Real Name Elizabeth Braddock
Portrayed by
Gender Female
Place of Birth Maldon, Essex - England
Date of Birth April 23rd (Year varies)
Age 31
Origin Mutant
Current Location X-Mansion
Occupation Former Pilot, Supermodel, Adventurer, Ninja, Spy.
Team X-Men, Excalibur, STRIKE, X-Factor
Alignment Hero!
Known Relatives Captain Britain (Twin brother)
Significant Other
Known Abilities

Character Details


Dr. James Braddock, a former denzien of an extradimensional world called 'Otherworld', was brought to Earth by a being calling himself Merlin. Merlin visited Braddock and convinced him to come to Earth, telling him he would eventually father a champion who would be known as Captain Britain. Braddock settled in England just outside the town of Malden and eventually established himself as a reknowned theoretical physicist and computer engineer. He purchased a very expansive estate, which he renamed Braddock Manor, and grew a fortune from his discoveries and inventions in science. One of his most prized inventions was an incredibly complex computer system called Mastermind (not to be confused with mutants of the same name). Eventually, he married a fine English lady, Elizabeth, and the two started a family.

Jamie arrived first, and four years later Elizabeth was pregnant with twins. On April 22nd, Brian was born, with his sister, whom the Braddock's named 'Elizabeth' after her mother, born very early on April 23rd. Betsy, as Elizabeth was nicknamed, and Brian were very close as children and into their early adult life. Complete opposites of one another, for all that Brian was reserved, introspective, and studious, Betsy was gregarious, outgoing, and adventurous. She would dream of fantastic adventures recovering lost treasure, saving the world, and defeating villainous foes. And in all of them, and much to the chagrin of Brian, she was always protecting her brother.
A Woman of Her Own

Because of her father's great wealth, Betsy attended school with her siblings at the exclusive Royal Academy, and was taught the finer points of how to behave as an English lady. But besides having a beautiful singing voice, a talent grown from her love of attention, Betsy was anything but a lady. For the most part her family supported her liberated spirit, and Betsy learned to fly - earning her pilot's license before she could drive - dyed her blonde hair purple, and grew a successful career in modeling. Tragically, Dr. and Mrs. Braddock were killed in an explosion in Braddock's laboratory, with the malfunctioning computer Mastermind the catalyst behind the accident.

While Brian eventually became the costumed hero Captain Britain, Betsy learned of her psychic talents and was recruited into STRIKE, a British arm of the international law enforcement agency known as SHIELD. During her time with STRIKE, Betsy honed her abilities, learned combat techniques and tactics, and gained self-discipline.
Fighting Back

It was when Captain Britain was captured and delivered to another realm, and then replaced with an extradimensional version of himself called Kaptain Briton, that Betsy learned the true power of her psychic talent. Briton put on an act to conceal his true nature, and pretended to be gentle to Betsy. But one horrific night while they were talking in Betsy's bedroom he attempted to rape her. Betsy fought valiantly, but Kaptain Briton had vastly superior physical abilities and in the struggle Betsy read his mind and learned the vile truth about him and his motives. In a burst of defensive fury, she lashed out with her powers and completely wiped his mind - even of autonomic processes - and killed him. In shock from the experience, she left STRIKE and became reclusive for a while.

Later, Betsy was recruited into RCX (Resource Control eXectutive), a CIA-like secret agency of the British government directly involved in monitoring superhuman activity and taking action in the interests of the British Commonwealth. RCX eventually cracked Brian Braddock's secret identity as Captain Britian, and tried to recruit him into the agency. Refusing to be exploited by the government, Brian put aside his Captain Britain costume. The RCX convinced Betsy to become Captain Britain, and using the battle suit that she liberated from the extradimensional version of Brian, she was trained by Captain UK, another extradimensional hero, in superhero crimefighting. The power suit gave her superhuman strength and the ability to fly, and the two of them acted as partners for a few months. Brian disagreed vehemently with Betsy's decision, and the two had a falling out as a result.
It's Tough to be a Hero

