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Sally Blevins was born in Los Angeles California in 1987 to Matilda.
Her mother lives with and eventually marries Bill Blevins.
Bill, though Sally's childhood is abusive to her and her mother.
He kills her mother and begins to beat on her. The blows land on a force-field granted to her by her mutation.
She runs away that night.
Traveling in rail cars and along the tracks at night, she finds herself in New York and is taken in by the Morlocs.
While on the surface, she meet Rusty Collins, being hunted by Freedom Force.
Freedom Force is attacked by a crowd of humans.
During the attack, X-Factor takes in Sally and Rusty and begins to train them in the use and control of their powers.
During her training, a Demon attacks, kidnaps and was going to use children to open a portal to Limbo.
With Rusty, her other trainees, and the new Mutants, the demon is stopped, the children are returned home.
Sally and Rusty are attacked by Freedom Force once more, and lose.
They escape custody to stop a pair of villains, but are promptly recaptured.
They accept help from the Mutant Liberation Front, and are promptly brainwashed into following
Stryfe, and further train under him and along with his team.


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Date Title Characters Summary
04/11/13 Uncalled Anger Thimble Blindfold Skids During after class time, some harsh words lead to anger
05/09/2013 Morning Rituals Skids and Mirage Sally and Dani have an uneasy, but all ends well.
06/07/12 1AM Hellfire Induction Amora, Sally, Sebastion Shaw, Empath Sally and Amora are inducted as Inner Circle members
06/12/12 19:30 Hellfire Nights: The Ballad of Ricky and Bobby Empath, Sebastian Shaw, Skids, Takara, and Ricky & Bobby RIcky & Bobby, drug dealers are turned over to Shaw. Empath, Takara, and Skids weigh in on their fates.
06/13/12 22:27 Hellions Training Day Armand, Empath, Sebastian Shaw, Skids, and Takara Shaw and Sally train Armand and Takara, but it is really Empath who is running things behind the scenes.
06/13/12 23:54 Brandy with Brandy Empath and Skids Sally and Manuel meet up at the bar and talk over Club stuff.
06/18/12 21:00 The Tech Mogul Two-Step Suzanne Endo, Sebastian Shaw, Sally Blevins Suzi Endo visits the Hellfire Club as a guest, and meets a few very special members.
06/21/12 01:48 Greater Rewards Empath and Skids Manuel and Sally chat in the HFC about the past, present, and future
06/26/12 20:30 Ghost Strike 2: Welcome to My Dungeon, Suzi Suzanne Endo, Sebastian Shaw, Sally Blevins Suzanne returns to NYC after her quick trip to Hong Kong, and calls Sebastian. They meet where no one will be looking.
07/05/12 12:30 Strategic Partnership Interview Emma Frost, Suzanne Endo, Sally Blevins Emma calls Suzi and they meet to discuss the possibility of a business partnership. Meanwhile, Emma pokes around to see what she can figure out about Suzanne Endo. Look what she found!
07/09/12 21:30 Ghost Strike 3: Enter the Requiem Sharks Suzanne Endo, Sally Blevins, Sebastian Shaw, Stealth, Smarts Shaw promised to help Suzi deal with The Ghost and his threat to her and her company. He shows up with some mercenaries willing to risk themselves against said terrorist.
07/13/12 20:30 Time Traveling Machines, Oh My! Suzanne Endo, Sebastian Shaw, Amora the Enchantress, Sally Blevins Sebastian invites Suzi to stop by, hoping to discuss what he has learned from Emma relating to the Cybermancer. Sally is still acting as Suzi's bodyguard, and Amora is there to help assure privacy - and make trouble.
07/13/12 23:00 The Reflection Curse Sally Blevins, Suzanne Endo Following 'Time Traveling Machines, Oh My', Sally bodyguards Suzi on the way back to the penthouse. They discover what Amora's little curse is doing.
07/17/12 10:30 Manufacturing Madhouse Suzanne Endo, Sally Blevins, Amora the Enchantress What at first appears might be another attack by the Ghost turns out to be some of the manufacturing robots in a clean room going dangerously nuts. Suzi has to save her workers. Sally and Amora help. Weird, hunh?
07/18/12 16:00 We Are a Team? Really? Suzanne Endo, Sally Blevins, Amora the Enchantress Suzanne wants to meet with Amora to figure out what is going on with these crazy people. Still crazy.
08/06/12 12:00 Heavy Metal Horde Finale 3: The Hellfire Solution The Enchantress, Cybermancer, Ballista, Skids, NPC: Sebastian Shaw, The Ghost, Ultron, Sentinels Shaw has assured the heroes that he and his connections can and will take care of the Sentinels standing deadly watch over most of the major cities around the world. Now it's time for them to deliver.
08/15/12 21:00 Raking It In Suzanne Endo, Sebastian Shaw, Emma Frost, Sally Blevins The Hellfire Club's secret Inner Circle discuss opportunties and challenges in the wake of Ultron's defeat.
08/16/12 13:00 How to Make Peace With a Goddess Emma Frost, Suzanne Endo, Sally Blevins Suzi discusses business with Emma, and then discusses Amora. Sally appears for a bit.
08/16/12 22:00 Hellfire Aftermath Sebastian Shaw, Cybermancer, Skids, Ballista Shaw meets with the newer recruits and prepares to tell them what is what, and crown them as the latest Ladies Cardinal


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