Real Name Illyana Nikolievna Rasputina
Portrayed by
Gender Female
Place of Birth Ust-Ordynski Collective, near Lake Baikal, Siberia
Date of Birth
Age 21 (supposed to be 15)
Aliases Little Snowflake, Darkchilde
Origin Mutant
Current Location Limbo
Occupation Sorceress Supreme of Limbo
Alignment Evil Hero
Known Relatives Piotr Nikolaievitch Rasputin, Mikhail Nikolaievitch Rasputin
Significant Other
Known Abilities

Character Details

* Illyana was born in a small house on a vast land, where you rarely ran into another soul. The place, Ust-Ordynski Collective, near Lake Baikal, Siberia.

* Illyana adored her big brother, Piotr Nikolievitch, who adored her in turn, giving her the nickname "Little Snowflake."

* One day Illyana was playing with her dolls in the field, a tractor was heading her way. Piotr raced over and placed himself infront of it to save his little sister. He meant to give his life for her, but instead his mutation manifested and his body became organic metal. Piotr crushed the tractor and brought it to a stop.

* The manifestation of Piotr's mutation, however, soon brought to his departure when Professor Xavier came to take him away to join his X-Men.

* Shortly after Piotr joined the X-Men as Colossus, Miss Locke, an accomplice of Arcade started kidnapping loved ones of the X-Men, meaning to use that to force them into helping her release Arcade from Dr. Doom. This is how Illyana wound up away from her home in Russia. Eventually she was rescued by the X-Men and was reunited with her beloved brother. The best part of the ordeal, for Illyana, was that she was permitted to stay with her big brother in the United States.

* At Xavier's Mansion, Illyana made herself some new friends, the most important of all Kitty Pryde, who ultimately became something of a soul sister and an anchor to the goodness in Illyana. The bond was formed because Kitty was the one who spent the most time with Illyana despite the difference in age, and as an added benefit, Kitty also offered the luxury of communication in Russian.
* When the X-Men's home came under attack, they relocated to an alien city on an island in the Bermuda Triangle. It was there that Belasco--13rh century demonologist and ruler of Limbo--lured Illyana into a temple with randomly appearing light discs, a connection to Limbo.

* Belasco told Illyana that he loved her and promised her a glorious future, as a mere 6 year old, Illyana believed him and followed him to Limbo. The X-Men soon followed only to encounter different versions of themselves. The X-Men of Limbo had successfully rescued their Illyana, but they paid a price by being stuck in Limbo forever, some died, some were twisted.

* The X-Men from Illyana's world have experienced the exact opposite. Just as they were about to save Illyana, with the help of Ororo of the other X-Men, who became a sorceress fighting Belasco, they failed. Ororo was casting a spell to send Illyana and her X-Men home, but in the end Belasco interfered and while the X-Men were sent to Muir Island, Illyana was trapped in Limbo.

* Belasco needed Illyana to unleash the Dread Lords, his dark Elder Gods on the world. She was the purest of souls, and her corruption would bring them to the world.

* Belasco then used a piece of Illyana's soul to form a bloodstone. He placed that bloodstone in the Beatrice Medallion--a medallion that featured a pentagram with room on each tip for a bloodstone. When all five points would be filled with bloodstones, Belasco's dread lords would be unleashed on the world.
* With the bloodstone in place, Belasco gave the Beatrice medallion to Illyana as a gift. He was then attacked by Cat--the other X-Men's Kitty Pryde who was turned half feline by Belasco. Cat rescued Illyana and took her to Storm, they had a quarrel over what to do with Illyana, but Storm got the upper hand and took Illyana as her apprentice.

* Storm taught Illyana creation spells and astral projections, in the saftey of her sanctuary, a garden in the midst of the horrors of Limbo, with a mighty Oak tree as the center of its power.

* During the training Illyana reflected on how Storm hurt her, and Belasco didn't. How Belasco gave her a present, how he loved her, she found she had grown fond and attached to Belasco. Illyana also saw that Storm was much more corrupt than herself, which made her scared of her.r
* During training with Storm, Illyana learned how screwy time was in Limbo, when one astral session with Storm lasted an entire year, Illyana finding herself 7 years old when she opened her eyes. It was on that day that Cat returned and stole Illyana from Ororo, to train her in fighting. Cat believed magic was corrupt, and would lead to Illyana's downfall, she decided if she trained her in combat Illyana had a chance to best Belasco.

* Along the way Illyana accidentally touched a stepping disc and was teleported to a different spot in Limbo, where to her horror she found her brother Colossus in his organic steel form, ripped apart and mangled, hanging on a wall. Next to him she found S'ym, the demon who told her he killed her brother. Illyana thought it was her brother, not knowing it was the other X-Men's Colossus.

