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James Sanders was born to a nice normal family in New York City. He had you standard city life, he grew up, he went to school, and well had a few friends. Eventually he graduated from High School, and went to college like his parents wanted. When he was in college, James decided to major in Chemistry, since he seemed to love that the most. After graduating from College, James got a job working for Hudson Pharmaceutical as a chemist in New Jersey.
James spent a year working for the company, underpaid and underappreciated, then something amazing happened to him. He was picked by the alien being known as the Grandmaster, to get superhuman powers. See Grandmaster wanted duplicates of people he had used in another world, called the Squadron Supreme, and he picked James to be this earth's Whizzer. So he gave James a special chemical formula, than when he ingested it would alter his body, to enable him to move a superhuman speeds. So he took the special Serum, and got the powers that the Grandmaster wanted.

He was grouped with 3 other people, Nighthawk, Hyperion and Doctor Spectrum, and they were sent to fight the Avengers. Unfortunately they lost the fight to the Avengers, and the Whizzer, as he was calling himself then, decided to stay hidden for a while. But then the Squadron Sinister was contacted by the Alien known as Nebulon, who wanted to use them to help destroy the world. One of the Squadron, Nighthawk, found out about this, and contacted the Defenders to help him defeat them and Nebulon. This team when they were defeated, Dr. Strange cast a spell of amnesia over the Squadron, and James forgot all about his criminal life.
Of course he went back to his job at Hudson Pharmaceutical, and just kept working there for a few months. But then the Avengers came calling. They were searching for information on one of his former partners, the villainous Dr. Spectrum. He had no info to give them about that subject. But the encounter did jog his memory on his past life and he got an idea. He set out and improved on the original formula that gave him his powers, making him even faster now. He then decided to change his name, since Robert Frank returned to active duty as the Whizzer, so James started calling himself Speed Demon.

He started doing a few crimes at high speed, without anyone even knowing who was behind them for a while. But finally he decided to allow himself some kind of recognition but which brought him into conflict with Spider-man. In their first encounter Speed Demon beat Spider-Man by surprising him by the sheer speed that he possessed, and the webslinger was no match for it, but he also told Spider-Man of his next crime as well. Spider-Man went to the crime scene on the date Speed Demon said he would rob it. And thanks to careful planning, and setting some traps, managed to beat Speed Demon, and let him get arrested.
Though he only spent about two weeks in jail before he got out, and continued his criminal ways once again. This time Speed Demon came into conflict with Spider-Man and the Human Torch. And once again, he managed to best the two of them somehow. This time though, he was beaten by the new Hero known as Frog-man. Who with the luckiest bounce in the history of bounces in the Marvel Universe, managed to land on Speed Demon and stopped him.

Once again he managed to escape from jail, but this time he got a job working with some other criminals, Rhino, Beetle, Boomerang and Hydro-Man. They had a simple job, kill Silver Sable. Unfortunately for them, Sable was using Spider-Man to help her with her mission. The Syndicate fought the two of them for a while, even getting the upper hand at one time. Then they were stopped by Sandman, who helped Spider-Man and Sable out. And with the Sandman's help, Sable and Spider-Man managed to beat back the Syndicate.
They managed to get away though, and once again, the Syndicate was reformed. This time it was reformed just to get money, that simple. Beetle needed money to pay back the Kingpin, and the rest just wanted the money. They were doomed to failure from the start though. First off Boomerang got arrested when he tried to kill Spider-Man. After that, the Rhino left, when he had enough money to get out of his suit, and live comfortably after that. But on a mission for the Kingpin, the Syndicate, killed the doctor that was helping him. The Rhino then Joined with Leila Davis, the wife of the deceased Ringer, also with Boomerang who was out of jail, and the Shocker. They all fought the Syndicate together, but the fight was stopped by Spider-Man once again. This time James did go to jail though.


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