Real Name Manuel de la Rocha
Portrayed by Ed Westwick
Gender Male
Place of Birth Castile, Spain
Date of Birth 11/29/91
Age 21
Aliases Black Rook
Origin Mutant
Current Location Hellfire Club
Occupation Black Rook of the Hellfire Club
Team Hellfire Club, Hellions, X-Men, X-Corporation,
Alignment Villain
Known Relatives All Deceased
Significant Other Whoever He Wants
Known Abilities Emotion Control

Character Details

Life for Manuel de la Rocha was always two ways, there was the reality and there was his reality. The reality of the situation for Manuel de la Rocha is that he was born into an impoverished family who were descendents of ancient noble Romans. He was a thin frail young boy in Castile, Spain and was constantly picked on by his schoolmates who were bigger and stronger than he was.
In his reality, Manuel de la Rocha was born into Spanish nobility that could trace their lineage all the way to ancient Rome. He was rich and lived the true life of a courtesan, given anything and everything he wanted. He was the epitome of the upper class and enjoyed his station in life. He had many friends and was very popular in school.
The time when true reality and his imagined reality collided comes when Manuel reaches puberty and develops his rather nasty mutant power of empathy. Once he realized that he was a mutant and how powerful he was, then that was the true birth of Empath. The ability to not only feel what others were feeling, but also the ability to make others feel a certain way, gave this little monster much relish. He immediately started using his powers to get many people to like him, but to also embarrass, humiliate, and overall destroy those who bullied him. It was during one such demonstration of his abilities at his school that led him to the attention of Emma Frost, and the Hellfire Club.
Empath was one of the first students recruited by Ms. Frost for Massachusetts Academy. Unknown to the majority of the students, there was a cabal of mutants that she gathered and formed the Hellions. Manuel was given the codename of Empath and he joined his teammates in training and controlling their abilities. These Hellions were the antithesis of Charles Xavier's students in the X-men and New Mutants. These student were taught the negative side of their abilities and were baptized into villainy.
Their first outing as a group brought them into conflict with none other than the X-Men themselves. This group of powerful mutant teenagers kidnapped the mutant Banshee and took over Cheyenne Mountain, where they took over the NORAD station. During the confrontation, two things are revealed about Empath. One is just how awesome his powers really are, as he is able to knock out a weakened Prof. X with help, he is able to manipulate a whole room of soldiers to panic and even make Nightcrawler fight recklessly and without regard. Another thing that was revealed is just how much Empath is afraid of direct combat. The mere sight of Wolverine popping his claws was enough for him to pass out. The mission a failure in Empathâs eyes. He swears to never be humiliated that way again.
After the New Mutants suffer memory loss from interaction with the Beyonder, they are brought to the Massachusetts Academy for help and integration into the Hellions. Empath uses the opportunity to emotionally torture some of the team, as well as Sharon Friedlander and Tom Corsi. He made the later two fall into a sexual frenzy and fall madly in love with each other. However, Magik proves to be immune to his powers and when the New Mutants are freed they kidnap him, but he is rescued and humiliated by Thunderbird, the Hellion leader.
During the time that the New Mutants were Hellions, Empath manipulated Magma into falling in love with him. His manipulation was so deep that she forsook her New Mutant teammates and remained a Hellion with Empath. While throughout his years as a Hellion, Empath has tried to manipulate others into falling into love with him. Emma Frost was able to psionically defeat the troubles student. Firestar eventually overcame his manipulation, due in part to the nature of her powers and her sudden immunity to his powers. Magma was not so lucky, but there were hints that she genuinely loved him. For his part, it seems that Empath genuinely loved Magma. So much so that the two left the Massachusetts Academy to Nova Roma, Magma’s home.
The two have since remained there and were fortunate enough not to return to the Massachusetts Academy as the school and most of its mutant students were killed by the Right. At this time, it was revealed Empath had been manipulating Magma. She grew so furious that she raised a volcano and pushed him into it. She and others believe him to be dead. In reality he has survived that incident and has been recovering from his injuries, waiting to unleash his revenge.