* Lucky for Illyana, Cat managed to track her and saved her from S'ym. It was then Cat decided to put Illyana through harsh training regiment, so she will not be so pathetic and helpless. She taught Illyana survival skills, hand to hand fighting skills, and most importantly sword fighting skills. The training lasted three years under the worst conditions, on an arduous daily routine.
* At the end of her training with Cat, Illyana was 10 years old, and one of the finest fighters in Limbo. Cat took her to infiltrate Belasco's Citadel to complete their mission. Along the way they killed a corrupted Nightcrawler, Belasco's favorite servant.

* Cat proceeds to phase them both in search of Illyana's home dimension, along the way Illyana finds herself split, feeling sorry for leaving Limbo behind. Eventually they reach the Kitty Pryde that Illyana knew, from her world, and as Illyana leaped happilly into her arms, she found herself in the arms of Belasco. Illyana and Cat were fooled.

* Cat tried to kill Belasco, but as he was the Master of Limbo, he controlled everything and before long she was defeated. Belasco transformed her completely into a cat, albeit a demonic cat.

* Instead of helping Cat, Illyana found herself transfixed to Belasco's transformation of her friend. Something inside her was taken by the feat, she wanted to see more, she wanted to learn how to do it herself. Belasco named Illyana his apprentice shortly after, giving her a balde. Under his guidance, Illyana cut herself and formed the second bloodstone.

* With 2 out of 5 bloodstones in place, Illyana's soul was that much darker, she found herself thrilled at Belasco's voice, his touch, his very presence. He was her Lord and Master and she relished it..
* During her training Illyana creates a creature she calls Squidge, before her magic corrupts it into a demonic being. Cat hunts it down, and then hunts Illyana herself. In the confrontation, Illyana casts a spell with intention alone and makes Cat flee. Illyana realized she was becoming evil and powerful.

* Determined to try and find the good she still has in her soul, Illyana creates a silver pentagram to signify white magic, as opposed to the red and black pentagrams of her Master, Belasco. Illyana then tries to create an acorn, like she's seen Ororo do, but hers reflect her, perfectly beautiful on the outside, but utterly corrupt on the inside.

* Unwavering, Illyana continued to study all of Belasco's tomes, grimoires and magical books, memorizing his entire library. She was looking for a spell to escape Limbo, but couldn't find one. Time continued to progress, and Illyana was now 13 years old. Ironically, as her mutant power manifested, it proved to be the power to control Limbo's stepping discs, giving her the means to escape.

* Teleporting away, Illyana got herself to an alternate time in Limbo, where a young Storm was just beating Belasco and as she took the final blow to take his place, she discovered he cannot be killed in Limbo. Instead, that killing blow proved to have killed the last shred of innocence in Storm, who got corrupted into a full demon and became Belasco's servant. Illyana immediately escaped to her own time, only to be caught by S'ym.

* Stronger this time, Illyana blinded S'ym with a flare spell and teleported him away.
* Back in her timeline, Illyana found the old Storm facing Belasco only to be defeated by the corrupted Cat.

* Cat tried to attack Illyana next, but with her skills and ferocity, Illyana broke Cat's neck.

* Belasco was pleased with Illyana's progress and offered her to condemn Ororo's soul to the dark ones, as he placed a third bloodstone in her amulet.

* Recalling what happened to Ororo from the alternate timeline, Illyana spares her mentor by killing her, before teleporting away to Storm's garden, which was now withering.

* In the garden Illyana was attacked by a ghoulish Storm, but her brother, Colossus came out of nowhere to defeat the ghoul.

* Scared and confused, Illyana teleported away and actually managed to get home. She had the power to escape Limbo all along!

* Her parents, however, were not pleased at the teenager claiming to be their 6 year old missing daughter, and shut the door in her face.

* Illyana was soon under attack by ghoulish version of the X-Men and lost consciousness.

* When Illyana woke up she found herself under excessive torture by Belasco, before he took the Beatrice amulet from her and exiled her from the Citadel, with the use of her powers blocked by his power as Master of Limbo.

* Illyana sought refuge in Ororo's withering garden, trying to create an acorn again, as always she failed.

* Illyana used Ororo's dying Oak tree for nourishment, drawing on it's remaining power and eventually found the answer. Ororo created life for the sake of life, Illyana always created for the sake of defying Belasco.

* Inspired by her understanding of her failure, Illyana proceeded to create not life, but a weapon.
* Illyana's endeavor of creating a weapon over life proved a tremendous success. She wound up creating one of the most powerful magical artifacts ever created -- the Soulsword -- the embodiment of the full potential of her magical might.

