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Xi'an Coy Manh was born and raised in various small villages within South Vietnam. Her father was a colonel in the army and her mother was tasked with raising the children. Shan was not an only child, and actually had a twin brother, who's name was Tran. She also had two younger siblings named Leong and Nga, and they were also twins like herself and Tran. Because of the nature of her father's work the family moved around quite a bit, and because of this the children did not have the typical schooling others did. Shan and her siblings were taught by Catholic Missionaries and this is where Shan learned French and then English. It was during this time that she also met Father Bowen, and where he became a friend of the family as well.

It was during her time in Vietnam that she and her brother Tran, realized they were mutants. They were teenagers at this point and the village they called home was attacked by enemy soldiers. Shan and Tran were stopped by an enemy soldier, and just as the soldier was about to kill Tran, Shan released her powers of possession and took hold of the mind of the soldier. She was able to stop the man from killing her brother, but Shan was unable to stop her brother from killing the man. Nearly in the same instant that Shan's powers awakened so too did Tran's, and while Shan simply stopped the soldier from killing her brother, Tran took over the possession and forced the soldier to kill himself by causing the soldier to smash his head repeatedly against a wooden support beam. Shan was horrified both at her brother, and at the fact that a life was loss, even if it was an enemy soldier.

While Shan kept their powers a secret, Tran did not. Instead he told their Uncle Nguyen Ngoc Coy, who was also a General in the same army that their father was in. However their father did not associate with his brother, as there was suspicion as to what side Nguyen Ngoc Coy really played. Even without their father's advise, Shan just knew their Uncle was bad, and did not wish any type of association with him. Tran however was different and felt some form of kinship with his Uncle, as they both had terribly dark hearts.

It was shortly after that that Vietnam fell to Communism rule and the family knew they had to escape. The Uncle being rather high up in the military was able to keep tabs on his brother's family, and more specifically Tran, and when Vietnam fell Uncle Coy was able to whisk Tran off to the States. Uncle Coy however did not save the others, hoping they'd perish within the chaos of the fall. Shan however would not allow that and with the use of her powers was able to secure passage on a small boat bound for America.

The conditions on the boat were horrible, overcrowding, no sanitation and very little food. From these circumstances Shan became very ill and weak, and when the boat was attacked by Thai pirates she had no energy reserves left to help her family fight against the pirates. The resistance was truly token at best, as almost everyone was in the same situation as Shan. The pirates killed all the men, Shan's father included, and then raped the women as well. Shan's mother didn't survive the ordeal, however, Shan did. The pirates however were apprehended before they could escape by a passing US Navy boat. From here the survivors were taken to the states and cared for. It was also where Shan met with Father Bowen again, and with the aid of Father Bowen found a job to support herself and her siblings.

Peace would not last long for Shan and her small family however, as her Uncle and brother had also made it to the states. Her Uncle once again asked her to join his organization (which was criminal at this point) and Shan refused. Her Uncle enraged at this plotted and eventually had Leong and Nga kidnapped, so he could force Shan to work for him and alongside her brother. His plan backfired as this only incensed Shan to rescue her siblings from her Uncle and take them away to safely. Realizing she required help to get her siblings back, Xi'an took possession of Spider-Man and attempted to rescue her siblings from her Uncle's clutches. In the end the plan failed, and it took the combined efforts of herself, Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four to help rescue her siblings. It was during this second attack that she would also have to take her brother's life. Tran had taken control of the Fantastic Four and was brutally attacking Spider-Man. Shan had to intervene otherwise Spider-Man would have died that night. Realizing that she had to stop him, she did the only thing she could do - she reached out and ruthlessly ripped away his soul, and absorbed it into herself. While Tran begged to be spared, Xi'an knew she couldn't otherwise the pain and the death he could cause would never end.
After her siblings were rescued, and her brother killed, Shan became part of the original class of New Mutants, thanks to an introduction by Reed Richards to Prof. Xavier. It was herself, Cannonball, Wolfsbane, Moonstar (Psyche) and Sunspot. Because Shan was the eldest in the group she became the leader, and mother to everyone as well. Mothering came naturally to Shan, as she took care of her younger siblings and it was easy to spread her wings and encompass the New Mutants as well. Unlike the other students Xi'an was more than just a student at Xavier's school, she was also the school's secretary, as she had a family to take care of as well. The other difference was Shan also lived off site with her siblings, Leong and Nga.

