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Brian Braddock was born to rich parents in England. They were not ordinary people, but Brian and his siblings Jamie (an older brother) and Betsy (his twin sister) were raised in a mostly loving and normal environment. Betsy was the more outgoing of the two, and as they grew, the two children would become almost inseparable.
Brian was not as outgoing as his sister. He was often shy and bookish, preferring to stay with his studies in science and literature. He was a loner, while his older brother Jamie was a race car driver. Betsy was also quite outgoing, and although she was a tomboy, she would eventually become a highly sought-after model.

Brian graduated from London Thames University with a degree in Physics. When he was 21, he came home to see his parents. While he was making out with a woman he met at the bar in her automobile, there was an explosion inside of his parents' house. They were both electrocuted in a strange incident involving James Braddock's new super-computer. Brian blamed himself, and promptly ended the make out session.

Brian took a job at the Darkmoor research facility, to cope with the loss of his family, and became enthralled in his work. Some of the world's top nuclear scientists worked there, and his job made him feel important. Despite his loneliness, Brian was beginning to become truly happy.
A criminal named Reaver attacked the facility, from which Brian tried to escape. He ran his motorcycle (which was a sweet Harley Davidson emblazoned with the Union Jack…. okay, it was a Vespa) off of a cliff. He lay at the bottom, broken and bleeding, the criminal victorious in stealing Darkmoor's secrets. In a pillar of light, Merlin and "The Lady of the Northern Skies" came to him. Yes, it was -that- Merlin, the supposed wizard patriarch of British mythology. The "Lady" was later revealed to be Roma, Merlin's daughter. He gave Brian a choice… the Amulet of Right or the Sword of Might. Doing what anyone afraid of sharp objects would do, Brian chose the amulet.

Merlin charged Brian with becoming Britain's protector, a member of the Captain Britain Corps. This befuddled him at first, until the whole truth was explained. He learned of the British Isles' multidimensional connected with the mysterious Otherworld, the place the Captain Britain Corps was based out of.
Brian learned of infinite alternate realities, and the Corps' job to protect them. He also learned that his father, James Braddock, was their champion. A poet, scholar, strategist and warrior. He had been sent back to the Earth 616 (our Earth) to claim his bride, Brian's mother. It was all sorts of blimey bloody hell bonkers crazy nuts, but Braddock accepted his role as his realties' Captain Britain.
The amulet gave several new abilities: flight, super strength, super reflexes, super endurance and a strong forcefield.
During his early adventures, Captain Britain fought many no-named villains and made out with many subsequent unimportant women (including on-again-off-again flame Courtney Ross). Occasionally, Brian was also on run from the law. One night, however, Betsy came to Brian in a quite agitated fashion, and they returned to Braddock Manor to see about an attack on Jamie's life. On the way there, Betsy had some crazy psychic hallucinations while flying the plane (apparently some people have mental powers and can use them to attack others, which is pretty weird if you ask me) and Brian had to save them both. Brian was later attacked with these same hallucinations. They found the villain to be Lord Synne, who controlled Betsy into attacking both brothers. Brian revealed himself as Captain Britain and put some smack down, saving the day.

