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Dear Dad,

I never really thought much about writing letters, unless they're to do with work. People don't seem to write them just to correspond anymore and to be honest the idea to do this didn't even spring to mind until Foggy suggested that it had good therapeutic value. You're probably laughing at the idea that I'd take advice on wellbeing from Foggy, but he's usually right about things like this.

You've been dead for ten years now, Dad, and it doesn't get easier. You raised me. Mom was never there, you told me she was dead but I know the truth - I know she's a nun. I suppose you had good reasons for never telling me that, and I don't blame you, Dad. I'm not angry. I just want you to know what my life became. How I do what I do because of you and the way you raised me.

I know you always asked me not to be like you, as much as I wanted to be. You were a fighter, the toughest guy I've ever known, but you wanted me to be smart. You wanted me to get out of Hell's Kitchen and out of the tenements and make something of myself. I'll admit I didn't want that at first, I'll admit I wanted to be a fighter. But I did what you said. I studied. I kept myself out of trouble even when they'd bully me and make fun of me and call me Daredevil. They were being ironic, but they didn't know that I never left the house because I was afraid - far from it …

I was loyal, dad. I wanted to be something you'd be proud of.

They'd bully me at school. They'd punch me and they'd kick me and they'd laugh at me. And all the while they'd call me Daredevil. I made a promise to myself then, when I realized that bullies could only be kept in check by rules and laws - and so I decided I'd learn them all. You were good about that, you bought me the law text books and I'd stay up all night reading them. But there were some other things I did that you never knew about.

I trained myself to fight. I wouldn't fight back against the bullies, but I needed some kind of outlet. So I went down to Fogwell's Gym, the gym you used to train at, and I trained myself. I taught myself to move fast, strike hard and be a good fighter. I could train my mind as well as my body. I was the son of Battlin' Jack Murdock, after all. I couldn't not feed that part of me. I got pretty good, dad, but then it came apart.

I didn't think about it. I just leapt out and helped the old guy. He was blind and that truck was gonna mow him down - never understood just how crazy the drivers in this city can get. I helped him and I managed to not get hit by the truck as well but the garbage it was carrying spilled all over my eyes. I remember just how much it burned. And when I woke up in the ambulance, it was like all my other senses were on fire. The smell of antiseptic burned my nose, my clothes felt like sandpaper against my skin and the siren felt like it was melting my brain.

I was in hospital for weeks and the doctors said I was going to be blind. But you know that, you were there the whole time. You never left my side.

I got out eventually, and even though my other senses were boosted to some kind of superhuman degree, I was having trouble mastering them. I was still blind, and while I was learning to tell my surroundings using my other senses it was still like being handicapped. That's when I was found by a man, I only never knew him as Stick, who trained me. Nothing but the best was good enough for him, and he taught me how to use my other senses to see - and even helped me harness something that can only be called a radar sense. I could hear the echoes of sounds bouncing off objects around me, like sonar, and I could see. Colors and video images were out, but it was better than nothing, right?

I went on to Columbia, like you know, and Foggy and I would come to your fights all the time. Foggy was your biggest fan but I knew that bastard Roscoe Sweeney was fixing your fights without telling you - that's why they called him the Fixer, I guess. He died not long after he and that gang of thugs he ran around with killed you for not throwing that fight, dad. I've never been more proud of you, and I wore your colors - I wore the yellow and black - and I chased them all down. Slade burned in the electric chair and the Fixer? His heart gave out and he died in a subway station. I never even got the chance to lay a finger on him.

I didn't wear the colors again for a long time. I went back to studying at Columbia. I met a girl there, Elektra Natchios, and I loved her. We were so alike. Fearless. I thought we'd be together forever. Then her father died and she disappeared and just like that I was alone again.

I graduated; I went on to found a law firm with Foggy. It wasn't much, but we did well. It helped that, for some reason, we got the Fantastic Four as clients. We were a good team, but it almost split apart when we met her - Karen Page. She came from Vermont and she was beautiful, witty and enough to almost drive a wedge between good friends like Foggy and me. Hell, Foggy was ready to propose a few weeks after she came on board. I changed the costume for her, dad. She said red was her favorite color and the yellow and black just reminded me of how you died.

She left, eventually. She had bigger dreams than working at a law firm as a secretary. She went away to L.A. to be an actress. I can't say I wasn't disappointed, especially after our relationship had come so far and she'd learned that Daredevil and Matt Murdock were the same person. But she had to follow her heart, and I wasn't gonna stop that. I went on with my life. Hell's Kitchen never ran short of crime.

When I heard from Karen again, it wasn't the way I'd imagined it would be. She'd became a pornographic actress and, what's more, addicted to heroin. She sold my identity as Daredevil for a hit of heroin. And the Kingpin, a man most people thought was a mere myth, used it to almost destroy me. I was disbarred, my home was destroyed and I almost became a killer. Almost. I fought back. It took a long while, but I got my license back and the Kingpin is ruined now. Of course, I wouldn't be much of a 'super hero' if I forgot about him.

That's all for now, dad. I'm back practicing law now but its slow going. Karen came back but she's chasing her dreams again. Elektra? The girl I loved once? Dead and returned again. It's complicated and it only ever gets more complicated with my life, dad. But at least I got things off my chest.

I'll talk to you again soon,



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