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Felicia Hardy's father was a world renowned cat burglar, who prior to his incarceration, taught her to never settle and always strive for a little more even if that little more came with a lot more risk. It was the first, life-determining insight from a man she loved that she retained throughout her life and came as well with the man's knowledge and skills that he taught on the sly. The other one was her boyfriend at Empire State University, a long-term relationship, where he demanded their relationship advance to a physical nature despite her protestations. She loathed the feeling of being a victim that it instilled in her, and disappeared for nearly a year under the tutelage of a renowned mexican street fighter that was only known by a single moniker of Truth. When she left her mentor, it was with the intention of killing her former boyfriend only to find out that he had been shot in a drunk driving accident. Robbed of revenge, and with the martial art training of her youth and then reinforced by the harsher lessons of the street fighter, she took to the life of crime. The origins of the Black Cat identity are argued, that her father was nicknamed that during his successful career is one point. That the concept of nine lives and luck is attractive to someone who relies on skill and luck in equal measure. That she has a black cat named Onyx is also true.

Her career was on a meteoric rise, a successful series of heist that paid the way for a more than comfortable lifestyle but the biggest trick was her attempt to break her father out of prison and was the first time she crossed paths with Spider-Man and then other major players such as Kingpin and Doctor Octopus.
*The cause and effect of Felicia breaking Walter Hardy out of jail was that, though dying, her father would be able to spend the rest of his life outside of a prison and with his wife. It almost meant that the daughter and father would be estranged, as Walter was unable to convince her to give up the life of crime. Also, noticeably, her identity as the Black Cat was revealed to Spider-Man as he investigated the man she freed from the cell.

*The chase between the two spread across the city, the tracer placed on her luring him to a room where the carefully constructed illusion of obsession and mental illness convinced Spider-Man, instead of prison, to get her help at a hospital. Being in the right state of mind, though, she's quick to escape and return to her lucrative life of crime.

Despite successes, including the theft of an invaluable art piece, she grew bored of the lifestyle. Nothing challenged her, and of course, this brought her back to thinking of the excitement of an honest rival that Spider-Man portrayed.

*The courtship of Spider-Man begins, with her trying to convince him of the leaf she had overturned, and the peace prize of the one-of-a-kind painting being returned to its owners. The two, briefly, engage in a partnership that ends with her second 'death', falling off the docks and into the cold water seconds ahead of an amnesty that would have cleared her of all crimes.
*Black Cat spends a few years in South America, having been saved by a passing fisherman, more of that good luck that had served her well showing up just in time to save her from a cold death at the bottom of an ocean. She used her considerable skills in the service of several minor warlords, selling her skills to the highest bidder and always doing her best to play neutral. Eventually, though, she was as always drawn back home to New York.

*Her contacts, after an extended disappearance, tell her of a nuclear detonator that Kingpin had plans to auction off. Several dangerous individuals had already expressed interest, Doctor Octopus and the Owl amongst them, and to stop the dangerous pair from terrorizing the city, she stole the device and gave it to one man she could trust not to use it for gain: Spider-Man. This, of course, meant that a certain pair of supervillians take an immediate notice of her. Not the good type.

*Revenge was soon to follow, and though fortune once more favored her, she was placed in the hospital once more. Though, this time, there was a siver lining. Spider-Man and Black Cat pursued a passionate relationship, where his identity was revealed to him and her love for Spider-Man was made clear to him... as well as the realization that his identity behind the mask did not recieve the same amount of admiration.

The romantic and professional relationship continued between the two, often tense, strained by their conflicted personal feelings, she begin to feel as if she was a burden and turned to a mysterious benefactor in search of superpowers that would finally make her capable of assisting her friend and lover in the field as an equal. The mysterious benefactor, though, turned out to be Kingpin and her shame of the trap she walked willingly into meant that refused to admit it to anyone. Her mysterious new power, though, was already working and not to the benefit of her or those around her.

*All this, of course, leads up to Doctor Strange removing the hex, only to alter it at a base level. She had lost one gift, and gained several, her physical abilities enhanced and strange physical manifestations of catlike tendencies to replace the aura of bad luck.
*Black Cat, after doublecrossing Foreigner, left for Europe to start a new life. Like always, her intentions were the very best, but she was eventually dragged back into the lifestyle that challenged her. She could never, not completly, get away from her persona as the Black Cat. She arrived back in New York after years away, only to find that her old flame was with another woman, and in the process begin to harass the pair and actively work to break the two apart.

*When she found that to be impossible, she instead began to date Flash Thompson to spite Peter... though, in the end, she began to develop authentic feelings for the man.

*Black Cat, after her identity was discovered by her significant other, made efforts to become a better person and started by making amends with Peter and befriending Mary Jane. When Chameleon took Spider's power, it was only with her help did he have his powers returned. Noticeably, at the cost of her own.


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