Night Thrasher
Real Name Dwayne Taylor
Portrayed by Bambadjan Bamba
Gender Male
Place of Birth New York City, NY, USA
Date of Birth n/a
Age 18
Aliases None
Origin Mystic/High Tech
Current Location New York City
Occupation Adventurer, Head of Taylor Foundation
Team New Warriors
Alignment Hero
Known Relatives Daryl Taylor (Father, Deceased), Melody Taylor (Mother, Deceased), Andrew Chord (Adoptive Guardian)
Significant Other
Known Abilities Powered Armor, Martial Artist, Chemical and Mechanical Engineer, Mystic Mental Barriers

Character Details

Dwayne Michael Taylor was born to Daryl Taylor and Melody Ann Taylor and he was born heir to the Taylor Foundation. At a young age, Dwayne believed that he witnessed the murder of both of his parents in an act of street crime. Due to this belief, Dwayne swore to make criminals of all kinds pay for their crimes. Dwayne was adopted by a friend of his father and board member of the Taylor Foundation, Andrew Chord and his mysterious mother in law, Tai.

Chord and Tai supported young Dwayne's vow against crime. Their support ranged from training, to education to encouragement. Tai, a master of martial arts, helped Dwayne develope an effective fighting style. Dwayne trained hard to hone himself into a weapon against crime. He took on the name, Night Thrasher, for his vigilante activities. During his first outing in his war on crime, he ran into superhuman siblings, Midnight's Fire and Silhouette.

Night Thrasher joined up with Silhouette and Midnight's Fire in their anti-crime activities. The strategy that the group used to take down organized crime was to gain their trust and then destroy the organization from the inside. It was an effective strategy for a time.

For three weeks they used this strategy in an effort to take down a gun smuggling scheme by a Korean gang. During these three weeks, Night Thrasher and Silhouette develope feelings for one another. One night, while working on a job for a member of the Korean gang, Silhouette is delivering money to a gangmember. A police officer comes across the exchange and becomes a threat. Midnight's Fire and Thrasher are observing from a distance and Midnight's Fire wants to neutralize the cop to protect his sister's cover. Night Thrasher restrained him from doing just that and the Silhouette is injured in the crossfire. Midnight's Fire, enraged, attacked Night Thrasher. Midnight's Fire ran off after slashing Thrasher.

With Midnight's Fire gone and swearing revenge on him and Silhouette believed to be dead, Dwayne vowed to do better. He trained harder, improved his fighting ability and uses the Taylor Foundation's resources to construct his battle armor, a headquarters and other technologies and systems to use in his fight against crime. It is at this time that Dwayne determined that he'd need a team of people to help him in his war, realizing that working with Silhouette and Midnight's Fire proved advantageous.

Utilizing the new computer systems that he developed for his headquarters, Dwayne sought out heroes to join him in his war. A depowered Richard Rider was his first target. He tracked down the former Nova, caught up with him and literally dropped him off the top of a building. He reasoned that the stress would be enough to kickstart Richard Rider's powers again and allow him to become Nova. Just before falling to his demise, Nova's powers did kick in. Nova joined Night Thrasher.

Marvel Boy was tracked down and found after being rejected by the Avengers for membership. Vance accepted membership in the group that Night Thrasher was forming.

Night Thrasher, due to accesss to the Hellfire Club's networks, found and contacted Angelica Jones, Firestar. She was given an ultimatum to meet them. Upon meeting Night Thrasher, Nova and Marvel Boy at the rearranged location all four were soon catapaulted into a battle with the former Herald, Terrax. Joined by Namorita and Speedball, they work together effectively to figure out a way to defeat the powerful former Herald. With Nova, Marvel Boy, Firestar, Speedball and Namorita, Dwayne has the allies he needs in his war on crime. He now has the New Warriors.