Brian eventually found the truth about the computer that had killed his parents, and it manifested itself as a hologram called Mastermind (which would surface later, as well). He was able to beat the computer's physical manifestation. In a confusing series of events, Captain Britain fought against Captain America, and later helped him to defeat the Red Skull's Fourth Reich, which wanted to use the super computer for their own anti-Semitic purposes. This incident endeared Captain Britain to his government (through STRIKE) and to the police force.
Brian's amulet, on a visit to a parallel Earth, changed into a new costume (thanks to Roma). Brian did not have time to think about such things, as he was confronted by the woman known as Saturnyne and her Avant Guard. Through helping Saturnyne with a plan to help this sad version of Earth, Captain Britain was killed and his remains were brought to Otherworld.
Let it be said here that Saturnyne would have a strange relationship with Captain Britain. She was eventually Roma's lieutenant and the Omniversal Majestrix. It was her sworn duty to watch the multitude of realities in the name of Merlin and Roma. Saturnyne is the counterpart to Earth 616's Courtney Ross, who frequently dated Captain Britain (and has been referred to thus far as an unimportant girl, and will be referred to as an ex-girlfriend). Another counterpart of Saturnyne and Courtney would also sleep with Brian at a later date, which confused everyone and probably upset Meggan.
Merlin and Roma (the woman who had ultimate command of the Captain Britain Corps, who was Merlin's daughter and the protector of the multiverse.) resurrected Brian using only his thigh bone. He learned that Merlin had manipulated his life to a great degree, and became embittered.
In some ways, Roma meddled even more than Merlin did. She often lead the Captain Britain Corps in Otherworld, helping Brian and the other Captain Britains to fight off hordes of goblins and other D&D creatures. Roma eventually provided Brian's new costume, which amplified Brian's natural gifts (as mentioned above). She and her father sent Brian after Mad Jim Jaspers. Roma helped sow the seeds that would become the "super" team Excalibur.
Over the next little while, Captain Britain fought crime alongside his sister and STRIKE's psi-division. He was again kidnapped by Saturnyne and her alternate Earth super team, and again escaped. He fought Mastermind several more times, and it was eventually revealed to him that his power was genetic, the suit merely being an amplifier. Betsy convinced Brian to work for the government for a time, under RCX (the new STRIKE).
A mysterious woman, from an alternate Britain (which was really not that strange at this point), called Captain UK appeared to them. Brian fought the villain known as The Fury alongside her (whom he had battled before) and eventually they emerged victorious. Brian and Betsy fought Mad Jim Jaspers (who had created The Fury and had been hopping realities like they was sleazy downtown nightclubs, ya'll). The Jaspers saga was a strange turn of events. It was revealed that he supposedly kill Merlin, and the twins repeatedly fought The Crazy Gang, his "super" team. Excalibur would also deal with them several times.
Soon after, Brian met the shapeshifter Meggan, who was staying at Braddock Manor as a refugee. She would play a large part in his life.
Eventually, despite his deaths and resurrections, Brian lost contact with Merlin. He briefly stepped down from being Captain Britain, and for a time his sister Betsy took over. She was greatly injured by Slaymaster who RIPPED OUT HER EYES, however. Their telepathic link alerted Brian to the situation, and he killed Slaymaster without hesitation, smashing his head with a rock. This set him on the path toward ruin. He retook the mantle of Captain Britain and Betsy joined the X-Men as Psylocke. He found that without his costume he lost his feeling of self-worth, and became somewhat attached to the power of Captain Britain.

Brian soon formed together with Meggan, Nightcrawler, Shadowcat and Phoenix II to form Excalibur, Britian's premiere team of mutant heroes. He fought alongside them for quite a while, but they almost always stayed in the Isles. Brian's power receded greatly when away from his homeland. During his time with Excalibur, he battled Arcade, acted as the team's banker and spent a lot of time with some old girlfriends. During Inferno, Meggan was turned into the Goblin Princess, making Brian her slave. Shadowcat used her powers of walking-through-walls and schoolgirl charm to save them.
Excalibur's lot in life seemed to be taking on second-rate super teams and coping with terrible plots. They were forced to fight Nazi versions of themselves, Captain Britain successfully breaking Hauptmann Englande's face. The team then journeyed across several dimensions and dealt with whimsical creatures, while the Avengers fought crime and the X-Men fought for tolerance and understanding. Brian was also forced to deal with his brother, who had gained reality altering powers. He fought several different Jamies, eventually winning each time. Captain Britain then became involved with solving fast food crimes and the Pendragons. He continued to drink.
Upon slapping Nightcrawler around for messing with his woman, Brian was captured by the Captain Britain Corps for breaking some arbitrary rules. While he had been sentenced to the death penalty, Roma sent Saturnyne to intervene and save him. Brian learned more about being Captain Britain, and also learned that Roma had put a jinx on Excalibur, dooming them to many outrageous adventures. Brian said 'Hey, Roma, why don't you just ask us for help instead of making us participate in zany antics?' Saturnyne, Roma's deputy, became infatuated with Braddock during this show of manliness (no surprise her 616 counterpart had hit the hay with Brian several times). Excalibur then defeated Merlin's rival, Necrom, who they were supposedly destined to face. And they won.
Merlyn returned, revealing that he had been manipulating them all along. Having learned that the lighthouse was the connection point to the omniverse and Otherworld, Brian decided that it should be destroyed. Brian thought that by destroying it, he would take away Merlyn's happy place and also sever their ties to the Otherworld. He and Meggan destroyed it and the team then moved into Braddock Manor.


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