Night Raven
Real Name Unknown
Portrayed by NA
Gender Male
Place of Birth Alberta, Canada
Date of Birth 1900, undisclosed date
Age 112
Aliases Blackbird, Lone Man of Justice,
Origin Mutate
Current Location New York City
Occupation Vigilante
Team None
Alignment Antivillian
Known Relatives None
Significant Other None
Known Abilities Regenerative, immortal induced by compounded chemicals

Character Details

Born in 1900, half Mohawk (1st Nation/Native American)/Canadian, lost parents at an early age and spent ½ his child hood at an orphanage run by white people, the other ½ with his 1st Nation grandfather.

Following a dream in which he was a raven sent to feed on the dead in hell, his grandfather informed him this was his spirit totem communicating with him. Interpreting, his grandfather says he will have no place to roost and live a life filled with danger and magic. His grandfather told him "Always honor your spirit bird ? fly with death, feed with him. But always seek out the true things in this world and nuture them."

As a young man, he moves to New England to live with his uncle and befriends a boy named Bill Hershey. The two eventually join up for the war effort in 1915 and after two years they make it to Europe in time for the Third Battle of Ypres. An idealist up to this point, the realism of war strips this away from him.

During the war, while walking on duckboards over murky grounds in Germany, a german mine explodes and sends him into the muddy waters where, in desperation, he uses corpses to struggle to the surface and near the duckboards where Bill Hershey pulls him free of the mud. Shortly after his incident he leaves the front lines, shipped back to the states to spend some time in an Aslyum - he exclaims later 'the madness claimed him before the bullet did.'

Either released or escaped from prison to set himself up as a detective and operates independently as a vigilante during the 1920s, busting prohibition criminals. He leaves a calling card during this time that reads 'Where brooding darkness spreads its wings, the Night Raven Stings.' He holds a day job as a janitor.

During prohibition, he begins to have encounters with more seriously organized crime elements, including the mafia itself. His true encounters with the mafia begin with following Don Castillo, infiltrating a boss meeting under the impersonation of this mafia boss. Sometime around this point in time, he uses a chemical of his own, which he uses to brand these high profile criminals that all may recognize them for what they are. In some cases, this branding or the chemicals being used to permanently leave his mark invokes madness and insanity upon the criminals branded.

There are a series of infiltrations and black ops against organized crime groups in which both the Night Raven is taken as the bad guy by police forces and acts as the bad guy. These are a series of deceptions by Night Raven but leaves one to question his true sanity through all this, despite 'getting the bad guys in the end.' At one point in these deceptions, Night Raven assists an 'old man' who turns out to be an assassin hired by Mr. Big, a mob boss, who is about to shoot Night Raven when a police detective, Nick Nolan, arrives to bring in Night Raven. After a series of escapades against the assassin and running into bootleggers and the like, Mr. Big ends up killed by a truck and the assassin ends up branded by Night Raven before being shot to death by police at the scene.

Following this, he meets Scoop Daly, a reporter of the Daily Sentinel, who snaps a picture of him and the blindness leads to both men being captured for a brief time, this is the start of their long standing acquaintance/friendship.

By 1931, he beings a series of conquests against opium dealers and this leads to his first encounters with the Chinese Dragon Tong. Trailing one of their leaders, Dragonfire, leads into his attention coming to Dragon Tong Leader Yi Yang. Yi Yang sends a man named Khang after Night Raven. This leads to his defeating of Yi Yang who commits suicide out of dishonor and he leaves her body in an alley. However, being immortal through the consumption of a chemical she had manufactured, she survived the suicide and located Night Raven's hideout. She sent an envelope containing the 23 hexagram of the I Ching, the symbol for Falling Apart. It also contained the same chemical that gave her immortality and he consumed it. He also suffered the chemicals curse, unending physical pain, which leads to the true eating away of his own sanity.

