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Upon Daimon's realization of his true nature, a psychic signal was sent to his father, alerting him to this fact. 'Satan' directed Daimon to the interdimensional portal in the mansion's basement (it's always the basement). Once in his father's Hell-realm (a so-called 'pocket' dimension many powerful demons craft for themselves), 'Satan' made Daimon an offer to serve him in Hell and act as his agent. Being who he was, Daimon refused and was summarily teleported back to the surface. Vowing to fight his father's evil, Daimon then went back down to the portal and confronted his father. For his first time out, he didn't do too badly. This may also be due to the 'Darksoul' his father awakened in him. Armed with this heritage, some innate powers, and his knowledge of religious rites such as exorcism, Daimon managed to hold his own and escape 'Hell' with his father's trident, a demon-drawn chariot, and a more distinct birthmark (Daimon had been born with a birthmark in the shape of a circled, inverted pentagram, after this, there was no mistaking it for what it was).\n Daimon then began to develop some real problems. It seems his Darksoul partook greatly of the true nature of a demon, which is corrupt beyond most humans' ability to easily comprehend. Calling himself The Son of Satan and donning a red and golden costume, he fought mystical threats alongside such people as Doctor Strange and the Defenders, Ghost Rider, as well as the Avengers. He also met and clashed with his sister, Satana, now an adult, a succubus, and possessed by a powerful entity known as the Basilisk.\n Most of Hellstrom's adventures revolved around possession of someone and the need for him to exorcise the demon or influence. In this he encountered many, many demons and made far more enemies than he could count. Yet, being the lord of Hell (or heir to the title) gives him much influence over said demons as well as prevents them from attacking 24/7/365.\n At one point, Mephisto disguised himself as a lesser demon named Maya and recruited five other demons to form a coalition known as The Six-Fingered Hand. One of the Hand, Avarrish, made a deal with Dorothy Walker (who was dying of cancer), the mother of the superheroine Patsy Walker (Hellcat) for eternal life and youth in exchange for Patsy's soul. He managed to wangle possession of Patsy after her mother's death due to Patsy's grief and anger. It was incomplete, so Avarrish set into motion phase two of his plan. He approached Isaac Christians, mayor of the town of Christianboro, and offered him power to restore prosperity to his town if he would capture Hellcat for him. To this end he merged Issac with an ancient entity and transformed the man into the being now known as the Gargoyle. He succeeded in catching Hellcat and completing the possession before Dr. Strange and the Defenders teleported in to put a stop to this. This was according to the Six-Fingered Hand's plan, however, as Strange's teleporting weakened the already thin boundaries between Earth and Hell.\n Daimon could not help but notice this and was drawn into the conflict. To summarize, the demons revealed their plans at the Nexus of All Realities in the Man-Thing's swamp and challenged the Defenders to a duel, stating that only by finding "the light within the darkness" could they win. During the battle, 'Maya' siphoned the power of his five allies into himself and also helped empower Thog, Satannish, and 'Satan', throwing open the dimensional Nexus and starting to allow their armies to pour through. Daimon realized, in time, that -he- was that light in darkness and agreed to remain with 'Satan' if he would close the Nexus. Fortunately for Daimon, he never said "forever". He eventually broke free from his father's hell-realm and joined the Defenders.\n During his stint with the Defenders, Daimon eventually started a relationship with Patsy Walker, the superheroine known as Hellcat, who used a variant on Tigra's original costume. Daimon maintained a civilian identity as an occult researcher and lecturer (much like Dr. Strange) at St. Louis college. However, all was not to remain as 'idyllic' as it started out for the couple.\n Hellstrom & Hellstrom developed a reputation as being very successful. As Daimon's mystical powers began to resurface, he designed a costume, acting as the superhero Hellstorm whenever he wished to work in anonymity.\n Daimon and Patsy were visited by the West Coast contingent of the Avengers, who wished their help against Master Pandemonium and the demon Allatou. As Hellstorm, he transported himself, Hellcat, and the Avengers to the portion of his father's Hell under the domain of Allatou; as they vanished, Master Pandemonium and his familiar Azmodeus arrived at his house and latched onto his magical energies, accessing Allatou's domain as well. While the Avengers fought Allatou's demon legions, Hellstorm and Hellcat fought Master Pandemonium and Azmodeus, but ultimately Allatou cast the heroes and Pandemonium adrift on a ship on the River of Death, which they could not leave for fear of being obliterated outside of the ship's protection.