Night Thrasher and the Warriors are encouraged, by Tai, to investigate cop killings. The reason? Messages were left at the scene of the slayings that would indicate that Thrasher was behind the murders. Dwayne recounts a bit of his past to his team mates. They head off to Chinatown, where the slayings took place, and draw out the real culprit, Midnight's Fire. Thrasher and Midnight's Fire fight a brutal fight, and Fire had Dwayne on the ropes. However, Dwayne gained an upperhand and literally had Midnight's Fire by the throat when Silhouette revealed herself to Dwayne and the team. Midnight's Fire's gang shows up and threatens the team with advanced weaponry and the team engages them. Dwayne gets the upperhand on Fire again and threatens to kill him… only to be persuaded by his team to let him go. After slashing Fire like he had slashed him, Dwayne lets him go into police custody.

The New Warriors come face to face with the Mad Thinker, Harmon Furmintz and Genetech in a plot to create superhumans. The New Warriors, except for Speedball, are all defeated one by one and captured. As Harmon Furmintz went into his backstory and why he is creating Superhumans, Speedball arrived and freed the Warriors. The Warriors fight the superhumans of Genetech and towards the finale of the combat, Night Thrasher threatens Harmon Furmintz with his armor's armblade. Nova and Marvel Boy restrain him to stay his blade and the Warriors leave Genetech, which is now surrounded by the police.

After Silhouette was injured by Bengal in Brazil, the team minus Night Thrasher, are flown to Brazil to confront who injured Silouette. Night Thrasher remains behind with Silhouette and learns from her what happened to her that night, months ago, when she was injured in a crossfire and about her brother Midnight's Fire's abilities.

Night Thrasher is transported to Brazil where he stops an assassination attempt on a priest, Father Jane. The assassin is Bengal and the two of them fight a pretty brutal fight. The two's fighting styles are evenly matched and neither of them can gain an advantage over the other.

That is until the fight is interrupted by the Punisher who is after Silhouette. The Punisher and Night Thrasher fight each other in a brief, fierce encounter. The Punisher retreats after Thrasher jams a blade into his leg and only after Punisher unleashes machinegun fire on Thrasher at point blank range. The Punisher retreated to do more research on Thrasher, as he did not know who he was or what he could do.

After Punisher retreated, Father Jane explained why Bengal was after him and how he became a priest to cope with his past sins. The Punisher returns, puts a gun to Silhouette's head and has a standoff with Night Thrasher. Silhouette escapes and explains that she doesn't work with her brother anymore. Being at a disadvantage, Punisher accepts what Silhouette says and leaves. Bengal, meanwhile, worked to get himself in a position to finish his assassination of Father Jane. Thrasher noticed Bengal and saved Father Jane again from an assassin's arrow. The two of them return to the brawl that Punisher interrupted, only for it to be interrupted by him yet again! This time Punisher points a gun at both Bengal and Night Thrasher and instructs them that their fighting is pointless and must stop. He preaches to Night Thrasher about his need to bring criminals to justice rather than seeking the bloody revenge that has been consuming him during his war on crime.

Night Thrasher and Silhouette, when returning to their headquarters, are greeted by the Hellions. They are caught off guard by the group of mutants, but soon prove a formidable match for the Hellions. They are soon overwhelmed, however. The White Queen tried to probe Night Thrasher's mind only to find an incredibly powerful mental shield blocking her probes. She finds out that Night Thrasher is immune to such mental probes. She sought out information for why and how Dwayne accessed the Hellfire Club's network.

The Warriors pair off with the Hellions and each fights the other one on one. Night Thrasher is defeated by Catseye and rendered unconscious. When he comes to, the fighting is over and the White Queen and Hellions leave in defeat.

Night Thrasher and the New Warriors had another run in with the manufactured superhumans of Genetech, Psionex. During another brutal fight with the team of superhumans, Terrax is released by Genetech. Members of Psionex join with the New Warriors to fight Terrax, who has taken over the body of a member of Genetech to use as a host for his powers and essence. With the aid of the Fantastic Four and Silver Surfer, Terrax is defeated after a pitched, destructive battle.

Dwayne uncovered a long string of corrupt activities in the Taylor Foundation's Financial Records that went back several years. The culprit of these activities? None other than his guardian, Andrew Chord. Dwayne confronted Chord about the misuse of Foundation funds and rather than face them, Chord attempted to kill himself by shooting himself in the head.

