Real Name Amara Aquilla
Portrayed by
Gender Female
Place of Birth Nova Roma
Date of Birth
Age 20
Aliases Magma
Origin Mutant
Current Location Nova Roma, Xavier Mansion
Occupation Adventurer, Heroine
Team Former New Mutants, Former Hellions
Alignment Hero
Known Relatives Lucius Antonius Aquilla (father), Selene (self-proclaimed grandmother)
Significant Other Formerly Empath
Known Abilities Magma Control

Character Details

Born in Nova Roma, a city hidden in the South American jungles, an outpost for the Roman army forgotten by time and history. Over the years, the Roman soldiers stationed there mingled with the Incas native to the land and between the two civilizations, the unique culture of Nova Roma was created.
In the midst of this society, Amara Juliana Olivians Aquila was born to Senator Lucius Antonius Aquila. Growing up the daughter of a senator, Amara was treated much like royalty, at least as close to royalty as one could be treated in a republican state.
All was well until the Black Priestess chose and sacrificed Amara's mother to continue the evil woman's immortality. That loss deeply affected and worried the senator who then sent his daughter to live within the jungles with a nearby tribe to hopefully prevent Amara from being sacraficed as well.
Being informed of outsiders in the jungle one day, Amara and a few other indian women went out in search of the the trespassers and came face to face with them, The New Mutants who were on an archeological expeditition under the direction of Sunspot's mother. During the battle, a few of the river boat crew that the New Mutants were with are knocked into the pirrana infested water before the New Mutants are able to send off most of the Indian warriors, capturing Amara and holding her captive. The captain of the boat, seeing the team's use of their power, subdues them by drugging their food and sending them over a waterfall while they're still heavily sedated. Saved by Sam and Rahne, the team and Amara emerge relatively unharmed, Amara's disguise washed away to reveal that she's an english-speaking blonde. Before questions can be answered though, the group - fresh out of the river - are captured by a group of Roman soldiers.
Brought to Nova Roma and placed in a prison cell, Amara explains who she is to the youths with her and tells them of Nova Roma's past. All well and good but the New Mutant's main concern is freedom which is gotten - at least in part - by Roberto as he smashes through the door of the cell. The escape is cut short when the team is shot with darts laced with a sedative of some kind, rendering them all unconscious. Seperated, the boys are awakened and doped up again to make them more volatile, willing to fight in the games that the people of Nova Roma hold, a gladiator stand of sorts. The girls are cleaned and dressed and fed, drugged once more to be used as slaves. Familiar with this 'ritual', Amara foregoes the drink and sneaks out of the chambers only to be discovered and snatched up by the Black Priestess.

Once Amara awoke again she found herself within nearby volcano surrounded by worshippers of the Black Priestess and held prisoner right along with the New Mutant Dani, the pair witnessed the sacrifice of a young girl about their own age, and the Black Priestess claiming that she is an immortal goddess and that the sacrifices go to 'feed' her.
Dani lunged at the woman and a battle ensued, a few of the Black Priestess' followers entering the fray along with Amara who - although trained for jungle survival and basic defense - wasn't accustomed to such mass battles. Confused in the melee of people, she was accidentially knocked into the boiling pit of lava below where her mutant power kicked in.
Her control over it at the moment is one fuled by desperation and as she 'feels' the volcano around her, she emerged to aide Dani in battling the Black Priestess. Double-teamed by two mutants now, the Black Priestess absorbed the energy of her followers, killing them in the process while sustaining herself in the face of the oncoming attacks. She also tried to drain Amara but with the youth'd new-found abilities, Amara managed to tap into the power of the earth to keep from being killed.
The New Mutants arrived and the fresh forces moved in, Amara explaining to the team that the Black Priestess is some sort of psychic vampire who was planning to kill her and make Dani one of her followers. Not willing to accept that, the group combined their efforts to destroy the Black Priestess before returning to the village and heading to Rio where one more score needed to be settled.
Tagging along with the team, Amara found herself wandering the semi-modernized city, confused and feverish with her powers now out of control. Ocassional earthquakes were generated and cinder cones emerged, the team recognizing the signs of mutant power immediately. While Roberto settled family affairs, the others searched out and found a hallucinating and sun-stroked Amara and convinced her that she should go with them. She agreed as her powers were slowly beginning to consume her.