But Betsy's solo career as the new Captain Britain came to an abrupt end when she battled against two of the original Captain Britian's archenemies: the Vixen and Slaymaster. Vixen had called Betsy out, and though she knew it certainly to be a trap, she went anyway to confront the villain. When she arrived, she found Vixen accompanied by another of Captain Britain's enemies, Slaymaster. Wearing a battlesuit that amplified his physical abilities, Slaymaster savagely beat Betsy within an inch of her life. During the fight, he clawed at her eyes and permanently blinded her. In agony, Betsy screamed out telepathically, a cry that was felt by her twin Brian. He flew to her aid and rescued her, killing Slaymaster in the process. Even as he rushed Betsy to a medical facility for treatment, the twins still had words about her decision to become Captain Britain and then fight Vixen and Slaymaster. Their rift deepened and Brian left Braddock Manor for good, but did return as Captain Britain once more, realizing he could no longer hide from his responsibility.


Retiring from the superhero life, Betsy went to Switzerland to recuperate. Her boyfriend and RCX agent Gabriel offered her cybernetic implants to cure her blindness but Betsy refused, stating that her telepathic abilities still allowed her to see, yet through the eyes of those around her. But while there, she was kidnapped by Spiral, an otherworldly sorceress in the service of Mojo, the ruler of Mojoworld. Mojoworld was a world of beings where the society revolved around neverending bizarre and twisted television shows. Mojo shattered Betsy's soul, making her his slave, gave her bionic implants as a 'gift' to replace her ruined eyes, and named her Psylocke. Using Betsy's mental abilities, Mojo attempted to take control of Britain's children through an animated television show named "Wildways," in which Betsy, as Psylocke, was a star, but his scheme was stopped when Brian and a group named the "New Mutants" rescued her and restored her soul. Unbeknownst to everyone, however, Mojo's plans were not completely thwarted: Betsy's bionic eyes actually broadcasted every moment of what she heard, saw, and thought back to Mojoworld for the continued entertainment of that twisted place.
Joining the X-Men

After her rescue, Betsy stayed with the "New Mutants" at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters in Westchester, NY, and took the codename Psylocke. Her full acceptance as an X-Man came when a Marauder named Sabertooth attacked the estate and tried to kill Betsy. He tore up Cerebro as she lay weak from her first attempt to psychically scan him, then managed to stun him momentarily with a psi-blast and lead him on a chase through the X-Mansion, taunting him to keep him occupied and away from many wounded in the infirmary. He pursued her angrily before finally catching her on the roof. He shrugged off her mental attacks while closing in for the kill... but Wolverine saved her. As Logan and Sabertooth fought viciously, Betsy scanned the distracted Sabertooth and learned a great deal about the Marauders. Sabertooth escaped ultimately, but Wolverine, Storm and the rest of the X-Men recognized Betsy's courage and sacrifice and offered her membership as an X-Man.

After being sent by Storm to Muir Island with several other X-Men, Betsy engaged Dazzler, Rogue, and Longshot in a game of 'Fox and the Hounds', in which Betsy was the Fox. She defeated Rogue and Dazzler, but Longshot was lucky enough to trap her. Rogue, unhappy with being beaten, even challenged Betsy to see which was faster, her psi-blast or Rogue's fist. But Banshee intervened, telling Rogue she might be getting more than she bargained for. Banshee later publicly evaluated everyone's performance in the exercise, pointing out their need for better teamwork.
Psylocke's Power

The X-Men would need their teamwork when three X-Men went to look for Dazzler, who was combating the Juggernaut. Psylocke found Dazzler, buried under some rubble, with her powers. Then Dazzler joined them to track down Juggernaut. When they caught up with him, Betsy tried to ram him with a truck, which had little effect. But when he grabbed her, she blasted him with her psychic powers, actually hurting him despite his telepathy-blocking helmet (a feat neither Professor X nor Jean Grey has managed). Longshot dropped a building on Juggernaut, saving Betsy, and while they were digging him out the X-Men realized they were not working as a team. With a new strategy, each used their individual skills to get Juggernaut's helmet off. Once it was, Betsy quickly knocked him out with her powers. Unfortunately, Juggernaut was only a diversion for the real crime - robbing the Bank of Scotland.

