Real Name David Janner
Portrayed by
Gender Male
Place of Birth Harlem Hospital Center
Date of Birth August 22
Age 17
Aliases Conrad
Origin Mutation at puberty
Current Location Homeless
Occupation Unemployed
Team No
Alignment Hero?
Known Relatives Parents, Lisa and Conrad
Significant Other None
Known Abilities Schrodinger Duplication

Character Details

*Born to the broken home of Lisa and Conrad Janner in Harlem. It was not a happy place, and he stood out, due to him not being part of the minority.

*Loner at school. Decent grades, some teachers expressed concern over his home life. Some minor bullying issues.

*Grew up to be smart-mouthed. Hard for bullies to be insulting when everyone's laughing at them. Didn't make the punches any softer, though.

*Was discovered to be a mutant at puberty.

*Forced to register by parents, outed soon after, by class gossip. Bullies either decided leave him alone for fear of reprisal, or bully him more, over being a mutant.

*Ran away from home, partly to get away from his family, partly trying to find some place he would fit in.

*Fell in with a bad crowd. Learned a bit of larceny.

*Got caught, arrested. Gave false name so he wouldn't be returned to his parents, ended up in foster care. Foster guardians treated him well.

*He came out as a mutant to them after a few months. Unhappy, they pressed him for the full details of his past, which he divulged. The Foster guardians informed him they were going to see him returned to his parents. He begged, pleaded, and finally ran away before he could be sent back to his parents.


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Date Title Characters Summary
03/02/13 Wash Saloon Thimble Manifold Washing day
03/31/13 23:58 Not Quite April Fool's Day Empath, Manifold, and Wolfsbane An alternate reality version of Empath shows up to the mansion expecting to be let in.
06/12/12 00:36 Charitable Chances Cyclops, Manifold, and Franky and Arlane Cyclops meets David and helps him out in Mutant Town
06/16/12 01:22 Back Room Discussion Cyclops, Manifold, and Franky & Arlane Scott goes to check on David.
06/16/12 23:00 A Mugging Averted. Rock Star Rescued. David, Rex Gregson David scares off a mugger, and they meet up the next day.
06/21/12 11:32 Welcome to Xaviers, David! Hope You Survive the Experience! Cyclops and Manifold & Franky and Arlane Scott recruits David to Xaviers School
06/22/2012 Welcome to Xavier's Part 2 David, Logan, Wolfsbane David arrives at the Estate and receives a less than warm welcome
07/04/12 21:43 Independence Day in Mutant Town Blindfold, Cyclops, Darklight, Manifold, and Vaughn Blindfold, Cyclops, Darklight, Manifold, and Vaughn all encounter each other in Mutant Town on the 4th
07/05/12 David meets Surge David, Surge David meets and speaks briefly with Surge
07/05/12 08:00 The Morning After Blindfold, Cyclops, Manifold, Rex Gregson, Seth, and Vaughn Blindfold, Cyclops, Manifold, Rex Gregson, Seth, and Vaughn all encounter each other outside a Mutant Town Bodega
07/05/12 11:38 Dangerous Danger Disasters Cyclops, Havok, Mirage, Wolfsbane, Manifold, Nemo While practicing, the Danger Room goes nuts and tries to kill the occupants.
07/08/12 Blindfold Arrives at Xavier's Blindfold, David Blindfold arrives at Xavier's, meeting David there, and talking for a bit
07/12/12 00:01 Midnight Snacks and Codenames David, Blindfold, Jeanne Foucault Blindfold, David, and Jeanne meet up in the kitchen. David decides on a code name.
07/18/12 12:01 Another Late Night Blindfold, David Blindfold and David meet up, discuss the attack, and training
07/18/12 20:00 What the Hell Is Going on Astraea, Beta Ray Bill, Blindfold, Cyclops, Manifold, and X-Men, SHIELD, and Spider-Slayers (Marks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 11, 14, 20) Spider-Slayers attack the X-Mansion, trapping some inside and leaving Cyclops and two students to fight them with the aid of Astraea and Beta Ray Bill
07/18/12 21:22 Follow-up Chat Beta Ray Bill, Blindfold, Cyclops, and Manifold, Follow-up to the Spider-Slayer Scene
12/16/12 21:16 Christmas Gifts-Blindfold and Manifold Blindfold Manifold Manifold seeks out Blindfold, and gives her an early holiday gift.


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