Real Name Armand Soleil Agdistis Pierre
Portrayed by Willy Cartier
Gender Male (?)
Place of Birth Paris, France
Date of Birth July 18th, 1994
Age 18
Aliases Mandy, Dante
Origin Genetic Mutation
Current Location New York City, New York
Occupation Baker-in-training, Student, Wanderer
Team None
Alignment Hero (?)
Known Relatives Many Lots of Louisiana/France Based Relatives
Significant Other None
Known Abilities Chaetokinesis, Prehensile Hair

Character Details

* Maternal side of the family are graceful and birdlike in their leanings towards ballet and Cirque du Soleil like performances. Mother's name was Marie Angelique Pierre and she was a classically trained ballerina from Paris.

* Paternal side of the family are swamp people from Louisiana, Creole and filled with life where hunting alligators and being close to family isn't uncommon. Father's name was Paul Etienne and he was a swamp raised military man in the United States Marines who happened to be deployed to France from time to time.

* Typical story...soldier meets ballerina, ballerina falls in love, soldier gets a piece of local tail and forgets his weiner jacket and 9 months later he gets a letter from ballerina about how he's now a daddy.

* Not so typical story, Marie has to retire from dancing due to losing her figure giving birth to Armand and when he's born he's named Armand Soleil Agdistis Pierre. She's bitter because she really wanted a baby girl so does indeed raise him like a girl until he's 5 and he learns the difference between a girl and a boy. Put in dance lessons from a very young age.

* Family in Louisiana sends money to France for Marie to bring herself and her 9 year old child to the US. She gets a position working as a maid in some homes in New Orleans. Paul is taken aback at how 'soft' and small his 'son' is and starts taking the poor dancing inclined little boy out with him and the boys to go hunt gators or go handfishing from time to time. He learns how to shoot with a rifle and a shotgun but much prefers spending time in the kitchen with Mama Rose (Grandma). He's not and has never been dumb however, having a firm grasp of mythologies and histories surrounding these things...he's a real history nerd. Eating cookies and reading books when not forced to go hunting.

* At age 12, Armand loses his temper when his uncle calls his mother a French Prostitute who just got with his father...for a green card and the chance to come to the US without needing a work visa. This leads to him accessing his power for the first time and boy when he does scares the family and he's locked in his room. What is this mysterious power? It is somewhat...lame really making his hair grow and being able wiggle it prehensiley. Father smoothes out the situation and quiets all the whispers about him being cursed or evil and the like and sends him to a militaryish boarding school for boys.

* School years aren't the best, he spends alot of time in the kitchens or cleaning room duty and of course spending time reading on his own more about history. He enjoys doing activities such as rope climbing and they offered things like fencing and he enjoyed those special and rare activities. Armand starts to slowly lose control of his ability and runs away from the boarding school at age 15...start living with an elderly baker and his family, feigns amnesia and swears he doesn't know who he is or where he's from. Live in New Orleans working in the bakery...perfecting his 'craft' and keeping a low profile. Known as 'Mandy' to friends and family and for those who weren't family, most often mistaken for a female.

* At 17, his elderly...rolemodel ends up dead and the family wants him out so as not to have any questions/worries about the will seeing as Armand is considered like a son to the old man (Grayson) so he moves out on his wondering on his own for now and trying to find a safe place to set down roots seeing as he can never go home and going back to school is not an option.

A ticket is purchased with money that's been scraped together, one way ticket to New York...why? Because he just opened a map and closed his eyes and picked a random place then purchased the bus ticket. What he's going to do? Who knows. He just needs to get away from Louisiana. He wants to get away from the south and he wants to start a new life somewhere. Maybe do something to make his family finally proud of him, but it'll take some time.


