Real Name Peter Parker
Portrayed by
Gender Male
Place of Birth
Date of Birth
Aliases Spider-Ham
Origin Altered Human
Current Location New York City
Occupation Adventurer/Photojournalist
Team None
Alignment Hero
Known Relatives Aunt May
Significant Other
Known Abilities Spider Stuff

Character Details

Peter Parker was born to Richard and Mary Parker. His parents unfortunately passed early in life due to mysterious circumstances unbeknownst to him and so his care fell to his aunt and uncle May and Ben. They raised him well in their home in the Forest Hills section of Queens until the ripe old age of 15.

The young Parker's life would change forever on the day he went to a science fair and was bitten by a radioactive spider. This bite altered his DNA and gave him superpowers that opened the door to a new life. He first took those powers and tried to cash in on them by participating in a wrestling match against Crusher Hogan. He won, however the fight promoter refused to pay up. It was then that karma seemed to intervene. The promoter was the victim of an armed robbery, and in his flight away dashed past Peter. Peter, in his anger, refused to help. He stepped out of the way allowing the criminal to flee. It is this moment of malice, this single instant of base emotion that haunts Peter Parker for the rest of his life.

The gunman fled, and later that night he encountered Uncle Ben. Peter Parker's father figure, the focus of his moral compass, was killed that night by the gunman. If only Peter had done the right thing, if only he had stopped the robber. The guilt weighed heavily upon him.

With the tremendous weight of the guilt from his Uncle's death heavy upon his shoulders, Peter decided to try and make it up as best he could. He decided to use these powers to try and save lives, to help those who can't help themselves. He reworked the costume he made for wrestling. He used his scientific knowhow to invent a substance for webbing and web-shooters as well. He then began his efforts as a costumed vigilante.

When he first started out, Peter kept a low profile. He'd start with low-level street crime, but soon he began to encounter other individuals who would use their special abilities or equipment to try and take advantage of those less fortunate. Once the public got wind of his efforts against costumed supervillains opinion of him crashed throughthe floor primarily due to the efforts of J. Jonah Jameson and the Daily Bugle.

Despite his decision to try and help his fellow man, Peter still suffered from the realities of the world. That being, primarily, a lack of money. He decided he could perhaps still help people if he joined the Fantastic Four. So he approached the super team and requested to join. Unfortunately he was rejected but did not mind as he also realized that they did not get paid. He still got along well with them, Johnny Storm in particular.

Peter continued his career for several years, fighting many costumed criminals and steadily growing a mixed reputation due to the continued efforts of the Daily Bugle. He was often the target of a smear campaign, but was also impersonated several times which further damaged his public image.

Spider-Man then encountered the villain that would become his nemesis. Upon first conflict, the Green Goblin seemed like any other costumed weirdo. More capable, perhaps, but still just another loon. What Peter did not know was that this villain was Norman Osborne, the father of his friend Harry.

The Goblin was able to find out Peter's secret identity, kidnapped his girlfriend Gwen Stacy, and in the ensuing battle he hurled her off the Brooklyn Bridge. Peter leapt to save her, but in trying to do so her neck snapped and she lost her life. In a rage, Spider-man pursued Green Goblin, and in the ensuing fight Norman Osborne was impaled by his own glider and died. To this day Peter still carries the further guilt of Gwen's death with him.

Peter went on to graduate high school top of his class. He then applied to Columbia University and continued with his education… all the while trying to continue to be Spidey. This split of focus damaged both his personal life as well as his 'professional' life. Eventually he moved out of Aunt May's home and into a loft in the city.

A year later Harry comes back to the States, having travelled all over Europe after graduating. He moves in with Peter and the two begin a life together as best friends making their way through life and the city. Unfortunately Harry chooses to follow in his father's footsteps, becoming the Green Goblin himself. The two battle and Harry is captured.

Life continued much along those lines until Peter found himself swept up by a being of supreme power. He was catapulted with many of earth's other 'heroes' and 'villains' and tasked to participate in a Secret War for the fate of the universe. Luckily the heroes did manage to win. But, as a prize, Peter came away with what he thought was simply a new uniform.