* Just by holding the souldsword, Belasco's dampner broke and Illyana was able to use her mutant power again, without delay, she teleported to the citadel to face her Master.

* Illyana charged at Belasco the second she teleported into the Citadel, breaking his magical assaults with ease. Her soulsword proved a bane to magic and magical beings.

*Teleporting all over the place in split seconds, Belasco was unable to hit Illyana, while she not only hit him, but also destroyed his magic books. Belasco thought they were lost forever, not knowing Illyana memorized all of them.

* With defeat imminent, Belasco called on S'ym, but Illyana defeated him with a single strike of her soulsword. For the first time Belasco was afraid.

* Illyana didn't realize Belasco's fear wasn't a result of her swift triumph over S'ym, but rather the changes she's undergone. Illyana now had horns, fangs, demonic tail and her skin turned red. At the same time Belasco was losing his demonic features.

* Illyana enjoyed how helpless Belasco looked as she held him in place and took a double handed grip on her sword, meaning to hand him...before she realized she wasn't supposed to be able to hold him if both her hands were on her sword. That's when she discovered she was holding him with her tail, and realized she was becoming a demon.

* Recalling Storm from the alternate timeline in Limbo, Illyana hesitated, and in that moment was able to hear dark voices whispering for her to kill Belasco. She was being manipulated even now to corrupt herself. In an act of defiance, Illyana spared Belasco's life and he in turn fled, leaving the Beatrice amulet behind.
* Free from Belasco, Illyana teleported back to Xavier's Mansion. While she has been in Limbo for years, to everyone outside Limbo only mere seconds passed, so they're quite surprised to find a 14 year old Illyana emerge from the portal.

* Getting to be around relatively normal teenagers, Illyana found herself out of place. She wasn't really a teenager, she was supposed to be 6 years old. Then again, she felt much older than her peers having suffered enough for several lifetimes.

* At one point Illyana heard gossip behind her back about how she was like Selene of the Hellfire Club. This made Illyana feel like she doesn't belong with the New Mutants, and she further reverted to mostly hanging out with Kitty Pryde, the only one who ever accepted her without question. Kitty was the best gift Illyana ever gotten and she was determined to guard her with her life.

* When the New Mutants wanted to get Illyana to open up, they decided to celebrate her birthday, only to find Illyana was entirely apathic to the notion, wondering why her birthday even needs celebrating at all.

* Wasn't long before Illyana's decision to spare Belasco backfired and S'ym came to the Mansion looking for her, attacking Professor X along the way.

* Seeing S'ym for the first time since escaping Limbo, Illyana froze in terror even though she could have easily defeated him. Before losing consciousness, Illyana created a stepping disc, and it wound up taking herself and Dani to Limbo.

Dani managed to scare S'ym by showing him his greatest fear, his lord Belasco. By the time S'ym recovered, so did Illyana, who proceeded to charge him with her souldsword, easily defeating him.

* At the tip of her sword, S'ym swore fealty to Illyana, cementing her officially as the new ruler of Limbo, taking the throne from Belasco, who was deposed by her own hand.
* A while later Kitty Pryde disappeared, during that time Illyana took to wearing Kitty's old X-Men uniform as her New Mutant uniform. But before long, Illyana felt Kitty was in danger--a result of a psychic link that formed between the two.

* Illyana investigated in astral form and found her to be a prisoner of the White Queen. In launching a rescue mission, Illyana proved invaluable as the Hellfire Club had no record on her and couldn't anticipate her power. While there were some lapses, Illyana teleporting to the wrong time future or past several times before getting to the desired spot, eventually Kitty Pryde was saved.

* Everybody discovered Illyana was the Magus--Sorceress Supreme and ruler of Limbo--when Xavier called on her to help the X-Men deal with the Dire Wraiths. Following that adventure, Colossus promised his sister he will always be there for her, and so he was the first to hear the full account of what happened to Illyana in Limbo.

* In a later adventure the New Mutants fought a demon bear that was after Dani's life. During the fight Illyana stabbed a corrupted Magma to heal her, which made Cannonball ram her and then let go. Illyana would have died if her eldritch armor hadn't manifested to save her.

*Professor X later consulted with Dr. Strange about tutoring Illyana in magic, but Strange told X there was nothing he could teach Illyana and his only recommendation was that Illyana be kept in a school environment with others her age, with the New Mutants, so she can learn the values of friendship and experience a normal life for a change.
* On subsequent missions Illyana showed increased willingness to embrace her role as ruler of Limbo, often sending enemies to be tortured by S'ym and her demon horde. She was rather indifferent to killing.

