Real Name Laurie Collins
Portrayed by taylor momsen
Gender Female
Place of Birth Kent, Connecticut
Date of Birth April 13 1996
Age 16
Aliases Wallflower
Origin Mutant 2nd Gen
Current Location Xavier Institute
Occupation Student
Team Xavier Institute student body , formerly New Mutants Squad
Alignment Hero
Known Relatives Dr. Sean Garrison (father); Gail Collins (mother);
Significant Other
Known Abilities Empathic Toxikinesis:

Character Details

* Laurie was born to Gail Collins and Sean Garrison.
* Sean was a very influential person with the ability to draw large crowds when he spoke. Had his own talk show, and was a mutant that used pheromones to control emotions and get what he wanted.
* Gail was enamored by Sean and stayed with him until his powers no longer worked on her. She was pregnant, and realized that Sean wasn't as 'good' as she believed. So she left in the middle of the night.
* Never telling Laurie of her father's secrets, Gail raised Laurie the best she could.
* At fifteen, Gail took Laurie to a beech front resort. Laurie's powers began to surface and people were enamored with the youth.
* Having seen these reactions before, Gail realized that Laurie possessed her father's power.
* Explaining to Laurie that she had a pheromone ability, she tried to relay to the girl that it was potentially unfair to others.
* Laurie became withdrawn. She realized that she couldn't control her ability and feared that she would influence others without regard to their true feelings. So she did what she could to avoid people.
* This lasted the school year and Laurie's mother noted the change in her daughter's behavior.
* At a conflict at school, Laurie's pheromone control went haywire and caused people to fear her. To run away in abject horror. This upset Laurie even more and she refused to return to school or go out in public any more.


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