Moving from a world as far removed from modern civilization as possible wasn't an easy transition for Amara who was almost immediately placed into the same regime as the rest of the New Mutants. Being the newest member, the professor thought it best to gauge her powers in order to see where she needed the most work and while training with her in the danger room he asked Amara to demonstrate her abilities for him while he linked with her mind. Fear of what she could do and unsure of just what the man would do with her mind, she refused and decided that her place was back the jungles of South America with her father. Xavier's skill coaxed her to remain though, and with some deliberation, Amara agreed under duress.
Her first winter at the Xavier School and her first experience with snow was a wonder that was short lived for as Doug was accepted to the Massachusetts Academy and headed over there, Kitty was abducted. Discovering the kidnapping from Illyana, the team - the oldest of which was barely 16 - all boarded a bus and headed over to save their abducted comrade. Arriving in Mass., Amara used her blossoming control to tunnel straight through the ground and toward the the academy. It's never easy to sneak up on a telepath though and Emma Frost was well aware of the New Mutants' arrival, prepared for the oncoming 'visit'. Met part-way by some Hellfire Club goons, the New Mutants fought them off, managing to capture a few for interrogation. It was then that they discovered just what was in store for them but despite the fact that the New Mutants took precautions, the Hellions descended quickly upon them, the battle knocking out /most/ of Xavier's students.
Finally deciding to end the squabble, Emma used her powers to take mental control of most of the New Mutants, Illyana the only one able to get away, teleporting out and taking Dani with her. Retreating to regroup, Illyana and Dani returned to face the Hellions once more but rather than have them all fight one another again, Emma uses this as a chance to 'test' her own students, a test that the Hellions failed. Amara walked away from it wiser in both the use of her powers and her skills in combat and team-work though, invaluable lessons that could never be learned in the classroom.
Amara was befriended by Rachel Summers who was a newcomer to this timeline and felt out of place herself. In this new found friendship, they ventured outside the mansion and onto a shopping and sightseeing trip. Enter Selene, who tried to capture the both of them mentally. Rachel managed to break free and drive off Selene, but the two girls gained an even closer bond, having the same enemy.

Adjusting to the 'modern world' and learning to read and write, Amara began writing regularly to her father about the marvels of the outside world; keeping contact with her former life while trying to acclimate herself to the present one. Sam was something of a help, his amourous attentions turned aside, but his help was greatly appreciated by the displaced teen who was quickly learning about the vast world around her.
Comfortable enough with her new home was Amara that she was part of a slumber party the other girls set up, one where friends from beyond the gates of the mansion were allowed into. During the party though, the school grounds gained a 'visitor' that Amara, along with Roberto and Cannonball quickly went to investigate. They discovered it to be a techno-orgainc entity named Warlock and, with help from Doug, they befriended the odd 'alien', accepting him into their folds. He was going to be a great asset to the young group, especially after they met up with one Lila Cheney.
Finding herself in space with Warlock's help, following the teleporting Lila, Amara's powers waned quickly so far from the earth and she was easily defeated. Returning to earth where she healed quickly, Amara took some time to reflect, getting to know fellow South American Roberto before they're both on their way again, this time sent to Los Angeles where they're forced to fight in Gladitorial games observed by the Watcher and put together by the former member of the New Mutants Karma (Xi'an).
Although the team defeated the Gladiators, Xi'an escaped and Amara joined the group of New Mutants that were going after her, the decision finding her in Cairo where she fell to the psychic control of Xi'an (who was found to be a soul named Farouk). She was freed by the control when they were saved by Storm and after removing Farouk's control over Xi'an, the Mutants headed off for some down-time. Unfortunately, that would be short-lived for they found themselves at the whim of a very bored Loki and, transported to Asgard and seperated from the team, Amara found herself under the control of, and transformed into one of the dark elves who would then send her to engage a tribe of dwarves under the protection of Cannonball. Illyana managed to teleport the group back to Limbo where the control of others slowly ebbed, the group returning to the Xavier School only after everyone's recuperated.