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Date Title Characters Summary
01/17/13 15:01 Bozho Bitch Slap Armand, Deadpool, Mirage, Shadowcat and (emitted) Nanabozho, Black Crow, and Red Wolf Nanabozho seeks revenge!
01/24/2013 Can I have that with a side of PTS Phantasm, Rex Gregson, Shadowcat, Armand, Captain America, Scarlet Witch, Hawkette, Empath There's a large gathering of folks sharing a table at Phillip's Crab House. One waitress reacts poorly to Shadowcat's Date.
02/02/2013 A Decision For the Future Armand, Phantasm Mike and Armand discuss Armand's future. Armand agrees to an appointment with an Xavier school rep.
02/16/13 The Reject Pile Armand, Phantasm Mike and Armand salvage Valentine's Day gifts for the local shelter
02/17/13 11:00 A Matter of Mistaken Identity Armand, Kimura (NPC), ShowStopper, X-23 In which Richenda crosses paths with X-23, Kimura rears her head, and Armand eats noodles.
03/11/13 16:29 Mad Gods Part I Armand, Black Crow, Showstopper, Spiral, Tigerstripe, Topaz, USAgent and Hotamintanio, Nanabozho, and some Spirit warriors The gods attack Staten Island in search of stolen artifacts. Many people die!
03/11/13 17:00 Combat Advice Phantasm, Armand Armand gives Mike combat advice. Does anyone else find something wrong with this concept?!
04/08/13 Poke Poke Poke Blindfold, Armand, Phantasm, Beast, Storm Armand sorts through stuffed animals and Blindfold sets to waking Mike up.
04/30/2013 Unplugged Performance Rex Gregson, Armand, Sandman, Blindfold, Radiance, Gogo, Lyra, Scarlet Witch and Topaz, NPC: Storm The elvish Rex Gregson performs
05/01/13 16:30 Never Trust Empath! Armand and Empath With the true Empath returned, he is up to his old tricks. First victim: Armand!
06/02/12 16:30 What Would You Like Your Tombstone To Say Seth, Armand, Rogue, Rex, Beta Ray Bill, Loki, Mike Taunting a god is a bad idea, taunting an unstable god is an even worse idea.
06/03/12 I'd like beef and bacon on that Tanya, Armand, Loki, Phantasm, Seth, Amora While Loki observes hidden away within a pizza place, others move about grabbing their pizza.
06/04/12 12:00 Concert in Central Park Rex Gregson, Phantasm, Armand, Rogue, Alchemy, Beta Ray Bill, Seth The Sombre Tyranasaur hosts a surprise concert with surprise guests
06/04/12 12:00 How Hard They Fall Loki, Armand, and the Super Adaptoid The Adaptoid smites Loki and kicks him to Jotunheim
06/05/12 18:24 Manipulations. . . Armand, Empath, Enchantress, and Loki Empath attempts to alleviate Armand of his connection with Loki. Things go awry.
06/06/12 17:04 A Typical Wednesday with Dwayne Taylor Armand, Empath, Night Thrasher, and Conquistador & Nova Empath hired Conquistador to take on Dwayne Taylor, which he does. But during a chat with Armand, Empath changes tactics. Conquistador is defeated
06/07/12 A Trip To The Zoo Armand, Loki A bit of fun and trickery at the zoo as Loki converses with his faithful minion. Armand Invents the Loki Loaf.
06/11/12 10:00 Hellion Chew Out Takara, Armand, Emma Frost Emma gives Takara and Armand punishment for Coney Island Involvement.
06/13/12 22:27 Hellions Training Day Armand, Empath, Sebastian Shaw, Skids, and Takara Shaw and Sally train Armand and Takara, but it is really Empath who is running things behind the scenes.
06/21/12 Convenience Store Defense Prequel! Armand, Logan, Krista Armand, Krista, and Logan deal with shadow critters
06/21/2012 Convience Store Defense Armand and Krista While New York is under siege Armand and Krista defend thier hiding spoit
06/23/12 Broke Bed Mountain Phantasm, Armand, Tanya Armand and Mike help sort through the destruction at the homeless shelter. Tanya drops off another guest
07/05/2012 I Got Pictures! Richenda Gray, Armand, Krista Chenda and Krista are at the mall and run into Armand
07/09/12 19:00 Everyone Likes Ice Cream Vaughn, Armand, Blindfold, Seth, Enchantress, Namor Interesting conversation in the park
07/13/12 235:15 Peace Talks Over Fries Vaughn Blindfold Armand Vaughn and Ruth discuss why he was upset with her.
07/27/12 20:32 Aquanoids Attack! Armand, Blindfold, Namor, the Phantasm, Sandman, and Aquanoids Aquanoids attack at the East River. Namor, the Phantasm, and Sandman defeat them while Ruth and Armand watch.
