Real Name Ali Aziz
Portrayed by Dev Patel
Gender Male
Place of Birth Ankara, Turkey
Date of Birth May 26, 1988
Age 24
Aliases Dervish
Origin Mutant
Current Location Salem Center, New York, USA
Occupation Hero
Team X-Factor
Alignment Hero
Known Relatives Yassine Aziz (Father), Fatima Aziz (Mother)
Significant Other None
Known Abilities Spnning

Character Details

* Born the son of Yassine and Fatima Aziz in Ankara, Turkey.
* At age 8, he begins traveling with his father, a Turkish diplomat. Receives top level education in famed academies and schools throughout the world.
* Manifested mutant powers when puberty sets in. His family becomes aware, but support him.
* While still having loving and understanding parents, his father opts to send Ali home with his mother. His powers are kept secretive.
* Whilst still in high school, begins training in Pahlavani, in the use of scimitars (which are his family symbol), and secretly training with his powers.
* Graduates high school with top honors, and accepted to Empire State University in the United States.
* Leaving in New York becomes aware of the presence of superheroes and mutants.
* Quietly uses his powers to help people. Nothing overt, just help from time to time on small scale.
* Graduates from ESU with summa cum laude honors with dual degree in Philosophy and Politics. Planning on working with his father.
* After lengthy time alone, family discussions, he decides to return to America to pursue a Masters at Yale University.
* While studying at Yale, he works under Dr. Jogin Sujitpally, who has connections with the government.
* Using his connections through Dr. Sujitpally, Ali uses his language skills and begins training as an agent for the US government. His family are aware and give their blessing despite not being completely pleased with him.
* While training with the government, he makes known his mutant powers. He is sent to Iraq to go undercover in Desert Sword.
* Discovered as a spy, he is held captive by Desert Sword, painfully branded with glowing tattoos as reminder of his treachery and his name is released to the public as a traitor to his people. Public humiliation for his family.
* US Government sends team to rescue him. Begins life anew.


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06/08/12 20:00 Cliff Side Chat Dervish, Hepzibah, and Rogue Dervish, Hepzibah, and Rogue all meet for the first time.
06/12/2012 Arcade's Deathtrap Island: Crash Landing Havok, Nightcrawler, Dervish, Gypsy Moth, Sunpyre and Mirage X-Factor gets word that Polaris is a hostage, rescue ensues!
06/12/2012 Arcade Deathtrap Island: Coconuts! Havok, Nightcrawler, Dervish, Sunpyre, Gypsy Moth, Mirage Contining Saga of X-Factor rescuing Polaris
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