Much later, the X-Men were warned not to travel to Dallas, TX, but did anyway in an attempt to warn Storm. There, they encountered the Adversary, who threatened the fabric of time and space. In battling the Adversary, Forge's thoughts on how to defeat him were obvious to Betsy, who told Storm. Live on television, nine X-Men, including Psylocke, volunteered their souls, delivered through Forge's spell, in order to defeat the Chaos-Bringer for all time.
The Siege Perilous

The X-Men were dead, but Roma, the Guardian of the Omniverse, gave them a choice. They could be reborn back to Earth as they were, or be transported into a new life in any time or place. The X-Men choose to go back, but let the world still think they were dead.

The Reavers, a band of cybernetic criminals, were sitting at their base in the Australian outback, gloating over their bank robbery in Hong Kong. Suddenly, the X-Men arrived to combat them. Psylocke assisted in the fight by scanning the enemies and essentially providing reconnaissance for the rest of the team. Some of the Reavers escaped, but most are captured by the X-Men. With the Reavers in custody, the team debated what to do with them. Logan favored simply killing them, an idea that Betsy also supported. Then Roma appeared and gave the X-Men a powerful gem called the Siege Perilous. She explained that anyone who stepped through the portal created by the Siege would be judged, as they had been. If deemed worthy, those who passed through would be given a second chance at life. In the end, Storm gave them a choice - Logan's way or through the Siege. The Reavers chose the Siege. Roma also told the X-Men that since being resurrected, they would be invisible to any camera or mechanical device - only visible with the naked eye.

When the X-Men traveled to Denver to respond to the Brood infections there, Rogue ended up fighting with the pheromone-powered Temptress, touching her in the process. After absorbing Temptress' power, Brood personality controlling Temptress assumed control over Rogue, and then enchanted Psylocke with her pheromone power. For a time, Psylocke fought against the X-Men, but when Logan killed Temptress, Psylocke snapped out of her controlled state to rejoin the X-Men.

Genoshan magistrates came to Australia to kidnap a Genoshan nurse and a baby she smuggled out of the island nation; they planned to forcibly take them back to Genosha. The X-Men caught wind of the plot and tracked down the Genoshan magistrates and the Press Gang. The Press Gang ended up taking Rogue and Wolverine back to Genosha, leaving the magistrates to be apprehended by the X-Men. Psylocke probed the minds of the magistrates and informed the rest of the X-Men about Genosha and its policies. Later, the X-Men traveled to Genosha to free their friends and members, and Psylocke mind controlled a mutant named Wipeout, and forced him to undo a mutant power negating effect he placed on Rogue and Wolverine.

Carol Danvers

Back in Australia, Betsy trained with Colossus and Rogue in an underground cave. Eventually the pair defeated her trough teamwork, the fight ending with Rogue holding her tightly. When Rogue taunted Psylocke to "make her" let her go, and Psylocke hit Rogue with a psi-blast powerful enough to knock Rogue out. Carol Danvers' personality within Rogue then took over, and Betsy and Carol ended up talking through the incident.

Later, Betsy was bathing when Rogue threw a tantrum over having the personality of Carol Danvers still inside her. She heaved a bed out of her cabin and Storm barely managed to dodge it, but instead she crashed through Betsy's window and landed in her bath. After a wet Storm and a toweled Psylocke went out to investigate the problem, Rogue pleaded with Psylocke to remove Carol's personality. Betsy refused to attempt it, saying it unethical besides not possible.

At a later date, Psylocke met with Carol at Carol's old apartment. They talked about the problems Carol was having about sharing Rogue's body, and Carol showed Betsy her old Ms Marvel costume. Then they decided to walk for a while they talked. Master Mold burst from the street nearby, killing Senator Kelly's wife. Psylocke mentally summoned the rest of the X-Men, who appeared out of nowhere thanks to teleportation portals from the mutant Gateway. The X-Men quickly learned that Master Mold can detect them despite their invisibility to mechanical sensors. This was because Master Mold abosrbed the "Omega Sentinel" Nimrod earlier. The X-Men defeated Master Mold, and Pyslocke told the other X-Men she detected a living presence within the sentinel. Master Mold regenerated itself, attacking again. The X-Men fought it again while Psylocke attempted to contact the intelligence within it and take control of that mind. Eventually, the X-Men defeated Master Mold by pushing it through the Siege Perilous portal.
Reavers Return

