Real Name Cynthia Lawrence
Portrayed by
Gender Female
Place of Birth St. Catherines Ontario
Date of Birth July 3 1990
Age 22 (17)
Aliases Beacon
Origin Mutation
Current Location None
Occupation None
Team None
Alignment None
Known Relatives None
Significant Other None
Known Abilities Original Character

Character Details

Cynthia Lawrence was born in St. Catherines Ontario Canada, she is the daughter of Edward and Donna whom were fine loving parents but quite uninspired in their vocational pursuits. Her father worked at various factorys around Ontario while her mother worked at home doing odd jobs and occasionally working short hours. Cynthia herself did not seem to have the same traits, immediately proving to be of energetic and active inclaination the moment she began to walk. These interests seperated her from her two older siblings, two brothers, John and Richard.
John and Richard were several years older than Cynthia, so their ways did not influence her as she grew up, thus through grade school and into high school she was already involved in hockey, field and ice, lacrosse, track, virtually everything she could become involved in. All of such were pursued on her own, for both parents could care less about sports and they made no effort to pretend as they did. While this could hurt most children's self-esteem, this merely forged a independant streak in Cynthia that survives to adulthood.
Parental interaction was daily and Cynthia was disciplined and cared for but extra curricular activities remained her own. Luckly she kept up a B average in school, which was a grade that both Mother and Father thought were terrific. Home life was quite stable, the entire family was healthy and happy, father was working steady as was mother, allowing for a comfortable lower middle class lifestyle.
Coming into high-school Cynthia focused more and more on track and field activies, focusing on high jump and the fifteen hundred meter dash, taking both quite seriously. Fencing became an interest at this time, her school offering such for local competition, but it remained a hobby as she continued to focus on other matters. She was always successful at all the sports she played, so successful she was invited to play at all Ontario events and it was during one of these events that she first noticed that her life was not going to be as quiet and blissful as it seemed it would.
After a particularly competitive event Cynthia found herself before a mirror having just emerged from the showers. Still breathing heavy from previous exertions, she leaned against the sink contemplating what could have been done better, what could have been done to avoid her loss, HOW DID SHE LOOSE!!! Just as this anger silently welled within the girl whom had outrun her passed behind enroute to the showers and for a brief moment, her brown eyes shimmered with fraint green light. Just long enough for Cynthia to ghasp in horror and surprise.
Months went by and Cynthia did her best to forget that such a thing ever happened, though her confidance was sapped, suddenly feeling as though she were diagnosed with a terrible illness, frightened. She convinced herself that it was a hallucination brought on by extreme exertion, but as could be exprected this effect was to happen again. Unbeknownst to her, while walking through a mall with friends, she was passed by someone 'special' very 'special' and her eyes begain to glow a fierce green. Such invoked such a fright that many actually pointed and ran, for it seemed almost that Cynthia were to explode with pent up energy. However as this unknown individual passed on, the colour of her eyes slowly returned to their natural browns as he pressed away.
From that moment on, Cynthia was branded a 'Mutant' by her friends and family, was instantly mistrusted and kicked out of all her sporting activities. Generally people assumed that all her sporting victories were due to some sort of power that made such easy, glowing green eyes could not be the limit of her power, there must be more. But there was not more, they just would glow on various occasions at random intensity, always drawing fear from those around.
These bouts of glowing seemed to come at completely random moments, but almost always in public places. Cynthia herself does not notice the glow, thus the sudden fear around is the first indication that her 'affliction' is acting up. Although nothing violent ever resulted from such events, they did make her appear monsterous and thus probably drew more hatred than mutant powers far more dangerous. It was not long before everyone close to her was aware and unwilling to deny what she was.
Her family did not take a high road, virtually casting her out like a leper, announcing that a seventeen year old girl ought to be on her own. She was given five thousand dollers cast away. In the space of six months her entire life fell to pieces and by now she has found her way to New York, a place where she has heard that a mutant can find some degree of acceptance.


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