Real Name James Proudstar
Portrayed by
Gender Male
Place of Birth Camp Verde, AZ
Date of Birth
Aliases Thunderbird, Proudstar
Origin Mutant
Current Location New York State
Occupation Adventurer
Team X-Force
Alignment Hero
Known Relatives John Proudstar (deceased)
Significant Other
Known Abilities Paragon

Character Details

James Proudstar was born in Camp Verde, Arizona to Neal and Maria Proudstar. James was the second child for the Proudstar's as they had another son named John. James grew up on his parent's ranch along with his parents his brother and his grandfather. James and John both developed mutant powers because their mother had been exposed to nuclear energy from a near by government testing site. James and his older brother were very close as James idolized John. When John was old enough he left Camp Verde and joined the Marines. Even with John now far away from home, James continued to look up to him.

When John returned from the Marines after a two year tour of duty it was discovered that Maria Proudstar was diagnosed with chronic lymphocyte leukemia, a terminal form of cancer, by Doctor Edwin Martynec. Michael Whitecloud, a family friend of the Proudstar's was also a reporter that had been investigating Dr. Martynec. Michael believed that Dr. Martynec was performing illegal activities at his medical lab. When Michael told John of what he discovered about Dr. Martynec, the two young men traveled to Dr. Martynec's lab but unknown to them James had over heard and he stowed away inside his brother truck and secretly went to Dr. Martynec's with them.

When John and Michael arrived at Dr. Martynec's lab they discovered that James had hidden in the truck and traveled with them. With no time to argue, the three young men entered the lab and quickly discovered that Martynec was performing illegal enhancement experiments and they also learned that Martynec was some type of were-creature! In the battle that followed, John was able to hold off Martynec while the others escaped. In the end Martynec blew up his lab to cover his escape but more importantly to the Proudstar's, their mother was in perfect health.
After rescuing his mother James returned home with his brother. Over the next few years James and John continued their close relationship even though John's mutant abilities developed even further. John's mutant abilities caught the attention of Charles Xavier, the leader of the mutant outlaw team known as the X-Men. Xavier offered John membership with the X-Men and even though James protested his brother leaving in the end, John joined the X-Men. When John left, James blamed Xavier for breaking up his family. Shortly after John joined the X-Men, he was killed in combat. John's death angered James to the point that he vowed to one day get even with Xavier for taking his brother from him.

As James grew older his mutant powers began to emerge and he was recruited by Emma Frost to become a member of her mutant team known as the Hellions. Emma nurtured James's anger and gave him the codename Thunderbird (John also used this codename). Emma wanted to exploit James and use him as a tool to use against Xavier and the X-Men. Since James hated Xavier anyways, it was not difficult for Emma to focus his hatred towards killing Xavier. As a member of the Hellions, James clashed with Xavier's teen mutant group, the New Mutants. Even though James hated Xavier he showed no ill will towards the New Mutants, as a matter of fact it was James's cool head that kept the two young teams from hurting one another. Because of his level head and sound judgment, Emma made James the field leader of the Hellions.

After James became a member of the Hellions his hatred of Xavier continued. In an effort to gain vengeance against Xavier, James kidnapped the former X-Man, Banshee in an attempt to draw the X-Men into a trap. James was holding Banshee at a secret NORAD base located in the Cheyenne Mountains; this was the same place where John had been killed. The X-Men broke federal law in an attempt to rescue Banshee since it was illegal for them to enter the NORAD base. The Hellions assisted James with his plan against the X-Men. During the battle between James and the X-Men, James actually saved the lives of the X-Men, Wolverine and Shadowcat. At the end of the battle, James came face to face with Xavier and found that he could not kill him as he has planned to do. In the end James made peace with Xavier. Xavier invited James to join the New Mutants but James refused the offer and returned to the Hellions.

As the leader of the Hellions, James did his best to do the right thing and to lead the team without breaking any laws or hurting anyone.

The teams encountered one another on other occasions. When one Hellion used his powers against one of the New Mutants, the New Mutants as a team came after that individual. After the New Mutants captured that Hellion, James led the Hellions on a rescue mission. Instead of fighting the New Mutants, James simply assured them that Hellion's actions would not go unpunished, believing him, the New Mutants turned the Hellion member over to the Hellions.

Things would soon sour as the Hellions were routed out by the Purifiers and the team was wiped out. James was able to survive, escape, and disappear into the night.

Suspecting that the rest of his team were killed, James pursued other avenues of his life. He returned home to Arizona to find his family and friends had been wiped out by an unknown mutant that left no trace or direction for James to track. This distraught James to no end.

Instead of rampaging all over Arizona, he was faced with a vision from his spirit guide. The Thunderbird. The same spirit guide that aided his brother so many years before. The guide, in the vision, expressed to James that he needs to find himself, to become more balanced and centered. In this, James put all other things aside and sought inner peace - communicating with his spirit guide, James discovered much more about himself. With a clear mind and clear conscious, James will once again return to the world of being a hero while searching for the person who killed his family.


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