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- Born in Atlantic City to a Showgirl and a Casino Dealer with ties to organized crime in Greece. Lived in lower middle class, rather neglected by her parents and left to fend for herself. She fell in with a bad crowd as early as middle school and by Junior High, the bad crowd had become a gang.
- When her powers manifested, Jenny's gang was surprisingly accepting: having a mutant was weird, sure, but a mutant who could control the gang's luck wasn't exactly a bad thing. Jenny had practice using her powers and became rather good with them, using her abilities to help her gang win fights and escape the police.
- Eventually, her luck ran out: Jenny and the gang were busted by the police and Jenny was sitting in a holding cell when Emma Frost walked in and suddenly, Jenny's luck was turning around.
- Emma took Jenny to Massachusetts and enrolled her at her Massachusetts Academy. She did her best at school, but she REALLY excelled at using her abilities and appreciated the classes where she was encouraged to do so. She also befriended a number of other mutant students with a similar 'It's us or them' philosophy of using their powers to better themselves, no matter the cost to bystanders. She and the other Hellions began bullying the 'normal' students at the Academy, feeling like they were invincible. They weren't.
- Eventually, the anti-mutant groups stepped in and Jenny was arrested for an incident that resulted in some minor property damage. She was sitting in a holding cell and waiting for Miss Frost to step in like she'd done before and bust Jenny out of there. But Miss Frost never came.
- Jenny spent 3 years in MRD holding, being poked and prodded by scientists. On a good day, the guards neglected and ignored her. On a bad day, they sometimes vented their anti mutant frustrations on her. Jenny had nothing to do but think about her life and what had happened to lead her to this point, and she placed her blame squarely on the shoulders of Emma Frost: both for bringing her out of New Jersey and for abandoning her when she was arrested.
- The fact that her power wasn't destructive or really flashy was something she'd often lamented during gang squabbles, but it was actually what saved her life: the guards tended to pay less attention to her, thinking that she couldn't do much harm. When her unit was being transferred to a different facility on the east coast, Jenny was able to slip away thanks to creative (and liberal) use of bad luck discs on her captors.
- It was after she escaped that she learned that her incarceration might have actually been a good thing, in a roundabout way. The night Jenny spent in a holding cell in Boston was the same night that the Massachusetts Academy was attacked by anti-mutant activists. Had she been there, it's likely that Jenny would have been injured or even killed in the attack. Of course, had she escaped injury or death, she probably still would have been captured.
- Jenny kept a low profile and returned to New Jersey. She found that her gang had since disbanded and that those who remained blamed HER for what happened to the others. They'd since taken on a decidedly anti-mutant sentiment and Jenny got out of Dodge as fast as she could and made her way to New York City, hoping to lose herself.
- She's spent the last few months scraping by by hustling pool and using the skills she learned on the streets. For now, that's enough. Soon, though, she's going to want more: she's going to want revenge. And she'll throw her lot in with the first group that looks like it can help her get her hands on Emma Frost.


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