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You know that moment when a baby is born and a father counts the arms, legs, hands, feet, fingers and toes. Well on July 18, 1994, Michael and Judy Clayton counted the correct number of appendages on their newborn daughter, Irina. Two arms. Two legs. Two hands. Two feet. Ten fingers and Ten toes. The problem was the number of mouths. She had one mouth where it was supposed to be, but upon examination of her neck and throat area, Three mouths were found. Michael and Judy were perplexed and confused. But they had just given birth to a daughter. It did not matter that she had extra mouths nor was indeed a mutant. She was their baby and they were happy. Born into the small region of Imperial Valley in California near the Mexican border, the Claytons and their friends were very welcoming, friendly, and genuinely nice people. Unfortunately, the community, in general, was not so welcoming. So the Claytons moved to Valle Soleado, another area of California that was seemingly welcome to mutants. It had appeared to be a mutant Mecca of sorts, Charles Xavier's Dream come true.
Irina grew up around other mutants and enjoyed and thrived on the idea of being a mutant. Unlike most mutants who experience hate, prejudice, and fear, Irina grew up and flourished around Valle Soleado. In school, she was a top student, earned high grades. She was particular adept at languages and received her school's top awards in language. While she always knew she was a mutant due to the physical nature of her mutation, her ability to use her gift of multiple mouths did not begin until puberty. She had always had the mouths; they just appeared there, but never did anything. So when voices began appearing around her and the mouths actually began to move and speak, she was (of course) freaked out at first. But with the support of her friends, family, and community, she learned a basic skill of learning to manipulate the mouths. At first they would seemingly move on their own saying things, similar to someone with Tourette's syndrome. After the basic lesson in dealing with the mouths, she develop an affinity working with puppets and dummies which caught the attention of an agent and opted to have the girl as a traveling act. However, while the world would accept a young teen ventriloquist, the audience would not take so well to a mutant with multiple mouths around her throat. She would wear a scarf to hide the mouths.
Taking her act on the road with her parents, she had her dummies and puppets, and rather then use her own voice, she would speak through them. She instead tried a career of making it as a ventriloquist. She would do small shows throughout California, always wearing a turtleneck to hide her mutation. The first time in her life, she was hiding who she was. Audiences cheered and loved her act. It was enough that despite being young, she had opted to travel around and perform around the world. She spent a few months in France and then moved across Europe to Russia where she lived a few more months before settling down in Japan. She had a small following and had earned some notoriety with her act. However, during one of her acts, her scarf came loose and fell off her. The audience reacted negatively. They were horrified by the innocent young girl with what they would call a 'disturbing mutation' Chased out of the city, the reaction horrified her. She had always been welcomed and loved at home and now was literally a freak. Seeing this reaction, she quit the business and imposed an exile on herself. She roams the streets homeless as a form of punishment for her freakish nature, but thankfully with enough saved up, she manages to eat and live. Just refuses to sleep like a normal person. She seeks out other mutants. A place. A new home.


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