Real Name Sporr
Portrayed by Slime
Gender Hermaphroditic
Place of Birth
Date of Birth
Origin Mutation
Current Location
Known Relatives Ate them already
Significant Other Was lunch
Known Abilities Monster

Character Details

A scientist would travel to Transylvania and rent out the castle that once belonged to Dr. Frankenstein so he could test out his growth machine. This scientist wanted to increase the size of livestock and poultry so no man would ever go hungry again. The scientist experimented his ray on an amoeba and wanted to triple its size before moving on to higher life forms. The local villagers were wary of the scientist and wanted to drive him out of the castle before his experiments created a menace that would threaten their town. The villagers broke through the castle doors and apprehended the scientist while the growth ray remained on the amoeba. The organism grew to titanic proportions and smashed through the castle walls, heading straight towards the town below. One villager mentioned that the ancients foretold of a creature like this and it was called Sporr. The gigantic amoeba moved aimlessly through the town and left a path of destruction in its wake. The villagers tried to destroy the creature with some dynamite but the creature just reformed itself after the explosion. The villagers were desperate and asked the scientist to stop his creation. The scientist coated his smock with sugar and used himself as human bait for the monstrous protozoan. Sporr was attracted to the sugar coated scientist and followed him into the woods. The scientist climbed a tree above some quicksand and dropped his sugar coated smock inside the pit. Sporr oozed closer and closer to the sweet scented object until the giant amoeba was swallowed up by the quicksand.

In recent times, Sporr, or a creature of similar origins (Son of Sporr) emerged from the East River after a biochemical spill from the Lizard's hideout.


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