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Shaw was born into an impoverished family, they didn't have much and they didn't spend hardly any time with Shaw which in turn made Shaw despise his parents. As is normal with people, Shaw got older, he no longer lived with his parents and didn't care if he never saw them again. With a little stolen money and his superb business skill, Shaw became a millionaire by the age of twenty. He took over a company and renamed it Shaw Industries, a multinational corporation. Shaw Industries was heavily involved with the US defense contracts and the production of munitions. After a time, Shaw was invited to join the Hellfire Club and soon after joining, Shaw learned of the Inner Circle.
After a time of being the Black Bishop, Shaw saw his opportunity to strike at the current White King. The coupe was successful and Shaw took up the mantle of Black King. He then began construction of the Mutant Hunting Sentinels, payed for by the government. What was really ironic was they were contracting a mutant to build mutant hunting robots. Shaw built into all Sentinels he built a failsafe so they would never attack him or anyone of his choosing. Over the years, Shaw has squelched numerous plots to de-throne him, killing all conspirators. Shaw is now a multi-billionaire and is looking onto new and better things. Maybe wanting a new challenge or even something else unknown even to him.
The events surrounding the Phoenix Force were set into motion. Shaw directed the White and Black Queens to carry out a plot to set the Phoenix free and then obtain it for their own personal gain. This plan was carried out to fruition, however, with the betrayal of the White Queen, the Hellfire Club lost the opportunity and lost the force of the Phoenix.
With that plot ruined, Shaw returned to his business focii in New York city. He continues to this day working on the next great plan to obtain power and wealth.


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Date Title Characters Summary
06/07/12 1AM Hellfire Induction Amora, Sally, Sebastion Shaw, Empath Sally and Amora are inducted as Inner Circle members
06/12/12 19:30 Hellfire Nights: The Ballad of Ricky and Bobby Empath, Sebastian Shaw, Skids, Takara, and Ricky & Bobby RIcky & Bobby, drug dealers are turned over to Shaw. Empath, Takara, and Skids weigh in on their fates.
06/13/12 22:27 Hellions Training Day Armand, Empath, Sebastian Shaw, Skids, and Takara Shaw and Sally train Armand and Takara, but it is really Empath who is running things behind the scenes.
06/18/12 21:00 The Tech Mogul Two-Step Suzanne Endo, Sebastian Shaw, Sally Blevins Suzi Endo visits the Hellfire Club as a guest, and meets a few very special members.
06/26/12 20:30 Ghost Strike 2: Welcome to My Dungeon, Suzi Suzanne Endo, Sebastian Shaw, Sally Blevins Suzanne returns to NYC after her quick trip to Hong Kong, and calls Sebastian. They meet where no one will be looking.
07/09/12 21:30 Ghost Strike 3: Enter the Requiem Sharks Suzanne Endo, Sally Blevins, Sebastian Shaw, Stealth, Smarts Shaw promised to help Suzi deal with The Ghost and his threat to her and her company. He shows up with some mercenaries willing to risk themselves against said terrorist.
07/13/12 20:30 Time Traveling Machines, Oh My! Suzanne Endo, Sebastian Shaw, Amora the Enchantress, Sally Blevins Sebastian invites Suzi to stop by, hoping to discuss what he has learned from Emma relating to the Cybermancer. Sally is still acting as Suzi's bodyguard, and Amora is there to help assure privacy - and make trouble.
07/30/12 14:00 Heavy Metal Horde: Nimrod Cometh Sebastian Shaw, The Enchantress, Suzanne Endo, Armand, Alchemy, Richenda Gray, Empath, NPCS: Nimrod, Bishop Shaw and Amora take Suzi to see the school and the Hellions program. Armand and Tom are about thanks to the summer program. Richenda (Amelie) is under cover, checking things out under escort with Bishop. The time-displaced Sentinel arrives, and begins to malfunction. Empath re-appears to help out.
08/05/12 21:00:00 Heavy Metal Horde Finale: Conference Call Jean Grey, Scott Summers, Nicholas Fury, Carol Danvers, Amora the Enchantress, Doctor Strange, Sebastian Shaw The heroes - and the not-so-heroic - gather following Ultron's ultimatum to the world, to plan for resistance.
08/06/12 12:00 Heavy Metal Horde Finale 3: The Hellfire Solution The Enchantress, Cybermancer, Ballista, Skids, NPC: Sebastian Shaw, The Ghost, Ultron, Sentinels Shaw has assured the heroes that he and his connections can and will take care of the Sentinels standing deadly watch over most of the major cities around the world. Now it's time for them to deliver.
08/15/12 21:00 Raking It In Suzanne Endo, Sebastian Shaw, Emma Frost, Sally Blevins The Hellfire Club's secret Inner Circle discuss opportunties and challenges in the wake of Ultron's defeat.
08/16/12 22:00 Hellfire Aftermath Sebastian Shaw, Cybermancer, Skids, Ballista Shaw meets with the newer recruits and prepares to tell them what is what, and crown them as the latest Ladies Cardinal
09/06/12 18:00 Colby meets with Shaw Shaw Colby Sally Colby meets up with Shaw about a potential job
11/28/12 What if... 3 Professor X, Colossus, Cyclops, Storm, Jean Grey, Nightcrawler, Shadowcat, Havok, Mirage, Beast, Angel, Polaris, Cannonball, Sunspot, Magma, Cypher, Wolfsbane, Boom-Boom, Sebastian Shaw, Emma Frost, Tessa, What if the X-Men lived in the Steampunk Era?
11/30/2010 8:34pm Club Recruitment Sebastian Shaw, Julian Keller Shaw Recruits Keller for the HFC
12/12/12 17:38 Welcome to the Hellions, Hellion Empath, Hellion, and Sebastian Shaw Empath returns and Hellion joins the Hellions. Shaw watches all.
12/17/12 19:11 Hellion's Hellions Empath, Hellion, Sebastian Shaw, and Alchemy, Electric Eve, and Tarot Empath and Shaw train some of the new Hellions as Hellion takes the lead among them.


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