*IC The Right massacre the Massachusetts Academy as the school and most of its mutant students were killed.%r%R*IC At this time, it was revealed Empath had been manipulating Magma. She grew so furious that she raised a volcano and pushed him into it. She and others believe him to be dead.%r%R*IC In reality he has survived that incident and has been recovering from his injuries, waiting to unleash his revenge.%r%R*IC Since his return, Empath has risen within the ranks of the Hellfire Club, quickly become the Black Rook. %r%R*IC Empath has taken a role at the Masschusetts Academy training the next generation of Hellions.%r%r*IC Empath’s father mysteriously passes away.

*IC Shinobi Shaw kidnaps and tortured Empath‚ as revenge to his father Sebastian Shaw. It is implied that Shinobi killed his father.

*IC Taking a break, Empath returns to Spain to help his mother and deal with the estate.

*IC During Ultron’s attack on the Earth, sentinels were unleashed on the Massachusetts Academy, using his powers to emotionally strengthen those in combat, Empath became overwhelmed and fell unconscious.

*IC He eventually recovers and has gone home to Spain to care for his mother, who to has since passed away due to heartache and grief over losing her husband.

*IC After he mourns, he returns and becomes the full-time instructor and authority over the Hellions, recruiting and bringing in new members for training.

*IC When Genosha is returned from the Negative Zone, Empath and others shift realities, an alternate and nicer Manuel appears.

*IC When reality is fixed, the original mean Empath returns, much to the sadness of many of the people the nicer Manuel had encountered.

*TJ With the Hellfire Club falling into other hands, Empath ends up joining the side of the angels. He joins the X-Corporation and works with Sunspot as Communications Director for the Los Angeles Branch.

*TJ Under the thrall of Elias Bogan, Empath begins to use Kick. Enhancing his powers, he is forced to use them on Sunspot and Magma.

*TJ With the defeat of Elias Bogan, Empath is freed from his thrall.

*TJ X-Corporation is dissolved by Cyclops, but Empath remains assisting the X-Men.

*TJ After M-Day, Empath retains his powers.

*TJ Empath is sent by Emma Frost to corral Magma who has gone mad after the death of her boyfriend.

*TJ During the events of the 198, Magma is controlled by Johnny Dee into killing Mr. M. She blames Empath.

*TJ Empath leaves the X-Men.

*TJ Empath resurfaces in San Francisco, leading the Hellfire Cult, a group of anti-mutant humans.

*TJ Empath falls under the thrall of the Red Queen of the Sisterhood of Mutants.

*TJ Going on a rampage in San Francisco, Empath faces the X-Men and holds his own until he is stopped by Pixie who stabs him in the face with her Soul Dagger, blinding him.

*TJ Empath is held prisoner by the X-Men and is relocated to Utopia where he is held prisoner. Magma visits him regularly.

*TJ During the events of Necrosha, Empath is freed by the servants of Selene.

*TJ Selene rids him of his blindness. Empath escapes the final events of Necrosha.

*TJ Empath is once again back to his old ways.


