Real Name Jennifer Susan Walters
Portrayed by
Gender Female
Place of Birth Los Angeles, California
Date of Birth
Age mid-20's
Aliases Jennifer Jameson, Jennifer Smith, Jade Giantess, Nurse Jennifer Emerald, Glamazonia, "Shulkie", She-Xemnu , The Sensational SHE-HULK
Origin Jennifer was shot by mobsters while being visited by her cousin, Bruce Banner, AKA the Incredible Hulk . A blood transfusion from Banner was necessary to save her life, a side effect of the gamma-irradiated blood was that she mutated into She-Hulk
Current Location Avengers Mansion; Baxter Building, Four Freedoms Plaza; Law offices of Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg, & Holliway
Occupation Avenger ! Bounty hunter; S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, attorney, actrss, mine slave, Magistra of the Living Tribunal, NYC Assistant District Attorney
Team Incredible Hulks, Lady Liberators, Freeman Bonding Inc.; formerly Fearsome Four, Avengers, Fantastic Four, Fantastic Force, Heroes for Hire, S.H.I.E.L.D., Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg, and Holliway, New Jersey Defenders, Defenders, Hulkbusters
Alignment Hero
Known Relatives Morris Walters (father); Elaine Banner-Walters (mother, deceased); Cassandra Pike (paternal aunt); Brian Banner (maternal uncle, deceased); Susan Drake (maternal aunt); David Pike (paternal cousin); Bruce Banner (maternal cousin); John Jameson (ex-husband); Marla Jameson (ex-mother-in-law); J. Jonah Jameson (ex-father-in-law); Skaar, Hiro-Kala, Lyra (1st cousins once removed);
Significant Other
Known Abilities Female Hulk

Character Details

er father was Morris Walters, who was the Sheriff of Los Angeles county. Her mother, Elaine, died while Jennifer was still a little girl. She has some memories of her mother that she clings to still although her father did a good job of raising her. She was actually a happy child. Though they did not have lots of money, she was able to have most things she wanted. She was an only child but she had friends at school. Most of them were in the same category as herself. They were the brains. The nerds. The ones that were too smart and ruined the grading curve for their classmates. She was always a quick child, excelling in her classes and taking honors classes when she reached high school. Her summers were spent in Dayton, OH, with her cousin Bruce. They became as close as siblings, attached to one another. She hated having to go back home most autumns although it was a necessary evil. As they grew older, Bruce went off to medical school and she no longer saw him on an annual basis. In fact, she ended up losing track of him entirely due to her own studies. Upon graduation, she went to UCLA where she studied criminal law. She had no interest in being a police officer, despite the influence of her father. He did not necessarily approve of her choice of studies but she continued that path anyway. Many years later, she graduated from college with high honors.
Jennifer became a defense attorney, much to her fathers chagrin. She handle several cases in her career, with a variety of outcomes but more victories than losses. But the most fateful one was her defense of Lou Monkton. He was accused of murdering the bodyguard of one Nicholas Trask, a known gangster. Lou had been framed by Trask. It was during this time Bruce returned to her life. He admitted to her that he was the Incredible Hulk she had heard about. He was able to speak freely with her. As they were driving back to her place, Trask struck. Or more precisely, his men did. Jennifer was shot. If not for Bruce, she certainly would have died.

Bruce had no choice. She was losing blood too quickly. He had to perform an emergency transfusion using his own gamma irradiated blood to replace that which she had lost. When she was stabilized, he disappeared again. Jennifer was left in the hospital to recover. Unfortunately, Trask was not satisfied with this turn of events. His men arrived again, at the hospital, to complete the job. In that moment, the adrenaline racing through her blood, the emotions at an extreme level, she changed. Her body had somehow reacted to the blood, shifting her as it had her cousin. She became the She-Hulk for the first time, easily stopping her would-be assassins. She then made life a living hell for Trask as the Savage She-Hulk.
She had many solo adventures as the She-Hulk. Another of the important events in her life was when she began suffering from a diseases which would prove fatal. Her unlikely savior was Michael Morbius himself. Through a serum he provided, she was cured. It also proved fortuitous in that she gained control of her transformations from Jennifer Walters to She-Hulk. She was now able to shift whenever she wanted to instead of simply when she was upset. It was during this tumultuous time she decided to stay She-Hulk permanently, instead of changing back to her human side. When forced to change back to Jennifer, she realized all the more clearly that she preferred being the She-Hulk. As the She-Hulk, she was less inhibited and better able to enjoy her life. Perhaps in some ways, she was better able to cope with the world, since she had become a bit disheartened as a lawyer.

