Real Name John Walker
Portrayed by
Gender Manly
Place of Birth Custer's Grove, Georgia
Date of Birth around 28 years ago
Age around 28
Aliases Super-Patriot, Captain America, Jack Daniels
Origin Altered Human (Power-Broker)
Current Location NYC
Occupation Operative for the CSA
Team Avengers, Thunderbolts
Alignment Hero
Known Relatives
Significant Other
Known Abilities Enhanced Physicals

Character Details

USAgent was born John Walker in Custer's Grove, Georgia. John's idol was his older brother, a helicopter pilot in the US military who was killed in action. John enlisted as soon as he was old enough, but never had a chance to fulfill his dream of becoming a hero like his brother.

While in the military he had met and befriended Battle Star. After recieving an honorable discharge, they both underwent the Power Broker augmentation process. Later they formed a super-team along with two others. Walker became the Super-Patriot, while the others were known as the Bold Urban Commandos. Their primary activities consisted of harassing Captain America, with a bit of high-profile crime fighting on the side.

Soon after he became Super-Patriot, Valerie Cooper convinced the Commission on Superhuman Activities to choose Walker to succeed Captain America. Steve Rogers had just given up the name, shield and costume due to the machinations of the Red Skull.
Walker recieved months of intense training to become the 'new' Captain America, but from the start he had great difficulty in the role.

Walker's true identity was revealed, leading to the kidnapping and accidental death of his parents. He brutalized and sometimes killed criminals and pursued personal vendettas. He had constant conflicts with Freedom Force, who were also agents of the CSA. Walker suffered defeats by minor foes and was even captured by Flag-Smasher, requiring the aid of others including Steve Rogers.

Finally the CSA placed Walker under suspension and confinement. However the Red Skull lured Walker to Washington DC to be confronted by a host of his enemies and then Steve Rogers. Much of Walker's misfortunes had in fact been engineered by the Red Skull to ruin Captain America's reputation.

Rogers was able to subdue a weakened Walker - and also learned what a ruthless, unbalanced menace Walker could be. Then together (but mostly it was Rogers), they defeated the Red Skull, who fled.
When Walker and Rogers both returned to the CSA, everyone agreed that Walker was not fit to be Captain America (including Walker himself). The role was given to Steve Rogers once again. The entire experience had taught Walker a better understanding of the true nature of heroes and Captain America in particular. As well as how to sling a shield.

A short time later a member of the CSA faked Walker's death and arranged to give him a new identity as Jack Daniels. This included speech and mannerism therapy and memory alteration to block out details of his failures as Captain America (especially the death of his parents). He was also given the interim costume and shield Rogers had worn as the Captain.

Now known as USAgent, he joined the Avengers. Despite many conflicts with the team and other heroes, he has been far more successful as USAgent then he was as Captain America. His original memories and for the most part his previous mannerisms have been restored, and he has reconciled with some of his old collegaues and acquaintances (the ones he hadn't killed or crippled at least).


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Date Title Characters Summary
01/31/13 14:00 Welcome to the Thunderbolts, Sandman! Fireband, Sandman, and USAgent & Hydro-Man and the Wizard Sandman joins the Thunderbolts and their first mission is to take down his former teammates, Hydro-Man and the Wizard
02/19/13 16:47 The Test Part III Black Crow and USAgent Black Crow tests USAgent (scene uses +roll system)
03/11/13 16:29 Mad Gods Part I Armand, Black Crow, Showstopper, Spiral, Tigerstripe, Topaz, USAgent and Hotamintanio, Nanabozho, and some Spirit warriors The gods attack Staten Island in search of stolen artifacts. Many people die!
11/15/12 New Blood Elektra, USAgent and Arachne USAgent comes to join the Thunderbolts, acts all patriotic
11/28/12 23:15 Red White Lyra, USAgent USAgent meets Lyra
12/03/12 14:45 Changing of the Guard USAgent, Spiral USAgent begins filling Ares' shoes.
12/11/12 23:01 Wishing he had Singles Firebrand, USAgent, Spiral, Psylocke Walker lectures Broxel about being mean. Spiral shows, insanity ensues.
12/18/12 14:00 Thunderbolts' Tuesday Workout Elektra, Spiral, USAgent USAgent and Elektra and later Spiral get some gym time


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