The Reavers who had escaped the X-Men originally, now intended to kill the X-Men and retake their base in Australia. While in the Savage Land, Psylocke had a vision of the X-Men's camp, the Reaver's original base, in Australia. When she looked in the mirror, she saw a half cybernetic version of her crucified on the wall. Running outside, she found all of the X-Men dead, horribly mutilated. Spotting Gateway, she theorized that her vision was his portent of the future. When she begged him for more information, he handed her the Siege Perilous gem. Later, before Psylocke can warn the others of her vision and suggest they stay in the Savage Land, Gateway teleported them back to Australia.

Back in Australia, the remaining X-Men doubted their effectiveness as a team with many of the team's original number now dead or missing. Knowing what was to come at the hands of the Reavers, Psylocke produced the Siege Perilous and activated it. Manipulating them subtley with telepathy, she sent the X-Men through as the Reavers closed in for the kill. Last to enter the portal was Havok, who had second thoughts. Betsy gave him a psionic nudge, kissed him, and watched as he disappeared. She then turned to face the Reavers, who cursed at her in rage. Betsy told the Reavers that they will kill no X-Men today, and as she entered the portal as the Siege Perilous shrank and was destroyed.

Betsy washed up on an island in the South China Sea, barely alive, and was found by a Asian crime organization known as the Hand. She was nude, without identification, and suffering amnesia. A Jonin (ninja leader) in the Hand, Matsuo Tsurayaba identified her as Psylocke of the X-Men. Together with the Mandarin (with whom Matsuo struck a mysterious deal), they subjected Betsy to extreme mental conditioning, sensory deprivation, and spiritual manipulation in order to turn her into a spy and an assassin - one with Psylocke's telepathic capabilities. In her dream-like state, she killed each of the X-Men in turn, collecting rings of power from each. Also in the "dream" were Spiral and Mojo, as well as Spiral's Body Shoppe, suggesting their involvement somehow, particularly considering the body-switch. The process nearly destroyed her, but she emerged from the surreality not only brainwashed... but in a new Asian body.

With her new training, she was given a suit of armor (Lady Mandarin) and the Mnadarin's rings, and sent to face the Lords and Lady of the Hong Kong underworld. Alone, she confronted them and their henchmen, to remind them that they still owed loyalty to the Mandarin. Feeling the Mandarin weak, and unthreatened by his messenger, they refused and attempted to kill Psylocke when she would not leave. Psylocke stood singlehandedly against countless men, defeated them, then demanded the Lords and Lady agree to the Mandarin's terms. They begrudgingly agreed.

Later, Matsuo reminded Psylocke that though they presently served the Mandarin, the Hand was her ultimate master. He then gave her a mission to apprehend a man named "Patch", who had arrived in Hong Kong and could possibly be the agent of Tiger Tyger, the crime lord of Madripoor. Psylocke, leading Genin (low-ranked) Ninja and again wearing her Lady Mandarin armor, attacked "Patch" on his boat. The Genin posed little opposition to "Patch", but Psylocke held Jubliee (who accompanied "Patch") as a hostage. "Patch" attacked anyway, and he and Psylocke fought. When Psylocke's helmet was knocked off, "Patch" stopped, somehow recognizing her as Psylocke. In his hesitation, Psylocke struck, stabbing him with her psi-knife and also learning that "Patch" was indeed Logan.

Predictably, the Hand attempted to use the same technique on Logan that turned Psylocke. Psylocke was used to monitor the conditioning process. But Logan's madness was too great, with so many forgotten or hidden memories and ghosts of the past filling his mind. And since Psylocke was monitoring him she also was steeped in it. Logan escaped his containment, and Betsy broke free of her conditioning. As the Hand approached to attack them, Psylocke told Logan to stay back... she wanted the honor of killing her brainwashers herself.

