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The Super-Adaptoid is an android/synthezoid constructed by scientists belonging to the Advanced Idea Mechanics (AIM). A subversive organization dedicated to world takeover through technology. Created specifically as a weapon against AIM's superhuman adversaries, the Super-Adaptoid was artificialy endowed with the capacity to duplicate the abilities or superhuman powers of other beings that pass within ten feet of the scanning instruments in its eyes. The android's body is composed of "unstable molecules", artificial compounds discovered by Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four, which can take on a diverse number of properties. AIM developed more complex unstable molecules than Richards has, and were able to incorporate self-programming psionically-triggered molecules capable of vast reorganization. In a manner not yet fully understood, the Super-Adaptoid scans an organism with its eyes, analyzes all of its supernormal abilities, and then creates a template of that being's physical attributes. That template is used to program the unstable molecules of its body to mimic the properties and powers of other beings.
Having been created by a sliver of the Cosmic Cube, the Adaptoid has gained consciousness and now AIM has programmed it to meet their goals. Which is the destruction of AIM's super powered nemesis. This will start with the Avengers.


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Date Title Characters Summary
06/04/12 12:00 How Hard They Fall Loki, Armand, and the Super Adaptoid The Adaptoid smites Loki and kicks him to Jotunheim
06/05/12 16:00:00 Appearances are Important Ms. Marvel, Super-Adaptoid As Chairwoman, Ms. Marvel reaches out to Adaptoid to talk about the incident with Loki.
06/18/12 10:30 Scrying For Asgardian Shenanigans Ms. Marvel, Super-Adaptoid Phillip contacts Carol about his plan to deal with Loki
07/22/12 19:00 Spiders, Beekeepers, Magistrates and Frankenstein's Monster Xiu Lin Tseng, Bride of Nine Spiders Xiu Lin is called by police-phobic Chinatown residents looking for help. She encounters the Bride, and the folks kidnapping and killing homelss in the area.
07/24/12 11:13 Takedown of the Adaptoid Hercules Ultragirl Astraea Super-Adaptoid The Adaptoid emerges, tries to duplicate and defeat Herc and UltraGirl


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