When the Avengers were looking for replacement personnel, She-Hulk was one of those invited to a party by Wasp. She was the only one to remain after a minor altercation with a second-rate-villain-wannabe. Invited to join up, she became an official Avenger. Her initial meetings with Hawkeye were...interesting to say the least. He appeared to be threatened by a strong female figure. She-Hulk enjoyed irritating him once she got over being upset, thanks to a bit more advice from Janet.
During her time as an Avenger, she more often used her muscles instead of her wits, despite the fact she retained her full intelligence in this form. It was mainly due to her inhibitions, that she preferred to act. There were some times she did get to show there was a mind behind the massive fists but they were few and far between. During the Secret Wars, she battled the entire Wrecking Crew, defeating them. At least until Titania struck back later, nearly killing She-Hulk. She was only saved by the timely arrival of her allies. At the end of the Secret War, she was offered a position on the Fantastic Four to cover for the Thing who chose to take some time off.
The government decided to poke their fingers into her business after the return to Earth. They decided that she was potentially a danger, due to the reputation of her cousin. She was taken aboard the Helicarrier despite her objections. There, she was subjected to experimentation, which was quite painful. The Helicarrier was attacked by creatures, the ship taken over by them. During the battle to take back over the ship, the reactor was damaged. Radiation was intense in the area but instead of just letting the ship crash onto the helpless city below, She-Hulk sacrificed herself. She managed to shut down the reactor before it exploded but, as a result of the intense radiation, has found herself trapped in her She-Hulk form. She can no longer shift back to Jennifer Walters, although this fact really does not bother her. She prefers She-Hulk anyway.

When The Thing returned to the Fantastic Four, She-Hulk returned to the Avengers, working alongside her old teammates and some new ones who she did not particularly like. Dr. Druid comes to mind here, considering his use of psi-powers to push her buttons as well as his eventual betrayal.
Eventually, she took some time off right after Captain Marvel took over leadership of the team. She needed to deal with some family issues back out on the west coast. Finding that L.A. was sorely lacking in heroes, she spent the last two years there as a solo heroine. In time, things quieted down and other heroes started to take up the mantle. For this reason, She-Hulk decided it was time to return to New York to attempt pursuing her legal career again. She rejoined the Avengers, the place where she had gained so much enjoyment of her life despite the perils.
She also decided to resume her career as a lawyer. After all, she had paid all those student loans, she should do something with it. She became an assistant district attorney where she met Louise Mason, better known as Weezie. They became fast friends and shared many unusual adventures together. At one time, they even switched bodies for a time, giving Shulkie a new outlook on things through the eyes of her friend.

Back firmly in the role of Avenger and lawyer, she has served as both defense and prosecution. She provides legal counsel to her friends, and some folks that aren't exactly friends but they help pay the bills. She joined up with the Fantastic Force and Heroes for Hire briefly. She did learn of another problem with her powers while working with Jack of Hearts on the Avengers. He accidentally absorbed the gamma energy that is carried in her irradiated blood. She was reverted to Jennifer Walters but when she did manage to shift to She-Hulk again, she was completely out of control. Hers was caused by fear instead of rage, unlike her famous cousin. It took several Avengers and the Hulk himself to stop her.
In recent months, she was asked by the Avengers to move out the mansion. Her parties and frequent "overnight" visitors were straining their patience more than their finances. She had to go get an apartment. Her irresponsible ways led to her losing her job at the District Attorney's office as well. Which led to her being approached by Goodman, Kurtzberg, Lieber, and Holliway. They are a law firm specializing in superhuman law. They employ quite a few superhuman types, although there are plenty of normal folks in the offices as well. While there, she has been involved in curtailing an attempted break out of the Big House by numerous (shrunken) criminals.
As present, She-Hulk splits her time between being an active member of the Avengers, her legal practice, and her social life.


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