07/27/12 21:00 Aquanoids Aftermath Armand, Blindfold, Keith, the Phantasm, Rex Gregson, and Sandman Armand, Blindfold, Keith, the Phantasm, Rex Gregson, and Sandman gather for a chat after the attack
07/30/12 14:00 Heavy Metal Horde: Nimrod Cometh Sebastian Shaw, The Enchantress, Suzanne Endo, Armand, Alchemy, Richenda Gray, Empath, NPCS: Nimrod, Bishop Shaw and Amora take Suzi to see the school and the Hellions program. Armand and Tom are about thanks to the summer program. Richenda (Amelie) is under cover, checking things out under escort with Bishop. The time-displaced Sentinel arrives, and begins to malfunction. Empath re-appears to help out.
08/17/12 09:00 Meeting With The Headmistress Emma Frost and Armand Armand is called to the Headmistress's office to report on how his detention is going and ask for help.
08/26/12 Runaway Rita Armand, Spiral Spiral wanders off, and bumps into Armand
08/28/12 10:45 Talk about a six pack Spiral, Shadowcat, Nightcrawler, Armand X-Factor responds to an inquiry by Spider Man involving an amnesia-tic Spiral
08/28/2012 20:20 Afternoon in the Park Vaughn, Armand, Blindfold, Seth, Iceman, Scarlet Witch, Black Cat, Elene Chance encounters in the park
08/29/12 Remembering Rita Armand, Spiral, Shatterstar, Elene Armand continues keeping a watchful eye on Spiral, and they bump into a couple others
09/03/12 14:00 Massachusetts Academy sparring Force and Armand Sparring match between student and teacher.
09//21/12 A Favour - that isn't a pedicure Spiral, Armand Spiral and Armand chat on a park bench
09/30/12 20:00 Exchanges Ambrose, Armand, Mike, Shadowcat People show up to obtain something they need. A bit of food, a lost fossil, and for one, a way out.
10/12/12 Armand is a strange strange guy Armand, Blindfold, Phantasm, Vaughn, Julian Blindfold and Mike's search for Armand ends in the park. Vaughn wanders upon them to chat, and Julian makes a cameo
10/15/12 Blindfold Gets Kidnapped! Armand, Blindfold, Ballista Ballista kidnaps Blindfold
10/15/2012 Blindfold Gets Rescued Blindfold, Ballista, Armand, Mirage - NPC: Lazer Mirage comes to get Blindfold
10/21/12 Armand the Pizza Man Armand, Mike (Phantasm), Wade Shaw Armand makes pizza while Mike chases Wade out of the apartment.
10/26/12 After School Special Armand, Mercury, Phantasm, Rex Gregson, Seth, Shatterstar, Spiral, Vaughn Musicians rally together to perform a free concert with a few messages for the kiddos.
10/27/12 18:12 Armand's Goodies Armand, Sandman, Scarlet Witch, and Spiral Sandman and Wanda do some outreach work in Mutant Town and Spiral taunts and Armand saves the day with his goodies.
11/05/12 OMG Who did your nails Armand, Phantasm A still groggy from the medicine Mike wakes up to find his nails painted while he was asleep. He has odd roommates.
12/09/12 15:43 Demon Child Armand and Cloak Armand fights a demon child…Cloak assists.
12/10/12 08:30 Zombies, Oui Ambrose, Armand, Tigerstripe, Brother Voodoo "Zombies" invade the Village
12/21/12 A Very Sombre Tyrannosaur Christmas: Armand, Blindfold, Cloak, Dagger, Morbius, Phantasm, Rex, Scarlet Witch Scenes from the final concert from Rex's charity concert series. Red Mask is revealed.
2010/04/08 15:00 The medical device of dramatic timing Armand, Beast, Blindfold, Gambit, Jean Grey, Phantasm, Storm Mike's awake! Okay reuni- oh what? We got to run out (time jump converted)
2010/05/08 19:00 The Order Part V: Painful Pizza Armand, Wade Shaw Armand and Wade are attacked by the pizza man. There's no Pizza. :( (time jump converted)
2010/06/10 I like to Move it, Move it. Phantasm, Armand, Real Estate Agent Mike goes shopping for a new home that's NOT prone to crazed people attacks.
2012/03/16 Civil War: The Chase is On Jean Grey, Armand, Spiral and Arachne SHIELD is after Arachne. She gets some unexpected help
2013-06-11 Long Time, No See Armand and Pinion Armand and Krista run into each other
2013/06/12 Let Them Eat Cake in Chelsea Armand, Phantasm, Gambit, Gogo Armand's charity hosts a charity dinner to raise funds for St. Mary's Orphanage
2013/06/25 09:30 Pastry Bomber Armand, Night Thrasher, Nightcrawler, NPC Imp Thugs Nightcrawler is saved by Armand and Night Thrasher


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