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-Victor von Doom was born in Latveria, near Hungary.
-His gypsy parents were hounded by local authorities and brutally killed for practicing witchcraft.
-Learned many sciences and alchemy at an early age, he pawned herbs and cures to countryside folk.
-He eluded the dim-witted monarch and his soldiers, proving his genius.
-Was invited to Empire State University in America and attended under scholarship
-Left everything behind to attend this new school, even his first love.
-Von Doom became a rival to like-minded scientist and eager freshman, Reed Richards.
-Richards tried to warn von Doom that his complicated experiment was flawed, but was ignored.
-Von Doom's school experiment exploded and it injured him, then the school expelled him
-Von Doom arrogantly blamed Reed Richards for his failure, threatening revenge.
-He traveled the world.
-He went to Tibet to continue his education, studying everything mysterious.
-After becoming a master amongst the monks, he designed his armor and weapons.
-Doom returned to Latveria and murdered the ruling faction, taking over.
-He established peace through ruthless monarchy, renaming the capital Doomstadt
-Established Castle Doom.
-He began to plot against Reed Richards, as well as other superheroes.
-Doctor Doom became a nemesis to the Fantastic Four, but was defeated after each encounter.
-He invented the Doombots, concocted villainous weapons, and became a global menace.
-After he crushed a rebellion under his boot, Doom gained the devotion of the Latverian people.
-Kidnapped Sue Richards and fought the Fantastic Four again.
-He discovered time travel and many mysterious things
-He tried to usurp power in Wakanda, but his power grab was stopped short.
-He returned to Latveria with great anger in tow.
-He established a Latverian embassy in New York and hounded Reed again while there.
-Doom tried to fix his reputation thanks to evil, evil plots
-Latveria signed non-aggression pact with United States.
-Briefly trapped in the Netherworld where he searched for answers to save his mother's soul.
-Tried to keep good relations with USA, but did not endorse the MRA.
-Doom crushed some racists hunting mutants on Latverian land.
-European mutants quietly flocked to Latveria upon hearing about the incident.
-Doom increased presence at international embassies to prevent incident from damaging reputation.


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