Real Name Quan Xian
Portrayed by Lui Yi Fei
Gender Female
Place of Birth Bejing, China
Date of Birth
Age 22
Aliases Darklight
Origin Mutant
Current Location New York City
Occupation Adventurer, Waitress
Team New Warriors
Alignment Hero
Known Relatives
Significant Other
Known Abilities Light Projection, Force Field, Rocket Flight

Character Details

*Quan Xian born in Beijing, China to Quan Lian a cultural attache to the American Embasy. Xian's father was one of the aides to the American Embassador. Lian never revealed who exactly her father was.

*Xian's powers first show themselves at age 6, scaring the crap out of her mother when her daughter suddenly changed appearance to white hair, black-blue skin and glowing white eyes, and radiating an aura that altered the color of things around her. Xian was throwing a temper tantrum after Lian told her they were moving from Beijing.

*Lian abandons Xian at the American Embassy giving who her father was in a note. Xian's father refuses to acknowledge her, she is sent to the United States.

*Xian ends up in an Orphanage in New York, City. Powers don't show themselves for some time

*At 10, Xian is adopted and renamed to Jean Johnson. Joseph and Martha Johnson are her adoptive parents who had been unable to have their own child due to infertility issues.

*A year later, Joseph loses his job in lay offs and starts drinking. Xian is doing alright in school. Times get rough.

*Two years later, Xian as she still refers to herself is 13, Joseph hasn't worked in all that time. Martha works as a waitress. Joseph gets drunk and tries to force himself on Xian. She resists. Martha gets home just as Joseph hits Xian and knocks her into a wall. Xian is dazed. Martha puts herself between the two, a fight ensues, Joseph beats Martha bloody. Xian recovers to see this and goes ballistic. Her powers awaken again, the dark aura of light forming around her as her hair shifts to white, her skin goes blue-black and her eyes glow white. Its almost as if she were emitting a black light. She howls in fury at Joseph and black light coallesces around each of her hands and then a beam shoot from each hand, leaving a bit of steam in the air and strike Joseph in the chest, and burst out the back. Cauterized holes through his chest keep him from bleeding as he falls, but his heart had been one of the things hit and he dies before he hits the ground. The shock of killing Joseph breaks her out of it and she returns to normal.

*Xian calls 911, claims that she just came home and found them both like that. When asked about the bruises that were appearing on her face and chest now, she claims that Joseph was constantly beating her. Martha dies in the hospital. Xian is taken back into Foster Care, but runs away before her 14th birthday.

*Xian ends up on the street. She does her best to survive while trying to figure out her abilities. She gains enough control to at least activate them most of the time. She starts to call herself Darklight.

*Xian has ran with different gangs over the years and survived them all. She is looking for something different though. She went into hiding during recent events. She just celebrated her 22nd birthday. She has had 9 years to practice her powers, the streets being a strict teacher.

*Xian is working at a waitress at a cafe, she is trying to find legitimate ways to earn money, and so far so good.


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