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Jack is the son of Gregory Russoff, a Transylvanian nobleman. Gregory, a scholar, read from the Darkhold and activated his family curse, transforming into a werewolf. He sent his wife and son to the States for protection, and he was soon killed by a torch-weilding mob. When Jack turned 18, he inherited his father's curse and every full moon afterwards he would transform. He left home to protect his mother and sister, and wandered for years afterwards, taking odd jobs here and there, trying to secure himself during each full moon. Miraculously, he managed not to kill anyone during his frequent escapes, and he often found himself set against or sometimes allied with various superhumans: Moon Knight, Tigra, Iron Man and others. He has come into contact with many of the mystical elements of the Marvel Universe, including forming temporary alliances with Doctor Strange, Daimon Hellstrom, Michael Morbius, and several others. Over the years, Jack has gained more and more control over his transformation - he can usually force the shift at will, but there is the risk that anger or fear will cause him to transform as well. And of course the full moon leaves him no choice at all...
Since the curse, Jack has concentrated on alternately breaking the curse and learning to live with it so many of his experiences center on him travelling to one place or another looking for this device or that person or bit of lore that might help him acheive either goal. His most significant experience was with Topaz, who finally was able to help him along the path to accepting and controlling his condition. He stayed with her over the course of several months and they became lovers, but since he began to gain control of his curse, they have seen less and less of each other.
He has had several significant encounters with Dracula and the Darkhold Cult, either seperately or working together - the source of his curse is the Darkhold, and he and it tend to be drawn to each other by various means.
Jack also has a history of people trying to capture him in order to either kill or exploit him. His main enemy for most of his early career was a necromancer named Dr Glitternight. They clashed off and on as Jack killed several of Glitternight's minions, denied Glitternight the use of Topaz' soul, and more. Finally, he died when Jack, Topaz, and Brother Voodoo freed Glitternight's main captive demon, who destroyed Glitternight. Glitternight had any number of minions and students who probably want to kill Jack for that.
Jack has usually been a loner. The only time he joined a group was when he was recruited into the Night Shift by The Shroud. He was the only other person not mind-controlled to some degree; the others were criminals of various stripes that Shroud was using to take down other organized criminals. Both Jack and The Shroud were kicked out when The Hangman took over the group and realized their true affiliations. His connections to the Midnight Sons and the Legion of Monsters were much more loose and tenative - he'd show up to help if they requested it, or if he was in the area.


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02/01/13 A Nice Night for a Wolf in the Park Wolfsbane, Werewolf by Night (Jack Russell) Mutant wolf meets werewolf


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