Real Name Topaz
Portrayed by Deepika Padukone
Gender Female
Place of Birth
Date of Birth
Age 20's
Origin Mystical
Current Location Greenwich Village - Manhattan
Occupation Bartender
Team None
Alignment Hero
Known Relatives
Significant Other Jack Russell (Ex)
Known Abilities Mystical

Character Details

- Topaz doesn't have a lot of knowledge of her early life. Her earliest memory is being found as a child in a prison camp in India by a sorcerer who called himself Taboo. She was only an adolescent at the time. Her innocent use of magic to create flowers, move things with her mind and make things disappear freaked out the locals and made them denounce the child as a witch. Taboo, seeing great potential in her, protected her, and gave her the name Topaz.

- Topaz' magical training continued with Taboo through her teenage years until Taboo brought her to the states. By this time she had discovered not only her abilities of telekinesis but of empathy as well, and the fact that she was a natural familiar -- able to magnify the powers of other magicians if they focused through her. She became proficient over time with daily training in all the aspects of her powers.

- Taboo brought Topaz to New York, seeking to use her empathic abilities to control Jack Russell, the Werewolf by Night, because Taboo thought him in possession of a great book of magic called the Darkhold. Topaz stood up to her teacher and parental figure for the first time when Taboo commanded her to kill Jack, with whom she had fallen in love. She stayed with Russell and used her empathy to help him keep his werewolf transformations and powers under control. They adventured together in the meantime, fighting enemies such as Dracula.

- Topaz' abilities became known to some shady people in the magic and supernatural world, perhaps thanks to a vengeful Taboo. Dr. Glitternight magically stole a portion of her soul. Jack's grandmother used her in a ritual to raise zombies -- which temporarily drove her insane. Topaz survived these travails, fought to regain her sanity, and was once more able to help Jack when his sister, Lissa, developed the family werewolf curse, even while weakened from having part of her soul missing. She eventually discovered what Glitternight had done, and took him on -- winning her soul back.

- Topaz ended up immersed in the magical and supernatural world, having to face off against such foes as Mephisto, but at a great cost. The whole reason she'd come to Mephisto's attention in the first place was that she had been foretold as being powerful enough to destroy Mephisto upon reaching peak of power at her 21st birthday. She lay trapped as her 21st birthday passed, until Franklin Richards released her as a side effect of acting in his own self-defense against Mephisto. She was released, but still encased in rock. Stephen Strange encountered her in this form, and sensing that she was human, released her. She was grateful, of course, but still missing a piece of her soul -- this time, the piece that allowed her the control of her powers. So her sanity, her emotions and her empathic abilities soon spiralled out of control. An alien sorceress called Urthona acquired the fragment of Topaz's soul. She offered the suffering woman the soul fragment back in exchange for Topaz assisting her against Strange. Desperate to regain her sanity and control, Topaz felt she had no option but to agree to the deal to betray her new friend and mentor. She helped Urthona transport the Sanctum Sanctorum to Urthona's own planet, at which point Urthona revealed her true colors and captured both Topaz and Wong. Strange pursued but was injured and ended up astrally projecting into the body of Rintrah. The battle between Strange and Urthona released the soul fragment, restoring Topaz' control over her mind, emotions, and abilities. She returned to earth with her friends. She recovered under the care of the Sisters of Glastonbury Tor, and with their assistance, achieved greater control over her abilities.

- She returned to New York and ended up with a demon taking up residence in her soul. With Rintrah and Strange's help, they sought out an exorcism, which drew them into seeking out the Ghost Rider. They were unable to harvest the demonic flame from the Rider because of the pain it caused him. But they helped him fight Zodiak, which allowed Strange to harvest the demonic fire from another source. They had to travel to California to get wolf fur from Jack Russell, and to Strange's brother, Baron Blood, to get a talon of a vampire in its bat form. The exorcism, finally taking place, banished the demon, revealing it had never been an ancient demon, but the daughter of Mephisto, Mephista. Strange, Rintrah, and Morgana Blessing with Topaz' help were successful in defeating the daughter of Mephisto.

- Returning to Earth, Topaz served Dr. Strange as a student until he began to dabble in black magic -- at which point Topaz severed their relationship with regret. Still loyal to him, she did return to assist him in a fight against Dormammu.

- After that battle, Topaz decided to live a quiet, magic-free life for a while. She began running a bar in Greenwich Village called the Voodoo Lounge, and things were simple for a while. But Dormammu, seeking revenge for her part in defeating him, sent agents to capture and enslave her. And again, Doctor Strange came to her rescue, since it was only assisting him that had her on Dormammu's list in the first place.


