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Emma was born into the cream of Boston society, the third of four children. Her parents were quite wealthy and were considered as almost aristocrats. Her childhood could not be termed as happy. Her parents were rarely home and when they did seem to notice her, it was at their convenience or to make the society pages think they were the perfect family. Behind the scenes, however, her father was a manipulative and abusive tyrant, who played the rest of the family like some strange form of chess pieces in a game to win his approval, and, ultimately, the family business. Her mother, always fragile, frequently went along with this, fading into the background more often than not. Her older brother Christian was indifferent, inclined to go his own way, and, she later discovered, homosexual. Her older sister Adrienne was ambitious and scheming, with a secret career in modeling and a drive to be her father's successor, and her younger sister Cordelia was rebellious and prone to acting out in a drive to be the center of her father's attention.
Emma, in the meantime, was the quietly rebellious one, isolated and bullied in her private school and all but ignored at home. In the middle of all this, her powers manifested themselves for the first time, and she quickly learned how to use them to excel in academics by skimming the thoughts of those around her. This was not the only use her powers would see, however, in the difficult months ahead. A chain of events would see many family secrets exposed, her brother sent to a mental institution by her father, and Emma handed the family business, only to reject it at her father's betrayal of Christian and run away from home.
A dizzying series of misadventures on the street, including a near-disastrous kidnapping and extortion plan by several low-level criminals, left her in possession of a substantial amount of her father's money, and with this she disappeared into New York, attending university there under her own name, but adding a swiftly crafted background story designed to deflect suspicion. Here, she used her telepathic talents just as she had in her old school, and soon became a model student, but not a popular one, mostly due to widespread jealousy. A chance encounter with another telepath led to a great broadening of her range of powers, and considerable honing of her already powerful but untrained telepathic skills.

When her parents died, she found herself as the owner of Frost Enterprises. Despite her young age, 19, her telepathic abilities enhanced her skills and knowledge so that she could hold that position. She taught herself as she went, learning how to use people and their secrets to her advantage. She was continuing to perfect her skills as a telepath. She was able to gain control of a multi-billion dollar company and merge the two businesses with herself as the Chairman of the Board.
The Hellfire Club membership passed to her after her parents' deaths. Emma, Sebastian Shaw and some others took control of the Inner Circle from Edward (Ned) Buckman and his associates. This followed Buckman revealing his true colors by sending a Sentinel to attack Emma and Harry Leland. They were saved by Shaw and Lourdes Chantel who died during that battle. Buckman was surprised to find Shaw was not dead. Emma used her powers to control Buckman like a puppet to gun down the Council of the Chosen (as the Inner Circle was originally called). Shaw killed him by breaking his neck. Shaw became the Black King and Emma the White Queen, replacing Paris Seville. Their aim remained the same as the original Council, to control the world.
She used her own personal resources to create Cyberiad in order to scour the globe for young mutants to train in the use of their powers at her own school. She attempted to recruit a young Kitty Pryde for her school but unfortunately, Professor Xavier arrived with some of the X-Men for the same purpose. A battle ensued during which she was able to knock out three of the X-Men with apparent ease despite their mental training by Xavier. They later were rescued by their fellow X-Men. The Phoenix defeated her, leaving the destroyed base behind and assuming Emma was dead. It took her some time to recover.

There have been many times that the Hellions have wandered off on their own to pursue their own interests. While Emma at times knew of these, she rarely has interfered for her own reasons. There is one key failure that Emma has on her list of students though and that is Angelica Jones, also known as Firestar. Despite her careful manipulation of the girl in order to make her an assassin, the young Angelica was able to learn of the ploy (thanks to a guard who grew attached to the girl). Emma lost control and was unable to cope with the girl's temper. Firestar destroyed the base beneath the Academy but Emma somehow escaped with her life. While it was eventually rebuilt, this has been a dark spot on her record for students and that is something Emma will not forget.
Later, when Kitty's parents ordered her to leave Xavier's school and enroll in the Massachusetts Academy, Emma used this opportunity to use a personal exchange gun on Storm. This was the original plan to capture the X-Men by the Club. They exchanged bodies and powers. Emma attacked the X-Men with Storm's powers, while Storm helped Kitty escape. The two women then fought and Emma lost control of her newfound powers, overloading Shaw who was struck by a stray bolt of lightning. Emma and Storm switched back and the Hellfire Club had to once again withdraw. Kitty was released from the Academy and returned to the X-Men.
At one time, Emma was felled by a psionic attack which forced her to retreat into a catatonic state due to the horrors she faced. Through her own force of will, she was able to fight her way free. Her determination was more then the fears she had faced. Her fear of being trapped was enough to spur her to fight for her life and be victorious. It was later learned that Mastermind was the attacker. There had been a long lasting rivalry between the two in the Hellfire Club. He had decided to get revenge on those he felt had wronged him. Emma was his first victim.
When Emma recovered, she continued her search for young mutants. The Hellfire Club supported this financially as they felt the mutants she had been gathering could be used to serve the club as well. They were named the Hellions and more mutants were added to their ranks. Emma continued as the instructor of these young mutants in a secret underground area beneath the regular academy. This is the pursuit she has continued to this point in time.