* When the New Mutants encountered the Beyonder, he spotted her demonic side, and pulled it to the fore. Furious, Darkchilde teleported to Limbo, only to eventually be cleansed by Kitty with her own soulsword. Further sign of the unnatural link between the two, as none but Illyana could wield the soulsword.

* On a later adventure the New Mutants were pulled into Asgard. There the Enchantress found she could not kill Illyana with her magic, and on further study found her corruption. Amora told Illyana she had the same capacity for wickedness as she does, and offered her to join her. When Magik refused, she suffered untold torture.

* Rescued by her teammates, Karma held the Enchantress paralyzed for a few seconds, enough for Illyana to teleport the two of them to Limbo. Now in her domain, Illyana blocked the Enchantress' magic just as she did to her in Asgard, before ordering S'ym to torture Enchantress as payback.

* While Amora was tortured in Limbo, Illyana went back to the Enchantress' quarters in Asgard, studied all of her magic spells, and essentially took over as the Enchantress for a while. During this time Illyana's turned colder and nastier. Eventually a choice was given, stay in Asgard permanently or leave. Illyana was tempted to officially become the new Enchantress, but couldn't stay away from Limbo, so relented and choose to leave, allowing Amora to return to her rightful place.
* Shortly after, Magneto took over as headmaster while Xavier was away with the Starjammers. During that time Beyonder saw Illyana again, and this time mended her soul to its pure innocent state. The caveat was that Kitty Pryde now took all of the darkness and corruption. Illyana might have done nothing if it was someone else, but she couldn't let Kitty suffer what she suffered. Reclaiming her soulsword, Illyana defied the Beyonder and he responded by killing all the New Mutants with a thought.

* Beyonder eventually restored the New Mutants, but they were now apathic and lifeless. Under manipulations by Emma Frost and Empath, Magneto felt helpless to help them and transferred them to Emma's school. Emma was able to improve their emotional condition while making the New Mutants part of her Hellions, but before long Magneto realized he was fooled and reclaimed the New Mutants.

* Showing her growing darkness, Illyana decided to have a revenge on Empath, and took him to Limbo along with his bed during the night, scaring the life out of him for a while, before returning him to his room in Emma's school.

* During an encounter with Magus, Warlock's father, Illyana discovered she could cleanse the transmode virus with her soulsword, as well as cleanse Limbo entirely by leaving the soulsword thrusted in the ground. Doing just that, Magik teleported to Professor X, who could tell she was purged of evil as he could read her mind for the first time since she arrived from Limbo.

* After Magus was defeated, Xavier wanted Magik to take the New Mutants back home, but she refused, wanting to stay pure. Instead, Professor X had Karma force Illyana to obey him. Once back in the Mansion, Illyana swore revenge and went to Limbo. Her revenge was a petty one, ruining a Danger Room exercise for the team, getting them punished by Magneto's hand.
* From here on out Magik gradually got more and more vicious. In a ball with the Hellions at the Hellfire Club, Magik entertained herself by forcing Empath to a dance, while throwing threats at him the entire time.

* When the Right unleashed the Smile-Faces, Magik tossed them into Limbo to be devoured by demons without a thought.

* When Illyana saw the X-Men, along with her brother, die in Dallas on television she vowed revenge. Studying the film, she went after Forge. She tried to get Kitty to join, but Kitty wouldn't do it.

* Finding Forge's magic more potent than hers while on Earth, Illyana who by now assumed her Darkchilde persona, took the fight to Limbo where she had the upper hand.

* In the end Darkchilde spared Forge's life, claiming she prefered he lives with the guilt and suffer.

* Moments later Illyana found she could no longer teleport to Earth, later revealed to be due to the demon N'astirh blocking her way there.

* Settling instead on a different part of Limbo, the New Mutants who were with her saw the 6 year old Illyana tormented by S'ym, and realized what she's been through. They wanted to save the child, but Darkchilde wouldn't allow it.

* On the next teleport Darkchilde met N'astirh who offered a deal, he will aid her, and she will consider becoming his dark bride. Darkchilde accepted.

* As is often the case with demons, she was tricked, when she opened the portal to Earth it was over Manhattan, and it was huge as well as sustained, demons pouring out of it. Limbo started merging with Manhattan.

* For a while S'ym and N'astirh fought over possession of Darkchilde, but embracing her nature, N'astirh fled before her and S'ym was easily defeated. Moments before she killed S'ym, Colossus arrived proving he was not dead. Ashamed to be seen by her brother in her Darkchilde form, Illyana teleported to Limbo, sparing S'ym.
* Back in Limbo, Darkchilde is greeted as a beloved supreme ruler, her destiny being fulfilled, but having seen her brother she remembered the good in her. She remembered she could be the world's saviour just as easily as it's doom.