However, that uniform was not all it seemed. Over time Peter learned that the suit seemed to be influencing his behaviour and changing his outlook. He realized that it was a sentient being, a symbiote of sorts that lived off of negative energy. It took a monumental effort on Spider-Man's part, but he was able to rid himself of the symbiote, casting the costume away and freeing himself.
With the help of the Fantastic Four, Peter Parker was able to overcome the symbiote's bond entirely and for a time was even given a new suit to replace the one he lost. Of course, this suit wasn't terribly flattering being nothing more than an old FF uniform and a paper bag. Well, and a 'Kick Me' sign.
That was not the last Spidey would hear of the symbiote, however. Eddie Brock, a colleague of Peter Parker's, suffered a setback in his career and blamed Spider-Man for it. The symbiote was drawn to Brock due to their shared rage with the Spider and so both bonded to form the villain of Venom.
Over the next several years Spider-Man reclaimed his old costume and continued to battle his gallery of rogues as well as his new nemesis Venom


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Date Title Characters Summary
02/14/13 00:00 Undoing One More Day Spider-Man, Mary Jane Watson-Parker, Doctor Strange, Rintrah, Wong, Mephisto Spidey and Mary Jane are reunited, never to be torn from one another again.
03/31/13 17:45 Mad Gods Finale Black Crow, Daredevil, Hawkette, Mirage, Radiance, Spiral, Wolfsbane, Demon Bear, and Owayodata (off panel, the Anasazi, Avengers, Dr. Strange, Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, and Topaz) While heroes battle the gods (behind the scenes) a small group of heroes sneak into Shipolo to rescue Mirage
06/06/12 20:32 Along Came a Panther Spider-Man and Black Panther Spidey and Panther discuss recent events.
06/07/2012 Don't Stop, Believing Spider-Man & Krista Spidey & Krista stop some jewelry thieves, Spidey tortures everyone with his singing
06/21/12 Manhattan Under Siege Pt. 3 Spider-Man, Black Widow, Night Thrasher, Wolfsbane The Heroes are almost overrun by shadow creatures
06/23/12 20:30 Rest and Respecting Boundaries Yishi, Spider-Man Yishi and Spider-Man work together on search and rescue efforts. Then Yishi drags the Spider-Man off to get some much-needed rest.
07/24/12 13:30 Ultragirl meets Spidey Ultragirl Spider-Man Ultragirl meets her favorite web-slinger… and unsuccessfully flirts
08/07/12 13:00 Sword of the Warlord Peter Parker, Xiu Lin Tseng Peter comes to Chinatown looking for an antique dealer. Instead, he finds Sue Lynn, who helps him find his antique dealer and some answers.
08/14/2012 It's Been a Slow Night Spider Man and Arachne Spider-Man and Arachne have had a slow evening, short conversation ensues.
08/16/12 15:30 Meet any Ant-Girls Spider Man, Ant Man II Ant Man finds Spider Man for a brief conversation
08/20/12 22:30 The Play's The Thing Spider-Man, Scarlet Witch A coordinated purse-snatching goes awry thanks to an off-duty Wanda and New York's Favorite Spider-Menace
08/20/2012 Hi Spi Spider-Man, Spiral The former Rita Wayword arrives in New York, and gets saved by Spider Man!
10/04/2012 Party Pooper Spider-Man and Arachne Spider-Man ducks a party and Arachne chides him for it…amoung other things
10/10/12 08:00 NEWS - Interview with Flash Thompson NOW Magazine Spider-man Exclusive
10/10/12 08:02 NEWS - Interview with Punisher NOW Magazine Spider-man Exclusive
10/10/12 08:03 NEWS - Interview with Thomas Fireheart Now Magazine Spider-man Exclusive
10/10/12 08:04 NEWS - Interview with the Avengers Now Magazine Spider-man Exclusive
10/10/12 08:05 NEWS - Interview with the Fantastic Four Now Magazine Spider-man Exclusive
10/10/12 08:06 NEWS - Interview with Silver Sable Now Magazine Spider-man Exclusive
10/10/12 08:07 NEWS - Interview iwth Nick Katzenberg Now Magazine Spider-man Exclusive
10/10/12 08:10 NEWS - Interview with John Smalley Now Magazine Spider-man Exclusive
10/10/12 08:12 NEWS - Note From Black Cat Now Magazine Spider-man Exclusive
10/14/12 Warning of Elektra Cloak, Dagger, Spider-man Spiderman warns Dagger about Elektra in the area
10/14/12 20:00 Night Action in Central Park Spider-Man Tigerstripe The Spider saves a kid from itself - and meets a cat
11/27/12 What if... 2 Mirage, Havok, Uatu (the Watcher) Cable, Sabretooth, Maverick, Arachne, Wildchild, Mr Fantastic, H.E.R.B.I.E., Invisible Woman, The Thing, Iron Fist, Power Man, Mysti Knight, Wonder Man, Domino, Colossus, Cyclops, Beast, Thor, Tigra, Firebird, Daredevil, Spider-Man, What if? Ultron, and his Heavy Metal Horde, had defeated the heroes and won the war?
2013-06-05 Post Second Coming: Spider Meet Up Spider-Man, Spider-Woman and Madame Web The three spider people have a brief run in


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