In 1941, Night Raven discovers a potential cure for his curse. Tracking the bottle with the cure to a criminal named Willy 'The Lip' Lorre, he discovers Willy had given it to his long acquaintance Scoop Daly, now working for the Daily Bugle. This leads to Night Raven kidnapping Sadie, Scoops wife and in a standoff exchanges the man's wife for the cure. Scoop had held onto the cure because the side effect of the cure was that it would release a disease from Night Raven's body that would kill anyone he came into contact with.

By 1965, Night Raven deduces that the information about the cure potentially killing everyone was misinformation spread by Yi Yang, his immortal adversary - reasoning that she wouldn't risk releasing an agent that would kill off the entire world except for herself and Night Raven. He makes his way to Antarctica where he imbibes the cure finally and, hours later, finally feeling no more pain from the original chemical she inflicted upon him, he returns to the world to discover his deductions were correct.

In the early 70s, he tracks Yi Yang to having strong connections with the trafficking of cocaine in New York. Taking down a number of crime bosses associated with the cocaine trafficking in the city, he eventually finds one, Spanish Eddy, that leads him to a dealer known as Chinese White who was Yang in disguise. Following a series of counter deceptions between Night Raven and Yi Yang, Yang escapes leaving Night Raven thinking he has defeated her.

However, by the early 80s, seeing televised rallies held by white supremacists that conclude their rally by forming hexagram 23 from the I Ching. He deduces this has some connection to Yi Yang because of its significance. Following this trail, he encounters Yi Yang's assassin Ghost Tiger. Eventually, in rage, he defeats Ghost Tiger by crushing his body. Knowing his lead to Yi Yang was destroyed, Night Raven lay for two days with the corpse in contemplation until he derived a plan to simply kill every prominent criminal until he found a lead on his immortal nemesis Yi Yang.

In 1984, he finds Yi Yang associated with organized crime in Chicago and tracks her through an operative named Hoi, who knew he was coming for Yi Yang but also assumed he would kill Colonel Bane, Hoi's captor, in the process. Finding Yang supposedly aboard a steamer, he picks up and fires a nuclear rocket launcher at the boat, thereby killing Yang again. Believing her finally dead, he is overwhelmed with triumph and emptiness all at once. He doesn't bother with Colonel Bane, but instead leaves a weapon for Hoi to do this work herself.

He makes an attempt to use alcohol and drugs to deal with the emptiness of his life, which he now finds without purpose as Yi Yang is supposedly dead again. He discovers an additional side effect of the chemicals that have mutated him, the cure that ended his pain rendered him unable to perceive the adverse effects of toxins like alcohol and drugs. Though threw continued experimenting, he finds he can put himself into a trance like state with strychnine.

Later in 1984, his old friend Bill Hershey was celebrating his 85th birthday and he finds the man on his deathbed to reminisce about the war and the day Bill saved Night Raven's life. As the man finishes the story, he doses off then dies. Leaving by window, this haunts Night Raven and he wanders in contemplation, his feet taking him to the asylum he stayed at following his release from military duty in 1917. Not making it, he is hit be a train and presumed dead. As the examiner cuts him with a scalpel, he comes to, slices the examiner and eventually encounters Angela Cleaver who proceeds to question him about his past (as an agent of Tactical Research and Culture Examination (TRACE)).

This leads into a series of odd adventures and the use of magic where other immortals discover that Night Raven is the monster created by Yi Yang and try to contact her to decide what must be done with Night Raven. In an immobilized state by Duvalier, Yi Yang leaves him with the thought that 'Night Raven is Yi Yang's guilt and he must walk the world until the pain and fear is removed from them both.'

Trailing her back to New York, he encounters the Dragon Tong once more and finally comes face to face with her onto to be incapacitated by drug darts full of strychnine. When he finally awakes atop a hotel in Mexico city, he finds himself with new clothes, lots of money and theatrical makeup to presumably start a new life. In the attempt, he witnesses a young Indian boy killed by accident - hit by a taxi driver and, shedding the human mask, he takes up the dark avenger mantle once more and disappears into the night.

Present day, he finds himself once again coming to New York to battle organized crime.


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