The team had various bumps along the way, with Dani accidentally pulling images of the boat, and her attack on it from her mind, and then of course, when Xi'an mysteriously disappeared and was presumed dead. Her disappearance occurred when the team had to rescue Dani from the clutches of Silver Samurai and Viper. In the course of the rescue Xi'an was separated from the group and while she was separated from the group, the being known as the Shadow King (Amahl Farouk) took possession of her body, as she had only very basic protections around her mind.

The team in a state of shock and mourning could only pick themselves up and continue on their various paths. In Xi'an's absence several new members were added to the team, Amara, Illyana, Warlock and Doug.

Several months passed with Xi'an no longer in control of her body, and the Shadow King was. In those months the Shadow King ate everything and drank everything imaginable, and Xi'an became grossly obese. The Shadow King in the guise of Xi'an also amassed a criminal empire, which also held gladiatorial games. The gladiatorial games were to the death and typically involved mutants forced into the role of Xi'an/Shadow King's gladiators. The gladiatorial fights is how the X-Men and the New Mutants realized that Xi'an had not perished that night, so many months ago. Amara and Roberto were captured and force into the role of gladiator, and from their disappearance it sparked a search for the two missing New Mutants. It was here as the team fought to free their friend, that they realized Xavier had lied to them. Xavier had knew or at least had had a suspicion of what had happened to Xi'an, but had never revealed what he had knew or guessed. In the end with the help of Storm, and her friends and new teammates, Xi'an was able to overcome the Shadow King.

Still obese and horrified at herself, Xi'an agrees to go on vacation with Storm and the other New Mutants. During this time the team is kidnapped by the Enchantress, who mistakes them for the X-Men. Illyana, thinking to save herself and her teammates, tries to teleport them to safely as well. Sadly the plan fails. Xi'an and many of the others were tossed to various points in time. Xi'an arrived in a desert, seemingly months before their true arrival. While she could have easily given up, and almost did, the plight of a small girl rescued her out of her self-loathing and caused Xi'an to survive and to protect both herself and the young girl. It took months to cross the desert but eventually she did, and eventually she found her teammates as well. In those months that she traversed the desert, Xi'an shed the excess weight she had gained, and found herself again as well. The girl that she aided in the desert mysteriously disappeared, unbeknownst to Xi'an that the girl was simply an illusion to help Xi'an survive. Eventually Loki, who was the mastermind behind the plan, was forced to concede he had lost and sent the New Mutants and X-Men back home.

Like everything their lives returned to as normal as they could. Eventually though like everything the team had various missions that went awry as well. The Beyonder came to their dimension and killed the New Mutants in battle, and while they died, the Beyonder would eventually bring them back to life. This of course traumatized the New Mutants, and eventually Magneto (who was the headmaster at the time) ordered the New Mutants to the Hellions to see if Emma Frost could help them. Eventually the memories were suppressed which helped the team move on with their death, and the New Mutants came back to Xavier's institute.

While life continued (as usual) Mr. Sinister ordered the Marauders to kill all of the Morlocks. As the victims came pouring into the institute seeking aid and refuge, Xi'an became concerned for her own siblings safety.
Unbeknownst to Xi'an her siblings were already missing, having been kidnapped Shinobi Shaw. Also unbeknownst to Xi'an her apartment was rigged with a bomb by the Marauders and as Xi'an turned the lights on, the bomb was triggered. Xi'an however did not die thanks to the timely intervention of Magik and her teleporation discs. Terribly worried Xi'an implored Magneto to help find her siblings, and while he assured her he was doing everything he could, Xi'an could not leave it alone. She could not lose the rest of her family, who would she have left if she did? Eventually during a holiday party at the Hellfire Club, Xi'an took it upon herself to try and seek out information from the Hellfire Computers. Sneaking off from her teammates Xi'an caught Tessa by surprised and possessed the other telepath and searched the computer banks for anything concerning her sibling's disappearance. In the end she could not find a thing.

It was from this desperation that she would turn to her nefarious Uncle and seek his aid in finding her sister and brother. For his help she would have to join his criminal organization and do what Tran used to do for him. If she did that he would help her find his siblings - with a heavy heart and much reluctance, Xi'an accepted it. Not having the heart to tell her teammates what she intended to do, she instead left a letter for them to read, choosing the vaguely cowardly way out of saying good-bye.

For now she is with her Uncle in Madripoor, but every day she is more disillusioned and soon, it will come to a breaking point, where she will eventually leave him and search on her own again.


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