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Date Title Characters Summary
01/14/13 08:00 Checks and Balances Empath and Firestar Empath invites Firestar to the new Massachusetts Academy and makes an offer.
01/17/13 16:55 An Intriguing Education Ambrose and Empath Empath meets Ambrose and have an exchange about history and education
01/20/13 02:31 Welcome to the Hellions, Caliban Caliban and Empath Empath meets Caliban and recruits him for the Hellions
01/24/2013 Can I have that with a side of PTS Phantasm, Rex Gregson, Shadowcat, Armand, Captain America, Scarlet Witch, Hawkette, Empath There's a large gathering of folks sharing a table at Phillip's Crab House. One waitress reacts poorly to Shadowcat's Date.
02/11/13 09:45 Lesson Learned Caliban and Empath & (emitted) Alchemy, Force, and Tarot Empath and Caliban attempt to teach the Hellions a lesson, but get schooled by Force.
03/21/13 16:20 An Afternoon in the Park Blindfold, Empath, Topaz, and Beast Blindfold, Empath, Topaz, and Beast all encounter each other in the park. Empath makes Beast go feral and run naked in the park.
03/31/13 23:58 Not Quite April Fool's Day Empath, Manifold, and Wolfsbane An alternate reality version of Empath shows up to the mansion expecting to be let in.
04/04/13 14:49 Getting to Know You Blindfold, Empath, and Storm Ruth and Storm run into the alternate Empath
04/18/13 16:45 From Bully to Bullied Empath and Wolfsbane A kinder gentler alternate Empath and Wolfsbane deal with some bullies and discuss the differences in Empath
05/01/13 16:30 Never Trust Empath! Armand and Empath With the true Empath returned, he is up to his old tricks. First victim: Armand!
05/08/2013 Mutant v. Mage Empath and Topaz Empath and Topaz duel - Winner? You be the judge.
06/05/12 18:24 Manipulations. . . Armand, Empath, Enchantress, and Loki Empath attempts to alleviate Armand of his connection with Loki. Things go awry.
06/06/12 17:04 A Typical Wednesday with Dwayne Taylor Armand, Empath, Night Thrasher, and Conquistador & Nova Empath hired Conquistador to take on Dwayne Taylor, which he does. But during a chat with Armand, Empath changes tactics. Conquistador is defeated
06/07/12 1AM Hellfire Induction Amora, Sally, Sebastion Shaw, Empath Sally and Amora are inducted as Inner Circle members
06/12/12 19:00 Drugs Are Bad Empath, Takara, and Drug Students Empath and Takara catch a drug deal and Empath busts it.
06/12/12 19:30 Hellfire Nights: The Ballad of Ricky and Bobby Empath, Sebastian Shaw, Skids, Takara, and Ricky & Bobby RIcky & Bobby, drug dealers are turned over to Shaw. Empath, Takara, and Skids weigh in on their fates.
06/13/12 22:27 Hellions Training Day Armand, Empath, Sebastian Shaw, Skids, and Takara Shaw and Sally train Armand and Takara, but it is really Empath who is running things behind the scenes.
06/13/12 23:54 Brandy with Brandy Empath and Skids Sally and Manuel meet up at the bar and talk over Club stuff.
06/21/12 01:48 Greater Rewards Empath and Skids Manuel and Sally chat in the HFC about the past, present, and future
07/30/12 14:00 Heavy Metal Horde: Nimrod Cometh Sebastian Shaw, The Enchantress, Suzanne Endo, Armand, Alchemy, Richenda Gray, Empath, NPCS: Nimrod, Bishop Shaw and Amora take Suzi to see the school and the Hellions program. Armand and Tom are about thanks to the summer program. Richenda (Amelie) is under cover, checking things out under escort with Bishop. The time-displaced Sentinel arrives, and begins to malfunction. Empath re-appears to help out.
12/12/12 17:38 Welcome to the Hellions, Hellion Empath, Hellion, and Sebastian Shaw Empath returns and Hellion joins the Hellions. Shaw watches all.
12/17/12 19:11 Hellion's Hellions Empath, Hellion, Sebastian Shaw, and Alchemy, Electric Eve, and Tarot Empath and Shaw train some of the new Hellions as Hellion takes the lead among them.
2010/04/28 13:00 The Order - part 2 Blindfold, Empath, Phantasm, Radiance An Apartment Fire Heats up a Sunday Afternoon (time jump converted)
2011/03/01 Decimation: M-Day Empath, Wolfsbane, Mirage (with various others emitted by Empath) The world goes white. Mutants awaken to major change.
2012/10/31 Secret Invasion: Lyja vs. Lyra Empath and Lyra NPC: Lyja the Lazerfist Empath (still working with the X-Men at this point) is trying to evacuate some people when Lyja shows up. Lyra fights her and wins.
2013/05/24 Song Requests and Detests Blindfold, Gambit, Rex-Gregson, Empath, Phantasm Mike gets some free beer while he plays the piano at the Pub. Several friends walk in to listen… and Empath
2013/06/21 23:14 Empath at the Ellington Club Empath and Finesse Empath and Finesse meet at the Ellington Club


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