Later, Psylocke dumped an apparently dead Logan at the Mandarin's feet, telling him that Logan was killed attempting escape. Jubilee, in a rage over Logan's death, loosed an uncontrolled explosion, and Betsy attacked her former master. The Mandarin used his rings to fight Betsy, beating her back until he was ready to strike the killing blow. At that moment Logan's claws appeared at the Mandarin's neck, ready to slice. The Mandarin pointed out that if Logan killed him, he would still be able to kill Betsy. Logan replied "fair exchange"... and the Mandarin nervously worked out a truce, allowing them to leave unharmed. Later, Logan and Betsy spoke at length, ending with this:

Logan: "Betsy, we're a team. While we live, Xavier's dream lives. It's that simple, that important."

Betsy: "Suppose I'm not truly free? Suppose part of me still owes allegiance to the Hand? Wolverine, I'm not sure I can trust myself... how can you?!"

Logan: "I got no choice."
Rejoining the Team

After leaving the Hand and the Mandarin behind, Wolverine, Jubilee and Psylocke spent some time in Madripoor together. Logan set up his own kidnapping with some of his associates, in order to test Psylocke and Jubilee's ability to work together, and trust each other. Jubilee, however, still had her doubts, and it would take more time before she believed that Psylocke had truly broken the Hand's conditioning.

Later, Betsy traveled with Logan and Jubilee to Genosha, saving Rictor and Boom-Boom from the Magistrates. An impatient Logan had Psylocke probe their minds to get a quick update on everything that had happened thus far. Betsy linked everyone's mind together and probed the pair less than gently. Then, disguising themselves as Magistrates, they proceeded to the Citadel to rescue more of their friends and teammates, including Storm. During this time, Havok, who had been manipulated into being a Magistrate after travelling through the Siege Perilous, recognized them, and a fight ensued. Psylocke ended the combat by psi-knifing Havok. However, eventually Wolverine and Psylocke were captured, and put on trial with many of the X-Men for crimes against the Genoshan people. Betsy escaped her guards and made her way through the airducts with a gun she comandeered, and managed to cause enough distraction to help the other X-Men escape, and after defeating Hodge, the X-Men returned to Westchester.

The Shadow King/Muir Island Saga

When Xavier asked the X-Men to investigate Muir Isle, Psylocke set up a mental link among the X-Men for tactical communication among the members. But when Storm was attacked, she was unable to sever the link, and was knocked out when she felt the full force of Storm's pain. She later awoke under control of the Shadow King, and was ordered to destroy the X-Men, X-Factor, and Xavier, who were moving against the Shadow King. After taking Iceman down with her psi-knife, she was confronted by Banshee who urged her to break out of the Shadow King's control. She replied that perhaps she didn't want to. When Banshee lunged at her, Forge grabbed her wrist while her psi-knife was activated and plunged it into Polaris' head. Since Polaris had been the focal point for the Shadow King's power, his grip on the X-Men, and the others he was controlling, was severed. The Shadow King was defeated.


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Date Title Characters Summary
12/04/12 08:00 Ironing Out the Past Psylocke & Havok Psylocke comes by and talks with Havok about the past.
12/04/12 16:55 Moving Past the Past Psylocke and Sandman Psylocke and Sandman meet and share
12/04/12 20:00 Rooftop Run-Ins Psylocke, Beta Ray Bill, Sandman, Shadowcat, Cyclops, Jean Gray A few people meet each other on the roof, and then somebody brings up the wrong name around Psylocke.
12/05/12 14:00 PING - Spiral checks on Betsy Spiral Psylocke Betsy is out shopping the day after learning Spiral has been seen around the city. A revelation which involved a number of people saying Spiral's name repeatedly.
12/05/12 18:35 Crime and Punishment - Part 2 Finesse, Blindfold, Psylocke, Jean Grey, Cyclops Finesse has been grounded by Jean Grey because Blindfold squealed on her. As Finesse goes to settle the score with Blindfold, she runs into Psylocke who takes her to an assigned unarmed combat session.
12/07/2012 Decorating Committee Mercury, Psylocke, Wolfsbane, Sand Man and Mirage While the school is being decorated several X-Peeps and an Avenger talk
12/11/12 23:01 Wishing he had Singles Firebrand, USAgent, Spiral, Psylocke Walker lectures Broxel about being mean. Spiral shows, insanity ensues.


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