.

- Dr. Mary Alice Anders joins the US Atomic Research Center and is, surprisingly, not put off by Otto's arrogance. Otto eventually proposes to her and is accepted. Otto's mother protests the engagement and forces Otto to break it off. With the help of his cousin Elias Hargrove, Dr. Anders is dismissed from the US Atomic Research Center.

- Otto buries himself in his work, becomes even more disliked by colleagues. Comes home late to find out that his mother's been dating. Enraged by her hypocrisy, Otto verbally attacks her. Mary Octavius suffers a heart attack and dies.

- Weeks later, a distracted Otto Octavius has his accident and is physically and mentally bonded with the tentacle harness that he'd created. He also suffers some kind of brain damage and becomes paranoid and psychotic. He has his first run-in with Spider-Man while at the hospital and defeats the webslinger handily before going forth to take over the US Atomic Research Center. Spider-Man makes another go at defeating 'Doctor Octopus', using more cunning, and succeeds in defeating the madman.

- Doc Ock is in and out of prison, usually breaking out and then being defeated by Spider-Man or some other hero. Usually Spider-Man. He is physically separated from his tentacles and then demonstrates the ability to control them from a distance. He forms the Sinister Six to take down Spider-Man. The Six fails to do so.

- Doc Ock sets himself up as a criminal mastermind and engages in various schemes. He goes up against other criminal supervillians such as Hammerhead and the Owl. He attempts to marry May Parker (Peter Parker's aunt) because she's unknowingly inherited a nuclear facility in Canada. The marriage is not completed, fortunately. When not playing with the criminal underworld, Ock plans the death of millions — once by poisoning the ink supply of the Daily Bugle, and once by attempting to aquire a bomb that would turn NYC into a smoldering irradiated wasteland. In each case Ock does this simply to prove to the world how dangerous he is.

- In defeating Ock's attempt to nuke NYC into the ground, Spider-Man thrashes Ock more thoroughly than usual (probably because Ock had just savaged the Black Cat) and rips Ock's tentacles from his body, causing Ock great agony. Ock has his arms repaired and, enraged, goes after Cat and Spidey again, but after a long and vicious battle, Spidey not only defeats Ock but tells the madman that he will /never/ win against him. Ock is rattled.

- Ock is taken to Battle World to join the other heroes and villains in Secret Wars. He holds it together until the very end, when a display of Molecule Man's physics-defying powers becomes the final straw and Ock attacks him in a fit of rage. Molecule Man subdues Ock and makes sure he's delivered to the South Brooklyn Psychiatric Facility, saying that Ock needs help. (Molecule Man himself had undergone therapy in the past and found it good.) Otto is committed to the care of Dr. George Charles Jefferson, and the tentacle harness is taken to a secure facility elsewhere and put under lock and key.


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