When the New Mutants returned from Asgard they found Xavier had gone into space and a reformed Magneto in his stead. The students had mixed emotions about this situation and rebelled somewhat. Amara herself remained neutral in this for she was unsure of Magneto's criminal past and accepted him as the Professors replacement. Moreso after Magneto took care of some frat boys that had mugged Dani.
Magneto wouldn't be in charge for long. The Beyonder killed the students then brought them back to life. Due to the trauma of death and resurrection, the New Mutants were afflicted with a deep depression. Unable to cope with this, Magneto turned the students over to Emma Frost at the Massachusetts Academy and closed down Xavier's School. It wasn't until later did Magneto realize he was being manipulated emotionally by Empath to increase his own self doubt at his ability to help the New Mutants.
At the Academy, the New Mutants were inducted into the Hellions, a rival team of their past. During this time, Emma would give mental aid to the New Mutants to help bring them out of their depression. The change wasn't a welcomed one, feeling betrayed by Magneto and also having difficulty adjusting to their new home, the New Mutants fought the Hellions over and over, verbally and physically. However, during this time, Amara found herself attracted to Manuel (Empath) as they had many things in common, especially the royal heritage. The other students were shocked and felt that Amara was being manipulated.
With all the things going so wrong, they decided to try and break from the Academy. At the same time, Magneto had discovered the ruse and attacked the school to free his former charges. Emma contacted the Avengers and they came to render assistance. The New Mutants sided with Magneto and fought alongside him against the Avengers and managed to win and escape.
Some time would pass under the direction of Magneto back at the Xavier School. During this time, Amara came face to face with one of her gods, Hercules. It was at the bedside of a dieing youth where she met Hercules. At first, she did not believe him to be real, but was quickly convinced otherwise and threw herself at his mercy. As her culture worshiped the gods of Olympus and other upon high. He had her rise and did not want followers, but offered his friendship in return.

Soon a peace came between the Hellfire Club/Hellions and the New Mutants/Magneto. It was then that Magneto became the White King. During this time, the New Mutants attended a few Hellfire Club to-do's and also when Amara discovered Selene to be an ancestor. This inflamed Amara to no end but also sent her thoughts back to her family and feelings of isolation increased. That change in her caused her to drift from the New Mutants socially. It was also then that she learned from her father that she was betrothed to another in Nova Roma. Since her new-found independence with the New Mutants, she was rejective of the betrothal and decided that she must do something more to ensure that she remain free.
During a playful situation with Dani and the others, Amara's crush on Empath was exposed via Dani's power of Mirage Forms when Amara was asked about what she coveted the most. In her anger, and feeling betrayed, she distanced herself from the other New Mutants.
She then transferred to the Massachusetts Academy. For many reasons, but the two that stood out were to remain in the states and to be near Manuel (Empath) whom she thought she could possibly have a future with, instead of returning to Nova Roma to be married to a stranger.
During her short stay within the Hellions, Amara received a letter from her father demanding she return home. Emma Frost sent Empath with her to try and convince Amara's father to allow her to return to the states, to hopefully allow the Hellfire Club to gain access to the mineable wealth in the region of Nova Roma, and continue her training. During the trip down there, Empath and Magma resolved their feelings for one another and started a relationship.
Upon their arrival, Amara would meet her betrothed, but before she was able to call off the wedding, the High Evolutionary arrived and kidnapped Empath and Amara to test out a mutant neutralizer. Amara's father contacted Emma for aid and in return for the assitance, would allow Amara to continue training at the Academy. However, instead of the Hellfire Club rescuing Amara and Empath, the New Mutants rendered aid.
After all was said and done, Amara was allowed not to be forced to marry and in this, she and Manuel decided to remain in Nova Roma for an extended time.
After an attack from an outside force, Magma realized that Empath had been subconsciously controlling and influencing her to love him. She blasted him and cast him into a volcanic fissure.
Suspecting him dead, she left the wilds of the Amazon and returned to the States where she encountered fellow New Mutants and chose to return to the Massachusetts Academy and join Emma in her ventures.
This was a short lived venture as the Academy was attacked by the Right (Smile-Faces) and destroyed. Many of the Hellions were killed or scattered to the four winds. Magma was able to escape and decided to return home to Nova Roma once again.


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