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Franklin Hall was born far North in Alberta, Canada. He excelled at school his entire life, especially showing promise in the sciences. He eventually became a lead scientist, considered by many to be the most brilliant, at a small private physics research institute in the Canadian Rockies.

During an experiment on particle acceleration, Hall attempted to align a particular set of graviton matrices and induce a teleportation effect. All he succeeded in doing however was overloading the power thresholds on his equipment. The resulting explosion destroyed Hall's equipment along with two neighboring particle accelerators. The mixture of these explosions resulted in an atomic flurry that intermingled Hall's molecules with sub-nuclear graviton particles eventually granting him the power to mentally manipulate gravity.

Graviton learned of his new power but fled into the Canadian countryside for fear that he would be considered a freak.

Within a day he realized he was considerably powerful and decided that he wanted to do something with his new power.

Graviton traveled to New York City where he tried to impress women with his new power.

A scene was caused, a building toppled, and the Avengers showed up.

The battle was significant. The Avengers were helpless against the overwhelming power of Graviton. Until Tigra (not yet an Avenger) showed up, distracted Graviton with her feminine wiles and gave the Avengers time to overpower him.

Graviton managed to escape. But would not show up again for quite a while.


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