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Date Title Characters Summary
01/28/2013 Liln Attack on Chintatown Hellstorm, Brother Voodoo and Topaz One of Lilith's creatures attacks Chinatown, the Midnight Son's take care of it
01/28/2013 Bad Juju Hellstorm, Brother Voodoo, Satana and Topaz The foursome try to figure out what the Vial then got from the Liln contains
02/01/13 09:00 An Indian and a Native American Black Crow and Topaz Black Crow warns Topaz of things to come and she offers her assistance
02/05/13 10:00 The Voodoo That You Do, Oh So Well! Sandman and Topaz Sandman and Topaz have a chat.
02/06/13 13:40 Central Chat Catchup Black Crow and Topaz Black Crow catches Topaz up on all things Anasazi
02/06/2013 The Voodoo She Does So Well Sandman, Spiral and Topaz Bill and Topaz finish the conversation from the previous day. Spiral has bad timing.
02/08/2013 Gem Meets Waif Showstopper and Topaz Topaz meets Richenda
02/19/13 09:41 Breakfast Date Sandman and Topaz Sandman and Topaz meet up for breakfast
03/11/13 16:29 Mad Gods Part I Armand, Black Crow, Showstopper, Spiral, Tigerstripe, Topaz, USAgent and Hotamintanio, Nanabozho, and some Spirit warriors The gods attack Staten Island in search of stolen artifacts. Many people die!
03/20/13 Dinner and Dancing - Part 1 Sandman and Topaz The first date went well so why not another
03/20/13 Dinner and Dancing Part 2 Sandman and Topaz A continuation of the previous scene
03/21/13 16:20 An Afternoon in the Park Blindfold, Empath, Topaz, and Beast Blindfold, Empath, Topaz, and Beast all encounter each other in the park. Empath makes Beast go feral and run naked in the park.
03/31/13 17:45 Mad Gods Finale Black Crow, Daredevil, Hawkette, Mirage, Radiance, Spiral, Wolfsbane, Demon Bear, and Owayodata (off panel, the Anasazi, Avengers, Dr. Strange, Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, and Topaz) While heroes battle the gods (behind the scenes) a small group of heroes sneak into Shipolo to rescue Mirage
04/02/2013 In the Wake of Sadness Blindfold and Topaz Blindfold offers comfort and information
04/08/13 09:20 Our True Selves Sandman and Topaz An alternate reality Sandman visits Topaz and reveals the true Sandman.
04/11/2013 Iron-O Attacks (MGH) American Dream, Network and Topaz Another victim of MGH attacks
04/16/2013 Mystic Consultation (MGH) American Dream, Topaz American Dream consults Topaz
04/19/2013 MGH Update American Dream, Network and Topaz American Dream calls Network and Topaz together to tell them nothing is new
04/21/2013 Concert Plans Sombre Tyrannosaur and Topaz Rex comes in looking for a concert venue
04/22/2013 Happily Ever After Sandman and Topaz Sandman (alt) tells Topaz of what is life is like in his home dimension
04/23/13 12:30 Just Another Tuesday Night...(MGH) American Dream, Hawkette, Network and Topaz After the bar has closed for the evening Topaz has unexpected company
04/25/2013 Two Mages Meet in the Park Spiral and Topaz Spiral and Topaz have a brief encounter
04/28/2013 Magic Is Real Showstopper and Topaz But you don't have to take Topaz's word for it.
04/29/13 09:30 Self-Serving Romance Sandman, Topaz NPC: Ian McNee The mage, Ian McNee, tries to get in with Topaz so he can get to Dr. Strange. Sandman returns and takes offense.
04/29/13 10:00 Sealed with a Kiss Sandman and Topaz Part 2 of Self-Serving Romance
04/30/2013 Not Bad For a Couple of Newbs (MGH) Hawkette and Topaz NPC: Monkey Hawkette and Topaz do their best when trying to get Monkey to talk
04/30/2013 Unplugged Performance Rex Gregson, Armand, Sandman, Blindfold, Radiance, Gogo, Lyra, Scarlet Witch and Topaz, NPC: Storm The elvish Rex Gregson performs
05/05/2013 Bar Time Spiral and Topaz Bar talk
05/08/2013 Mutant v. Mage Empath and Topaz Empath and Topaz duel - Winner? You be the judge.
05/14/2013 Learning Curve Sandman and Topaz In which we learn how far Topaz is behind the curve when it comes to fighting skills.
11/05/12 13:31 Rise of the Midnight Sons - Part 1 Topaz, Hellstorm, The Thing, Lilith Hellstrom pays a visit to Topaz after her dream of Lilith (mother of demons)
11/07/12 Want v. Need Ambrose, Hellstorm and Topaz Ambrose wants a drink, but Topaz doesn't comply, enter Hellstorm
11/14/12 13:13 Rise of the Midnight Sons - Part 3 Satana, Hellstorm, Brother Voodoo, Topaz, Rintrah, Bad Timing The group meets up, Rintrah fills everyone in, there's an attack
11/26/12 Job Interview Satana, Topaz Satana asks Topaz about a legit job
11/30/12 15:04 Friendly Teasing Dagger, Sandman, Scarlet Witch, Topaz, and The Vision Teasing all around
12/04/12 08:30 Rise of the Midnight Sons Part 4 Elsa Bloodstone, Brother Voodoo, Hellstorm Elsa is drafted into the Midnight Sons (AKA the Nine)
12/04/2012 Audition Break Satana and Topaz Satana and Topaz converse while taking a break from listening to bands
12/05/2012 A Joke Waiting To Happen Elsa Bloodstone, Satana and Topaz Elsa meets Satana and Topaz
2010/08/15 Taken Sandman and Topaz NPC: Brothers Grimm and Dormammu Topaz is abducted by the Hell Lord Dormammu and his agents
2012-02-26 Civil War: Suffer Not the Religious Zealot Scarlet Witch and Topaz Wanda and Topaz sneak out for the evening
2013-06-10 This Looks Like a Job for Damage Control Jennifer Kale and Topaz Topaz visits the closed up Voodoo Lounge with Jennifer.
2013/06/13 Interview Over Tea Showstopper, Jennifer Kale, Topaz Richenda has an bit of a job interview over tea
2013/06/18 13:31 Flint meets Topaz Sandman and Topaz Flint attacks a social worker who is saved by Topaz
2013/06/19 16:13 A Sandman Walks into a Bar Sandman and Topaz Sandman attempts to confront Topaz
2013/06/25 10:30 Reunion Three Years in the Making Sandman and Topaz NPC: Wong Topaz and Wong attempt to 'fix' Sandman…Bill and Topaz are finally reunited.


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