* With spells, stepping discs and a strike of the soulsword at the portal, Darkchilde became the Lightchilde, glowing in a bright heavenly light as she cleansed all corruption from Manhattan, forced the demons back to Limbo.

* Illyana believed she would sacrifice herself, instead, she permanently cleansed the darkness in her, leaving her the 6 year old she would have been had all of the Limbo escapades never happened.

* Illyana once more his Little Snowflake, Colossus sent her home to Siberia to live with their parents.

*They say history repeats itself, it sure did when some time later, Magik popped out of Karma's closet in X-Factor's headquarters, muttering in Russian about S'ym.

* Turns out the cycle was renewed, Magik once more Belasco's apprentice with 3 out of 5 bloodstones in her amulet.

* Karma and Monet joined Illyana in preventing Belasco from acquiring several magical artifacts. Once again, there were some problems with stepping discs sending people to wrong times, wrong planes, as for a while Magik and Monet were stuck in Earth-982.

* For several years Magik fought Belasco from Earth-982 until she was able to oust him and claim Limbo for herself. With renewed practice, she also honed her skills as in the past, and was able to return Monet home to Earth-616.

* Soon after, Magik discovered Limbo was Belasco's prison, and in banishing him she actually helped him. Belasco took over a different realm of the Abyss and resumed his work unleashing demons on Earth.

* Magik did research by traveling to different timelines and planes of existence, before finding a variant where Belasco was defeated and borrowed that plan.
* Gathering required heroes from various timelines and places, Magik assembled an army that eventually defeated Belasco and his horde.

* Magik sent everyone to their places of origin at the end of the battle, with the exception of American Dream.

* Feeling out of place when all the fighting was done, Magik left for Earth-982 without a word, meeting new people and having new adventures.

* During her 6 years spent in Earth-982, Illyana began to recall her old life from the first cycle. While being regressed to 6 years old at the end of Inferno Illyana lost much of her memories, such memories are never eliminated from the soul which is eternal. With her sorcery and magical work, Illyana inadvertently tapped into those memories, and realized she truly belonged in Earth-616* She got another push towards a return to Earth-616 when her demonic nature was discovered, and she faced mistrust and loneliness all over again. With gossip flying all around, Illyana soon realized Earth-982 was a good alternative for her because there was no bad history there. But it also didn't have any of the good. Her thoughts turned to Piotr, her big brother, and Kitty, her soul sister.

* Deciding she needs a true friend in her life, Illyana returned to Earth-616 just the way she left, suddenly and unannounced.


Name Relationship Notes
Colossus Brother Big Brother, calls her Little Snowflake

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01/01/13 00:01 The Wrong Demon Magik & Hellstorm Daimon summons Magic by accident. They talk.
01/01/13 15:45 It's Just A Stepping Disc To The Left Magik, Showstopper, Mercury After one wrong jump left her at Daimon Hellstrom's Mansion, Magik gets closer on the next jump, actually winding up at the Girls' Dorm at Xavier Mansion. She meets Showstopper and Mercury.
01/04/13 17:36 Seek and You Shall Find. The Cake is No Lie. Magik Shadowcat Illyana finally reunites with her friend Kitty Pryde, the reason she returned to Earth-616
02/06/2013 Surprise! Magik, Wolfsbane, Showstopper, Wolverine and Mirage Illyana surprises Dani, others drop by.
02/12/13 21:32 The Wicked Witch of The West Jean Grey, Magik, Blindfold, Radiance Magik confronts Jean Grey about her decision to hire Emma Frost, former enemy of the New Mutants, as a teacher of Ethics at Xavier's School
03/13/13 19:54 Pretty In Pink Magik, Wolfsbane Magik visits Wolfsbane only to hear of what happened with the Ancient Gods, now she wants to payback the one who toyed with Rahne.
03/25/13 Pizza Break Blindfold, Magik, Thimble, Radiance and Mirage After a trying day, a pizza break is called for, Magik crashes, chaos ensues.
04/02/13 11:36 The Art of Reflection Magik and White Queen Magik appears in Emma's office to question the motive behind her teaching at Xavier's and winds up having a spotlight shine on painful memories of her own.
04/07/13 17:28 Child's Play or The Search for Colossus Magik, Wolfsbane and Gambit A 6 year old alternate of Magik seeks her big brother about the Mansion with the help of Wolfsbane, before they happen across Gambit


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