Following up on the bad business dealings of Chord, Night Thrasher brings the Warriors to Japan to investigate a Yakuza smuggling ring. He uncovers that Taylor Foundation warehouses were used to store and move illegal merchandise. The catch? They have to leave the Yakuza and their operations alone. Wanting to know the truth about the Taylor Foundation, Thrasher unilaterally agrees to those terms… much to the anger of the other Warriors. At the apex of the arguement between the New Warriors and Night Thrasher on how to deal with the Yakuza, Night Thrasher quits the team and announces the dessolution of the New Warriors!

Now working solo, Night Thrasher heads to the Taylor Foundation location in Hong Kong. While continueing to do research and investigate Chord's illicit acitivities with the Foundation, Thrasher is attacked by a group calling themselves the Folding Circle. Despite being outnumbered overwhelmingly, Thrasher manages to to hold his own. That is until he is attacked from behind by another member of the Folding Circle, Midnight's Fire. Fire pummels Thrasher into submission.

When Thrasher recovers, he is confronted by Midnight's Fire and the leader of the Folding Circle, Left Hand. They tell him of 'The Pact' that all of their fathers had belonged to. 'The Pact' was meant to find answers to each of its members. Thrasher joins 'The Pact' and the Folding Circle as a means of getting answers to the questions that have consumed him.

Night Thrasher, along with the Folding Circle, head to Cambodia under the leadership of Left Hand. It is in Cambodia where some answers can be found. The Folding Circle is attacked in the jungles of Cambodia by a group called Dragons Breadth. The Cicle defeats their attackers and come across an ancient, hidden temple in the jungles. The temple appears to be guarded by people wearing armor oddly similar to Thrasher's.

The guards clad in armor similar to Thrasher's are dealt with quickly by Left Hand. This is when Thrasher deduces that the armor is similar to his because Chord must have once been to this temple, because it is Tai and Chord who helped him design it.

Tai happens to be at the temple too, and her true colors are revealed. She tells the story of how the fathers of all the gathered individuals were at the temple during the war and formed The Pact. The fathers paired up with the 'Daughters of the Dragon' at the temple to create powerful offspring. The New Warriors show up and Tai commands the Folding Circle to attack them. Night Thrasher turns on the Folding Circle and the Warriors are victorious. Tai attacks the Warriors, ensnaring them and reveals that she is the one that order Dwayne's parents killed. She explained the origin of the Well of All Things, where her power and others' power originates. She explained that she and her progeny were destined to conquer the world and that the New Warriors were formed in order to give her an adaquate sacrifice to the Well of All Things.

Now that Night Thrasher knows the truth about his parents' deaths, the truth about Tai and Chord and the truth about the reason the New Warriors were formed, it was time to take Tai down. The Warriors teamed up with the remaining members of the Folding Circle. Tai proved a formidable opponent, but was defeated inside the Well of All Things and the Well closed up.