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Date Title Characters Summary
01/11/13 12:39 Thank You At The Speed of Light Aurora, White Queen Aurora calls Emma to thank her for her help in saving her from fashion disaster.
01/30/13 09:00 What the hell are you doing here Havok & Emma Frost Alex confronts Emma as to her part in the school.
02/05/2013 The Answers is Blindfolds Emma Frost and Mirage The two chat after lunch duty
02/16/13 18:28 Scheming Young Minds Finesse, Nemo, Emma Frost, Blindfold Kisha meets Jeanne in the girls' dorms study room, only the two study a rather questionable topic, before joined by Ruth and eventually Emma
03/26/13 12:47 What Might Have Been Firestar, White Queen The White Queen gets a glimpse of what things might have been like if she succeeded with Firestar, but keeps to the lessons she has learned
04/02/13 11:36 The Art of Reflection Magik and White Queen Magik appears in Emma's office to question the motive behind her teaching at Xavier's and winds up having a spotlight shine on painful memories of her own.
06/11/12 10:00 Hellion Chew Out Takara, Armand, Emma Frost Emma gives Takara and Armand punishment for Coney Island Involvement.
07/05/12 12:30 Strategic Partnership Interview Emma Frost, Suzanne Endo, Sally Blevins Emma calls Suzi and they meet to discuss the possibility of a business partnership. Meanwhile, Emma pokes around to see what she can figure out about Suzanne Endo. Look what she found!
08/09/12 05:34 Coffee Break Emma Frost, Firestar Angelica Jones takes a break from all the chaos taking place recently, reading a novel and drinking coffee at a street side cafe. She happens by some unwanted company when Emma Frost joins her table.
08/15/12 21:00 Raking It In Suzanne Endo, Sebastian Shaw, Emma Frost, Sally Blevins The Hellfire Club's secret Inner Circle discuss opportunties and challenges in the wake of Ultron's defeat.
08/16/12 13:00 How to Make Peace With a Goddess Emma Frost, Suzanne Endo, Sally Blevins Suzi discusses business with Emma, and then discusses Amora. Sally appears for a bit.
08/17/12 09:00 Meeting With The Headmistress Emma Frost and Armand Armand is called to the Headmistress's office to report on how his detention is going and ask for help.
09/17/12 09:00 Hawt comes to visit Havok and Emma Frost Emma comes to Alex with a proposal
09/25/12 12:57 When In Doubt Play The Queen Finesse, Emma Frost Finesse is on the hunt for the man responsible for the Jack O'Lantern note left for her awhile back, now she's reaching for the help of the White Queen
09/28/12 08:00 Loss and Gain Emma Frost & Exodus Exodus seeks direction after the loss of Magneto
11/28/12 What if... 3 Professor X, Colossus, Cyclops, Storm, Jean Grey, Nightcrawler, Shadowcat, Havok, Mirage, Beast, Angel, Polaris, Cannonball, Sunspot, Magma, Cypher, Wolfsbane, Boom-Boom, Sebastian Shaw, Emma Frost, Tessa, What if the X-Men lived in the Steampunk Era?
12/10/12 11:28 We All Wear Masks White Queen, Aurora After being unnerved by another meeting with Daimon Hellstrom, Jeanne-Marie happens by Emma Frost, who takes interest in her because of what she's seen between Jeanne-Marie and Daimon
2010/05/05 The Order Part IV: The Interrogation of Ambrose Ambrose, Blindfold, Storm, Emma, Detective Lawson, Detective Williams Ambrose is brought in for questioning regarding his involvement in the double stabbings earlier in the week. (time jump converted)


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