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* The infant son of Scott Summers and Madelyne Pryor, Nathan Christopher Charles Summers, was kidnapped by Mister Sinister and experimented on.

* Baby Nathan was eventually rescued when his mother went insane and attempted to sacrifice him in an attempt to keep a portal to Limbo open. From then on, he was raised by Scott and his former flame Jean Grey.

* The first manifestation of Nathan's mutant power occured. The infant began to unconsciously wrap himself in a protective telekinetic bubble whenever he was in danger.

* During this time, he and his time-displaced half-sister Rachel Summers developed a psychic bond.

* Nathan was kidnapped by Apocalypse and infected with the Celestial Techno-Organic Virus. A mysterious woman known as Mother Askani contacted Scott Summers, and convinced Scott to send Nathan into the future, where he could be cured of the virus.

* The future Mother Askani came from was a nightmarish world ruled by Apocalypse. The Clan Askani believed that Nathan would grow up to be their savior.

* After being taken to the future, the infant was put in a specially-designed incubator that would preserve him from the effects of the Techno-Organic Virus. To hedge her bets, Mother Askani also created a clone of Nathan.

* Apocalypse's forces attacked the Clan Askani, and sucessfully captured the Nathan Clone. The clone would be raised by Apocalypse and eventually became Nathan's greatest rival: Stryfe.
* Mother Askani transported the souls of Scott Summers and Jean Grey to the future. There, they inhabited cloned bodies, and raised Nathan using the names Redd and Slym Dayspring.

* Nathan began to learn to use his telekinetic abilities to keep the Techno-Organic Virus from completely consuming him. However, a large portion of his body had already been converted. Outwardly, the only sign of infection were his metallic left arm and left eye. Keeping the virus in check placed a great toll on Nathan's powers, and kept him from reaching his full potential.

* Nathan was trained and educated extensively by both his parents, and the other members of Clan Askani. * Despite his reduced abilities, the teenage Nathan was able to defeat Apocalypse. During the aftermath, Scott and Jean were sent back to their time period, and Mother Askani was killed.

* Nathan continued to train under the tutelage of Blaquesmith. Blaquesmith took Nathan's role as the 'Chosen One' very seriously.

* Stryfe eventually took over Apocalypse's forces, and enslaved the world. During this time he captured members of Clan Askani. One of Nathan's friends, Aliya, was captured and imprisoned.
* As an adult, Nathan proved to be an enormous annoyance to Stryfe. Using guerilla tactics, he made life miserable for Stryfe's forces. Nathan set up ambushes, destroyed military bases, and liberated prison camps.

* In one of these camps he was reunited with Aliya. She now had a son named Tyler. Nathan married her and raised Tyler as his own son. Aliya never spoke of her time in the prison camps, or about Tyler's father.

* Years passed, and Nathan continued to fight against Stryfe's forces. Many epic battles were fought, and Nathan experienced many victories and losses. The years of training and the experiences of combat had forged Nathan into a consumate soldier and a peerless general. The man and his clone were never able to decisively defeat each other. However, Stryfe's forces were able to kidnap Nathan's adopted son Tyler, and kill Aliya. Tyler would be brainwashed into hating Nathan, and eventually became the mutant Genesis.

* Strye discovered an ancient time machine, and decided to go back and take over the world back in the past. In order to stop him, Nathan and a friend named the Professor developed a ship capable of time travel. The ship, Graymalkin, was loaded up with futuristic technology, and Nathan tracked Stryfe back to the present day.
* In the present day, Nathan set about thwarting Stryfe's plans. He avoided contact with his father, preferring to keep his presence a secret. Calling himself Cable, he formed a group of veteran mercenaries called the Wild Pack, though they later renamed themselves the Six Pack. It was during this time that he met a woman who would become his greatest ally in the present: Domino.

* The group would eventually break up after a confrontation with Stryfe. It was during this time that Cable would finally see Stryfe's face: and realized that he looked exactly like him.

* Cable returned to the future to nurse some injuries he received at Stryfe's hands. Eventually he returned, and took over the leadership of the New Mutants. He saw great potential in some of them, and decided to turn them into his own personal hit squad. Turning spoiled teenagers into a group of badasses proved to be a difficult task, but with the help of a couple of Cable's mercenary pals, X-Force is shaping up nicely. They do the dirty work that teams like the X-Men avoid, keeping the future safe by whatever means are necessary.


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Date Title Characters Summary
06/04/2012 Savage Land V: Assault on the Savage Land Havok, Warpath, Nightcrawler, Gypsy Moth, Sunpyre and Mirage X-Factor captures Cable and rescues the rest of X-Force
11/27/12 What if... 2 Mirage, Havok, Uatu (the Watcher) Cable, Sabretooth, Maverick, Arachne, Wildchild, Mr Fantastic, H.E.R.B.I.E., Invisible Woman, The Thing, Iron Fist, Power Man, Mysti Knight, Wonder Man, Domino, Colossus, Cyclops, Beast, Thor, Tigra, Firebird, Daredevil, Spider-Man, What if? Ultron, and his Heavy Metal Horde, had defeated the heroes and won the war?
12/03/12 09:00 To The Moon P4 Havok Mirage Nightcrawler Ariel Shadowcat Cable Cannonball Sunspot Rictor Boom-Boom Warpath Feral Domino Dragoness Forearm Kamikaze Reaper Strobe Sumo Tempo Wildside Zero Stryfe X-Factor and X-Force go to the moon to kick Stryfe's ass.
12/03/12 10:00 To The Moon P5a Havok Mirage Tempo Cable Stryfe Cannonball Phoenix This segment of the team goes to stop Cable from killing Stryfe


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