\n With the Avengers and Pandemonium, Hellstorm and Hellcat arrived in the Land Within, home of the Cat People who had degenerated into demons. Hellstorm's reputation helped protect the Avengers, and he later comforted Tigra after her alliance with the Cat People to kill Pandemonium was revealed. When the heroes fought back against the Cat People, Daimon fought along with them. The battle was resolved when Tigra fully merged her human and cat souls.\n Hellstorm, Hellcat, and the Avengers returned to Earth.\n Weeks later, Daimon and Hellcat took Tigra and Hank Pym out on their boat, the Hell's Belle. They ended up fighting and defeating the fleeing Tiger Shark, though Daimon stayed out of the struggle. Daimon and Patsy listened to Pym's tale of his fall from grace, offering their sympathies and understanding. After he and Patsy had some...recreation back in their home, Daimon gave his approval to Hellcat helping Tigra and Pym take out Whirlwind.\n Eventually, after many adventures, Daimon seemingly defeated his father. Shortly afterwards, a mystical criminal known as the Miracle Man stole Daimon's Darksoul from him, rendering him mostly powerless. The Darksoul was eventually driven from Miracle Man and trapped in the form of a snake. This snake later fell into the hands of the being known as Terror. He retired from the 'superhero' life to live with Patsy. Although they occasionally operated as occult detectives while Daimon wrote for occult journals and became known as a leading demonologist, things were mostly calm for the couple. But this was not to last. For you see, demons are often not dead when one believes they are.\n At some point during all this, Satana turned against her father and refused to consume the soul of a priest she had befriended. As a result of these actions and during an attempt to aid Doctor Strange, Satana's Basilisk broke free from her control and slew her, dying as well. Her soul went to her father's Hell-realm where plans were brewing for Daimon.\n As it turns out, 'Satan' was not dead after all, not that this was very surprising. he began to engineer a change in Daimon, subtle at first, but growing as time went on. Daimon's very nature as a human-demon hybrid means that his Darksoul is little more than a tool for him to express his power through. In short, Daimon's 'Darksoul' began to return on its own. Not only did he begin feeling his powers growing but his demonic nature began to surface more and more, driving him away from Patsy.\n Daimon continues to be an occult investigator and Patsy a model. They are estranged.


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Date Title Characters Summary
01/01/13 00:01 The Wrong Demon Magik & Hellstorm Daimon summons Magic by accident. They talk.
01/28/2013 Liln Attack on Chintatown Hellstorm, Brother Voodoo and Topaz One of Lilith's creatures attacks Chinatown, the Midnight Son's take care of it
01/28/2013 Bad Juju Hellstorm, Brother Voodoo, Satana and Topaz The foursome try to figure out what the Vial then got from the Liln contains
10/25/12 09:40 Playing With Fire Firestar, Daimon Hellstrom
10/29/12 18:44 The Devil You Say Hellstrom & Aurora Hellstrom runs into Jeanne-Marie, isn't that convenient?
10/31/12 22:12 Rise of the Midnight Sons - Prologue 1 News Post Leviathan washes upon shore.
11/02/12 08:14 Rise of the Midnight Sons - Prologue 2 News Post Leviathan opened, scientists dead
11/05/12 13:31 Rise of the Midnight Sons - Part 1 Topaz, Hellstorm, The Thing, Lilith Hellstrom pays a visit to Topaz after her dream of Lilith (mother of demons)
11/07/12 Want v. Need Ambrose, Hellstorm and Topaz Ambrose wants a drink, but Topaz doesn't comply, enter Hellstorm
11/08/12 20:47 Rise of the Midnight Sons - Part 2 Hellstorm & Brother Voodoo Hellstrom and Brother Voodoo meet by chance and discuss Lilith
11/14/12 13:13 Rise of the Midnight Sons - Part 3 Satana, Hellstorm, Brother Voodoo, Topaz, Rintrah, Bad Timing The group meets up, Rintrah fills everyone in, there's an attack
11/15/12 22:45 Research Hellstorm & Satana Satana and Daimon discuss research and her welcome home.
11/26/12 10:54 Magical Encounters Hellstorm & Scarlet Witch Wanda encounters Daimon after an excorcism and they discuss current events of children.
11/26/12 20:00 Good vs Evil, Theoretical Scarlet Witch, Hellstorm Wanda and Daimon discuss business and ethics, no one gets laid
12/04/12 08:30 Rise of the Midnight Sons Part 4 Elsa Bloodstone, Brother Voodoo, Hellstorm Elsa is drafted into the Midnight Sons (AKA the Nine)
12/10/12 She is an Imp Hellstorm & Aurora An encounter that leads to hostility and understanding.


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