Real Name Selene Gallio
Portrayed by
Gender Female
Place of Birth Central Europe
Date of Birth Unknown
Age Over 17,000
Aliases Demon Huntress, Dark Huntress, Lady Selene, Moon Goddess, Daughter of the Moon, Mistress of the Fire, , Black Priestess, Black Queen, Dark Priestess, others
Origin Mutant
Current Location Massachusetts Academy formerly Black Rome, Necrosha; Hellfire Club Mansion, New York; Nova Roma, Brazil; Roman Republic, Italy
Occupation Headmistress Massachusetts Academy , Sorceress , Hellfire club inner circle.
Team Inner Circle, Hellfire Club, Upstarts, Externals
Alignment Super-Villain
Known Relatives Marcus Domitius Gallio (husband, deceased); Amara Aquilla (Magma) (granddaughter)
Significant Other
Known Abilities Selene is a type of mutant, an immortal External, and magician. She has been around for several millennia, but claims to have been old when human beings were just appearing

Character Details

Selene is easily one of the oldest mutants still in existence, being an external since the time of ancient Greece. Several millennia ago, her tale begins...

Selene was a daughter of a wealthy, countryside merchant. Her mother was unknown to her, having died during childbirth. Being an only child, she was somewhat pampered, and between her father and her own, natural charm, had little difficulty getting what she wanted even back then. But all of that was for naught when she fell ill at the young age of fifteen. Despite her father's wealth, he could find noone whom could discover the source of the child's illness. Neither medicine nor prayer helped young Selene, and it seemed as if the odd illness was a curse from one of the gods. But it was one late night, when her father prayed for forgiveness from whomever had sent this dark malady, and he touched her forehead. Selene, in a half-conscious fugue, looked at her father, and her love for him made her wish that she would not die... that she could become better for her father. And, with that moment, her mutant powers first manifested as she stole a piece of his life, taking it into her own.

Her father thanked the gods for their kindness, but Selene knew the truth. She had taken a piece of her father's life. Though her father attributed his tiredness to worry, Selene believed she was truly cursed...

Ever since that event, she found her father almost subservient to her. While she found it odd, she did not realize the full implications of what had happened. After a time, however, she felt the illness return. Her incredible beauty cured that problem for her, however, as she was able to attract countless suitors... and left them all somewhat drained. Though she initially feared her power, after a time she found the rush and pleasure it provided addictive.

Nonetheless, she searched for a cure for her condition. It was from then that she began her search for arcane knowledges, using her father's influence and money to do so. Money loosened the lips of sorcerers and opened the libraries... and she studied all that she could upon magic, and curses, as well as many other occult matters.

Over the years, however, no cure was found. But, by that time, Selene had already begun to learn the ways of magick, learning from many sorcerers and texts. As she traveled, she found that those she only took a little from... she could control and manipulate. As her power and knowledge grew, her humanity withered. Any remorse she had for her victims faded a little bit with each draught she took from the souls of others, and soon, she began to delve into black magic, willing to delve into the blackest darkness to find a cure.

When she returned from her travels to her father, she found he had fallen ill. Despite the excuses of the priests, she knew the truth of his illness. The piece she had taken from him had weakened him, and his lifespan had been cut short to save her own. She cried, briefly, but her father was too weak to share her grief. Then, with a simple brush of her fingertips upon his forehead, she took what little life he had left. A moment of profound understanding echoed through her as she extinguished what she had loved the most. All illusions of her mortality were shattered. She realized her curse was also a gift, a gift of power she was born to wield. With but a touch, she could kill. She had not aged past her youth. She believed herself to have somehow become a goddess, and walked away into the night without so much as a glance back. As her tears faded away, so did her humanity.

It was from there that she began her cult. Proclaiming herself to be the goddess of the moon, she was able to inspire worshippers with her magick... and if that didn't work, she could always take a piece of one's soul with her power, and use it to bend them to her will. Soon, even the staunchest of unbelievers were willing to proclaim Selene to be the fallen moon itself. During this time, her power over the minds of others grew with practice. A natural aptitude - for what would two thousand years later be known as telepathy - developed beyond mere control of those she had drained. And, for a long time, she bathed in their worship, enjoying and using her position solely for her own pleasure and power.

Unlike the other gods of the greek pantheon, however, Selene was neither a true member of the Olympian pantheon or an Eternal. Eventually, the Olympians began to confront Selene, whom was somewhat startled to having others challenge her "godhood". She soon found that the other gods had power as considerable as her own, and found herself valuing her survival over her worship. Thus, she faded somewhat into obscurity, her religion fading in the later ages of Greek history, but leaving a mark on the pantheon that would never be fully extinguished. Nevertheless, she maintained some secret cults, and used them to help gather more mystick power for herself.

It was during this time that she encountered the ancient sorcerer Kulan Gath. While she attempted to apprentice herself to him, she quickly found herself at odds with the ancient, mad sorcerer, as he attempted to gather mystical energies in order to revert the world to his Hyborean Era. However, he underestimated Selene, whom was able to deduce the true nature of Kulan Gath, and was able to remove the necklace that maintained his form through simple guile rather than power, and tossed it into the ocean. Kulan Gath would resurface during the modern day, but since the events of his reappearance have since become an alternate timeline, they are for the most point moot.

During the time of Rome, there was a group of Roman citizens that foresaw the replacement of the republican government with an imperial one. Selene left for greener pastures, bored with Rome at the time, and transported some of her cult along with them. There, in South America, they founded the city of Nova Roma, a hidden city safe from the predations of the world. Selene saw it simply as her enjoyable hideaway, and maintained a Cult of Fire there, serving as the "Black Priestess". Though she did not spend all of her time in Nova Roma, she did quite often oversee the happenings there. However, through the use of doubles and illusions, she always seemed to be present.

Through the ages, she has come into a greater understanding of what she is and of the others that comprise Homo Superior. Uncovering the other externals, she maintained contact with a time, but eventually came to believe they were not truly worth doing so. With her powers, she never found herself lacking for money, and has been able to practice her games of power for quite some time. However, despite all of this, she has never truly taken charge. After a time, she has realized that her powers are only a shadow of things to come - that one day her kind will rise up to challenge humanity's dominance on Earth. And, so, she has watched, waited, and prepared...

Nova Roma, more recently, gained a political faction that desired to overthrow the current system of government, instead desiring an imperial monarchy, based upon Mayan rule. Selene supported this amusedly for a time, until Selene and the faction's head, Senator Domitius Gallio, saw their plans put to an end by the New Mutants and Amara Juliana Olivians Aquilla, the mutant whom would later be known as Magma. Even though she was foiled, however, Selene did not consider it a great loss... but still, she is unlikely to forget being humilated like she was, either.

Shortly thereafter, it was the leader of her cult in New York, Friedrich von Roehm, who introduced her to the Hellfire Club. Selene found the group quite intriguing, and after joining, quickly rose to the rank of Black Queen. She has supported and participated in Hellfire activities since then, but despite that, has still very much remained the individual, working towards her own ends.

For the most part, her activities have been quiet since then. This does not by any means due to laziness on Selene's part - instead, she has been working towards a more private goal. Most recently, she found another external in opposition to herself... and so, she killed him, by draining his life essence. And, as she did so, she felt a surge of power within herself. The power she had drained, over time, did not fade away entirely. Instead, it remained with her somewhat. After surmising his external nature made his lifeforce much more lasting, she has gone on to hunt down several others, draining their lifeforces as well.

Recently, she has returned to New York, satisfied with her increase in power. She begins to plot anew...


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