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Date Title Characters Summary
01/03/13 17:30 Undercover in Madripoor Nova, Cloak, Night Thrasher Nova goes undercover but accidentally gets a job
01/13/13 15:00 Something Amiss in Madripoor Night Thrasher, Cloak, Dagger Cloak and Dagger interrupt Night Thrasher interrogating some mook, agree to join forces and then investigate the sudden disappearance of Namorita
02/09/13 21:28 You Scream, I Scream, We All Scream for Bloodscream Cloak, Dagger, Night Thrasher, and (emitted) Bloodscream and his zombie army The New Warriors track down Bloodscream.
02/10/13 12:00 Cloak has words for Night Thrasher Night Thrasher, Cloak Cloak has a beef with Thrasher due to the previous nights activities
02/22/2013 The Madripoor Situation Night Thrasher, Firestar, Cloak, Dagger and Krista Night Thrasher catches up Krista and Firestar about what is going on in Madripoor
04/21/13 14:31 Warnings from the Future Cloak, Firestar, and Night Thrasher An alternate reality Cloak from the future warns Firestar and Dwayne of things to come in a not so nice manner
05/05/13 12:00 They really liked the exhibit Night Thrasher, Lyra, Gogo Night Thrasher, Gogo and Lyra run afoul of the Serpent Society; Two members of which ransacked an art studio in SoHo.
06/06/12 17:04 A Typical Wednesday with Dwayne Taylor Armand, Empath, Night Thrasher, and Conquistador & Nova Empath hired Conquistador to take on Dwayne Taylor, which he does. But during a chat with Armand, Empath changes tactics. Conquistador is defeated
06/07/12 After School Activities Seth, Night Thrasher Night Thrasher is chasing down the Ratpack after a theft, Seth is walking home from school. Hilarity ensues.
06/13/2012 Flintstoned Night Thrasher and Krista Thrasher and Krista foil of vandals
06/21/12 Manhattan Under Siege Pt. 3 Spider-Man, Black Widow, Night Thrasher, Wolfsbane The Heroes are almost overrun by shadow creatures
07/22/12 05:00 An Early Morning Walk Ambrose, Night Thrasher Night Thrasher is ending his day, but not before an encounter with an odd fellow in the form of Ambrose.
07/22/12 14:00 Another Day at Mike's Books Keith (Sir Newton) and Dwayne (Night Thrasher) Keith and Dwayne have a brief chat about books ranging from Shakespeare to modern supernatural thrillers.
07/26/2012 "Evening" Run Off Some Ruffians Tanya, Night Thrasher Drawn to a parked car by gunshots and noise, Night Thrasher convinces some young ruffians to leave!
08/09/2012 Ultragirl and Night Thrasher vs Sea Urchin Ultragirl Night-Thrasher Ultragirl happens upon Sea Urchin in the middle of a heist, with Night Thrasher already on the scene.
08/19/12 11:00 Checking in With the Team Xiu Lin Tseng, Dwayne Taylor Xiu Lin checks in with Dwayne in public in civilian ID, since she can't go to Warriors Central right now.
09/03/12 16:00 Catch That Boat Night Thrasher, Ultragirl Suzy is at a photoshoot on the beach when a high speed chase on the waves passes by!
09/19/12 08:02 Dragon Tong Kills Maggia CPA Night Thrasher & Black Panther NT and BP investigate a murder
09/19/12 14:52 Kings of Pain Reunion Shatterstar, Night Thrasher Shatterstar and Night Thrasher help catch some super-crook bank robbers
09/25/12 23:14 Of Vampires and Dragons Night Thrasher, Black Panther, Bushmaster II, Eel, Unicorn, Tombstone, Jang Su, Feng Hung, Lilith, Dragon Tong Agents Night Thrasher and Black Panther are on hand to try and stop a conflict between the Dragon Tong and The Maggia
11/04/12 Evening His Pal Josh Richenda Gray, Night Thrasher, Cockroach Hamilton Screams draw Richenda and Thrasher into an alleyway where they meet a man who talks to his gun
12/13/12 15:00 The New Planners Night Thrasher, Nova Nova and Night Thrasher make plans
12/13/2012 17:00 Talk of Madripoor Night Thrasher, Nova While Dwayne is working in the Crash Pad's garage, Nova arrives. A discussion ensues.
12/30/2012 18:00 Shadowing in Madripoor Nova, Night Thrasher, Dagger Having recently arrived in Madripoor, Members of the New Warriors and Dagger begin snooping about in the Docks of Madripoor.
2013/06/19 13:10 New Warriors Mini Reunion Cloak, Night Thrasher, and Pinion Cloak, Night Thrasher, and Pinion meet in Midtown. Cloak has some fun.
2013/06/25 09:30 Pastry Bomber Armand, Night Thrasher, Nightcrawler, NPC Imp Thugs Nightcrawler is saved by Armand and Night Thrasher
2013/06/28 Idiot Phantasm and Night Thrasher Dwayne comes across a poorly attempted mugging of a rock star.
March 15, 2012 What's a Morbius? ... and other questions. Night Thrasher, Darklight Darklight and Night Thrasher briefly discuss a run in with Morbius


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