Real Name Charlene "Charlie" Ann Barber
Portrayed by Lola Luv
Gender Female
Place of Birth New Orleans
Date of Birth 1991
Age 21
Aliases Charlie or Harley
Origin Mutant
Current Location Cheap apartment/student housing for NYU APT 808 Paradise Apartments
Occupation Librarian (work study) and dance/fitness instructor at Fitness 2000
Team None
Alignment Hero
Known Relatives James and Barbara Butler (Gorilla Knight and Monkey Maid) Shirley (Crescent Crusader) Shelly and Shelby
Significant Other None
Known Abilities Elasticity

Character Details

1987-Barbara Butler is shot and left for dead in the genetics research lab at LSU. Her body lays in a complex stew of biochemicals for several minutes before the paramedics arrive. She dies repeatedly but survives the ordeal. Within a few months she is fighting crime under the name "Monkey Maid"

1989-Monkey Maid meets 'The Crescent City Crusader', James Barber. They form a partnership, then a relationship. The Crusader changes his name to Gorilla Knight. James and Barbara get married.

1991-Charlene "Charlie or Harley" Ann Barber is born
1993-Shirley Marie Barber is born.
1995-Shelly Ann and Shelby Kate Barber are born.

Harley, Shelly and Shelby all inherit the genetic 'damage' their mother Barbara sustained in her shooting. Their bodies are elastic. All the girls are trained nearly from birth to defend themselves, just in case enemies of their parents ever threaten the family.

Harley starts 'heroing' in kindergarten despite her parents protests. She calls herself Bully Buster. She changes her codename to Monkeygirl when she realizes that her mother has to be Monkey Maid. (Actually it was Shirley who figured it out).

Her parents manage to keep her heroing to a minimum by promising she can join them once she is older. Harley, Shelly and Shelby are all very excited by the thought of growing up to be heroes like their parents. Shirley, with no apparent inherited super powers, out trains them all, pushing herself harder to make up for the difference.

2004-At age 13 Harley is allowed to join her father on a mission, helping to rescue her mother from a villain.

Over the next three years she helps her parents on a few occasions, though she is kept out of harms way as much as possible. Monkeygirl makes a few appearances around her school.

2007-Age 16. Her father is injured in a fall and despite her mother's reluctance, the two team up. For the first time Harley is heroing on a regular basis.

2008-With her father fully healed up and back to heroing, Harley and her mother fight over everything, heroing being one of them. Things blow up when the twins go out to fight crime and get hurt. All four girls, raised to be heroes, chafe heavily under not being able to do so.

2009-More fighting at home. Harley graduates highschool and attends LSU. She starts heroing as Monkeygirl on a regular basis again, which leads to more fighting.

2010-Shirley graduates and moves to San Francisco where she becomes a superhero "Crescent Crusader" and explores her sexuality. The parents freak out and the girls cheer her on.

The parental concerns over the fact that their non-powered daughter is out fighting crime and risking her life far from their help leads to them taking it out on Harley, making her life miserable as far as heroing and romance are concerned. The twins, always troublemakers bust out with their own hero identities, This and That. Parents Freak.

2011-Tired of living with her superhero parents and their overprotectiveness, Harley transfers to NYU and changes her codename from Monkeygirl to Cattail.


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